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2019 Middle School Academic Awards

Friday, May 10, 2019
This week Upper School leadership had the opportunity to honor a number of our Middle School students’ accomplishments.  Each academic department honored one student for academic excellence and one student for academic achievement. Academic excellence awards honor the student based on their high grade point average. Academic achievement awards honor student merit for showing outstanding educational growth, improvement, and commitment or intellectual development in their academic subject. VIEW PHOTOS
The 2019 Middle School Awards winners were:
Menashe Kadishman Award for Visual Art:     Jadyn Garshofsky
Hanna Rovina Award for Performing Arts, Drama:     Molly Finkel
Arik Einstein Award for Performing Arts, Music:   Britohn Blank
Amoz Oz Award for Excellence in English:   Ash Abrahamson
Amoz Oz Award for Achievement in English:  Ariela deLeon
Anita Shapira Award for Excellence in Social Studies:  Ariela deLeon
Anita Shapira Award for Achievement in Social Studies:   Ori Gold
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Award for Excellence in Hebrew:  Ariela deLeon
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Award for Achievement in Hebrew:  Harris Lin
Aaron Ciechanover Award for Excellence in Science:   Evan Shalev
Aaron Ciechanover Award for Achievement in Science:  Ash Abrahamson
Wolf Award for Excellence in Mathematics:  Ella Ziv
Wolf Award for Achievement in Mathematics: Grant Kobyliatski
Wolf Award in Mathematics:   Chris Bao
Shamma Friedman Award for Excellence in Judaics:   Nicole Miller
Shamma Friedman Award for Achievement in Judaics:   Dotan Barshishat
Dr. Amit Goffer Award for Technology:   Riley Bello
Tal Brody Award for Excellence in Physical Education:   Sara Berg
Tal Brody Award for Achievement in Physical Education:  Adam Super
President's Excellence:  Nicole Miller
President's Achievement:   Evan Shalev