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Mission & Values

Mission Statement
The mission of The Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Educational Campus is to instruct and inspire new generations of students who will draw strength from a rich Jewish heritage, and use their knowledge, values, and vision to fulfill their own potential, and build a better world.
Diversity Statement
The Adelson Educational Campus accepts students of all faiths and affiliations. We contend that students who interact with diverse students in classrooms and in the broader campus environment will be more motivated and better able to participate in a heterogeneous and complex society. By creating a diverse community, we are preparing our students to be the citizens and leaders of tomorrow.
Adelson Values
Our campus is built on the values associated with the Hebrew word ruach, which translates as spirit or soul. It is infused into each classroom, into the curriculum, and into the connections that people make with one another during each day. The care the teachers and administration show for each and every student, the expert way adults guide and shape young people, the light that children emanate while walking through the halls - this is ruach.
Respect for all
Understanding Differences
Academic Excellence
Community of Kindness
Honoring Judaism
Community of Kindness
We value each member of our community. No one is more worthy or less worthy of kavod (respect) than any other. We treat each other with honesty, dignity, and respect. We treat others equally, regardless of differences in race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. We are a community that celebrates and embraces differences, not only to learn and grow from each other, but also to prepare students for life after graduation.