Friday, December 7, 2018

Over the past month, 5th grade students were involved in designing their own 3D Dreidel from start to finish in their Discovery Lab and Incubator Technology class. 
Students had to first draw out their designs, then transfer their ideas into a 3D Design using the program Tinkercad. Students carefully measured and problem solved their iterations, and then brought them to life as they were 3D printed into reality, with final assembly by hand. Along with this design process, students’ dreidels were judged for best design and/or longest ability to spin. This video captures the process students went through, as well as the spin-offs that took place leading up to this morning’s final Ultimate Spin off between the two 5th grade spin finalists - Matthew Bannister and Nathan Nikhman. And the winner is....Matthew Bannister! 
In addition, the finalists for best design were Noam Tal-Or and Hannah Corbin. And the winner is...Hannah Corbin!