Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Adelson Campus won first place at the Skybot Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAV) competition over the weekend, defeating the top technology schools in the Las Vegas Valley. It came down to a final "overtime" round after ten hours of tough competition when AEC Sophomore Kalman was able to make a dramatic last precision landing with only seconds to spare.
The final round was flown by Kalman, in a UAV that had only minutes before crashed and broke! Leo was able to repair to flying condition the UAV without which our team would not have been able to compete. A total team effort! 
Leo also won an award for technical engineering for his design of a quick release UAV drone towing mechanism.
Team consisted of: 
Leo Liu 
Tal Derei
Kalman Steinberg
Ben K
"Our technology students now have amazing, authentic achievements they can showcase when they apply to university -- something won on the battlefield beyond the walls of the school, demonstrating that when you come to learn at AEC, you will succeed on the large stage." boasts Leon Wilde, AEC's Startup Incubator Coordinator and SKYBOT Coach.
RUACH MOMENT: At one point in the competition our team loaned an entire UAV (DRONE) to the direct competing team so they would not have to forfeit! 
"I am beyond proud of this team and the work Leon has accomplished over these past two years with our students!  And I am so impressed with the time those boys have invested in working towards this goal.  Just.... wow!" states AEC's Director of Technology Innovations, Camille McCue, Pd.D.