This Week In Lower School

Lower School Elections:

As our national election has taken center stage this week, our Junior Kindergarten - 5th grade students participated in their own elections. Students learned about the democratic process and exercising their right to vote. Below are the engaging activities and exciting elections that they participated in on Election Day 11/3. 


Junior Kindergarten Election: Students recently completed a study of nocturnal animals.  Our JK classes arrived at the “polling place” eager to cast a vote for their favorite nocturnal animal.  Each student filled out a ballot in a secret voting booth complete with pictures and words of each animal.  After filling out the ballot, students traveled to the ballot box to turn in their votes.  Each student received an authentic Nevada I voted sticker after the ballots were cast. Bats won by a small margin and the children happily cheered when the results were announced.  


Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Election: Leading up to Election Day, students learned about the requirements and procedures of running for President.  They arrived at the “polling place” armed with knowledge of who was eligible to vote and the importance of living in a democracy where citizens have the opportunity to voice their opinions on important matters.  Our students voted for the theme of a dress down day the Lower School will have during Hanukkah.  The young voters took the process seriously and proudly cast their votes which were completed by receiving their I voted sticker.  Pajama day was chosen by a landslide and our K - 2 students are thrilled to have made such an important decision for the Lower School. 


3rd - 5th Grade Student Council Election:  Students participated in the Lower School Student Council elections this past Tuesday. They had the opportunity to elect officers who represent the entire Lower School and representatives for each class. Students Council candidates began campaigning back in September, where students had to commit to a series of meetings, complete a campaign essay, create campaign poster boards, and ultimately deliver a speech to the entire 4th and 5th grades on election day. As part of the learning process for running for student council, students learned the importance of how to carry a positive attitude while learning the results of the election. All members involved in the candidacy, whether elected or not, will have the opportunity to participate in future leadership opportunities in the Lower School. Congratulations to the winners and great job to all of the candidates who participated in the democratic process of the Student Council elections. 


2020 - 2021 Lower School Student Council 


President - Sivan Barshishat (5th)

Vice President - Addison Kelly (5th)

Public Relations Chair - Ella Bluevise (4th)

Secretary - Sabrina Harouni (4th)

5th Grade Representative  - Mia Scala 

4th Grade Representative - Talia Yerushalmi 

4th Grade Representative - Emilia Tsai 

3rd Grade Representative - Gavyn Groff

3rd Grade Representative - Camille Logsdon

3rd grade Representative - Adam Poura

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