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The Adelson Educational Campus is committed to fostering a sense of community for students, parents, faculty and staff. The goal of the school is to develop the whole child by nurturing self-esteem, leadership, academic excellence and independence. Each day at the Adelson Campus is filled with new experiences, and opportunities are provided for challenge and success within a secure and supportive learning environment.

The Adelson Campus seeks professional educators who are passionate about teaching and learning; who also model and participate in lifelong learning; who employ best instructional practices; and who enjoy facilitating students’ intellectual, social, and emotional growth. Adelson teachers employ student-centered methodologies, such as Project Based Learning and enjoy contributing to the collegial environment of our school.

In addition to core subjects, Adelson Campus employs qualified specialists to teach our diverse classes in computer science, art, music, athletics, languages, and Hebrew & Judaics. As well, a Student Services Department provides social and academic guidance to students throughout their career at Adelson Campus.

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