High School Curriculum

Our curriculum inspires students to question perceived boundaries and fulfill their potential. Through a wide range of Advanced Placement courses, students experience the rigors of university-level work and lay the foundation for post-secondary success. Competitive and inclusive athletics build courage, teamwork, and lifelong healthy habits. And inspiring performing and visual arts program foster creative problem-solving and confident self-presentation.

Our students are given every advantage in 21st century learning with the new Startup Incubator, consisting of computational thinking and coding; mobile app and game development; 3D design and fabrication; electronics; robotics and drones, including software and hardware development; and digital media design and production, including digital photography, animation, digital video, and digital audio.  Our students graduate prepared for the real world and receive an education for life.



English  |  ESL  |  Math  |  Social Studies |  Science

Startup Incubator  |  Jewish Studies  |  World Languages

Performing and Visual Arts  |  Health and PE