AEC Rises to New Academic Heights

Friday, August 23, 2019
This week, twenty-one students from the Adelson Educational Campus were honored by the College Board with special recognition for outstanding performance on the 2019 Advanced Placement exams. The AP Scholar Awards recognize high school students who have demonstrated exemplary college-level achievement on AP Exams. The recognized students are:
“The twenty-one students listed represent 38% of the Classes of 2019 and 2020. Their achievement is reflective of these students’ ambition and intellect and speaks directly to the quality of education provided by Adelson Campus faculty and to the tremendous advantage of small class sizes,” states Adelson Educational Campus college counselor, David Girard.
This year Adelson Education Campus welcomes its eleventh freshmen class during a period of dynamic growth and record academic achievement. The Class of 2019 raised the standard for national testing, academic recognitions/honors, and merit scholarships. With a class average of 1330 on the SAT, the twenty-nine members of the graduating class earned more than 3 million dollars in merit scholarship awards from their respective colleges and universities last spring.
“The Class of 2020 is already showing a stronger average on the PSAT than we have seen from prior classes, and with eight AP Scholars already recognized by the College Board, we look forward to another strong academic year as the Class of 2020 challenges its predecessors’ record of success,” anticipates David Girard.
With college acceptances to Harvard, Stanford, Duke and other prestigious universities, Adelson Educational Campus continues to provide its students with every advantage to succeed. AEC’s recent investment in innovation and technology, featuring a 5,000 sqft state-of-the-art technology lab called the Startup Incubator, propelled the school’s national profile as best-in-class for its innovative, integrated curriculum. Another investment for AEC students is the school’s partnership with the nationally acclaimed PSAT/SAT prep company, PrepExpert.  PrepExpert boasts an average 200 point increase on standardized tests for college admission -- an increase which can be the edge our students need for admission to elite universities. We are confident our partnership with PrepExpert will further solidify the esteemed collegiate opportunities our graduates have earned in recent years.
The Adelson Educational Campus is an academically invigorating Preschool through Grade 12 independent private school based on Jewish values and identity.  The close-knit community, inspired by expert teachers and administrators and fueled by a forward-looking curriculum, shapes independent thinkers and morally-minded citizens. Through the School’s abiding belief in the combined power of intellect, empathy, and Judaism, students see themselves in personal as well as community contexts—fostering genuine creativity, purposeful action, and enduring friendships. The Adelson Educational Campus is a drug-free facility, providing random drug testing for all high school students and faculty members. AEC students graduate as concerned, perceptive, engaged thinkers, fully prepared for post-secondary study at top universities. Equally important, AEC students espouse the intellectual and personal fortitude to embrace—and enhance—a world of accelerated change.