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AEC Partners with Lauder Javne School, Budapest, Hungary

Friday, November 8, 2019
AEC high school students and faculty partners with the Lauder Javne School, an independent Jewish Day School in Budapest, Hungary. VIEW PHOTOS
The High School Morim Limmud, sponsored by SOS International Enriching Jewish Identity, is a five-year international educational exchange and professional development opportunity for American and European Jewish day schools. Each U.S. school partners with a Central or Eastern European school for the duration of the program, which includes a series of travel exchanges for participating teachers and students.  The teams establish personal and professional relationships both for students and teachers and proactively participate in Jewish Community Renewal.
Our students and faculty have experienced the Lauder Javne School and Hungarian education and have been able to engage in week-long joined group activities, including home hospitality and personal connection with Lauder students and their families with AEC students; visit sites of Jewish importance;  visit other touristic sites, and teaching. AEC teachers and students led activities and lessons to Lauder students and teachers. Upon returning to AEC, these cohorts of students and faculty will continue to work together to perfect the art of teaching and to share best practices in general studies education and Jewish education.
A special opportunity afforded to our AEC Budapest team was to meet the founder of the Javne Lauder School, Ms. Anna. Not only was Ms. Anna the founder, but she also served as Head of School for 30 years. Since her retirement, she has been instrumental in the rebuilding of the synagogue at Balatonfured Village, and the museum of Jewish Excellence. Ms. Anna is an inspiring educator and community leader who spoke about her journey to keep Jewish heritage alive and celebrated instead of a sole focus on the tragedy. Inspired by their interaction with Ms. Anna,  our AEC BUdapest team discussed how we can emphasize the importance of leadership in our school’s community, the Jewish community, and the wider community in general.
Other experiences on the educational trip included visiting  the House of Jewish Excellence where researched Jewish scientists works and contributions to mathematics, science, and technology have been felt worldwide.  The Dohaney Street Synagogue provided both experiential learning and breathtaking views. It is the third largest synagogue in the world and its attached museum helped to bring perspective to the learning students have done in preparation for the trip. 
We are excited for the opportunity to host our new friends and colleagues from the Lauder Javne School in Las Vegas in February.  We plan to show them our strong Las Vegas Jewish community and keep this living bridge alive.