This Week In Upper School

Social Media Matters

Thank you to the many students and parents who attended last week’s special presentation by Doug Fodeman on the Social Dilemma. As a school that seeks to empower students with the appropriate use of today’s powerful technology tools, the presentation helped to illuminate our thinking about the benefits and challenges of social media.

It is imperative that students understand the impact of their posts, replies, memes, group chats, images, and all other content and communications they share online. Such information and exchanges have the power to elevate the bright minds in our school community. Balanced discussions and well-articulated positions can expand the thinking and the viewpoints of our students. But social media can also damage relationships and our culture when it devolves into toxicity and hate speech. We are not all going to agree, but our Jewish values encourage us to respect and appreciate the diversity of mindsets and beliefs in our school community, allowing our students to grow and be better prepared as they head to college and beyond. 

Remember that in this digital era, posts live online forever and will be seen far into our students’ futures. University admissions offices and human resources departments now hire staff who scour the web to construct digital profiles of applicants. Helping students make good choices to behave as good people will have lasting benefits that will serve them well for life. We will continue to do our part by teaching the vital lessons of digital citizenship to elevate our citizenry and our humanity.

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