This Week in Upper School

...stay on-campus with few interruptions to instruction and a reasonable facsimile of a “normal” experience.At the same time, as we are unable to control or predict what’s to come with regard to COVID progression, we want to apprise you of our plan to help keep our community safe as we move into the winter holidays -- our Post Break Re-Entry Plan


This plan features two, live synchronous remote learning days following upcoming breaks:

  • Thanksgiving break (Monday, November 30 and Tuesday, December 1)
  • Winter break (Monday, January 4 and Tuesday, January 5)


During the two days following holiday breaks, the AEC campus will be closed and students will engage in live remote learning via Zoom. Please note that this is not an invitation to extend family vacations -- our expectation is that families and teachers return home, stay home, and monitor their health during the weekend and the Zoom days.  If any of our students or faculty contract COVID-19 on the holiday, this delayed return enables us to avoid having these persons on campus during peak "spread" days. Further, if anyone develops symptoms, please stay home, get tested, and don’t return to campus until your negative status is known. This is not the time to be cavalier. We are one of the few campuses still operating face-to-face and it’s our individual and collective behavior that determines how long we can continue. We implore you to take this seriously and help us stay open for the benefit of all our students -- academically, socially, and emotionally.

Dia De Los Muertos in Spanish

The AEC World Languages department emphasizes both the development of language skills and cultural awareness in our three language offerings: Hebrew, Spanish, and Mandarin. For our Spanish courses, taught by Gloria Rinaldi, fall is a special time as it includes learning about Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) observances in which family and friends in Spanish-speaking nations gather to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. This November, Señora Rinaldi challenged her Honors students to write, rehearse, and deliver in perfect Spanish their own Dia De Los Muertos remembrances of famous individuals in Latin American countries, including civic leaders and transformative artists. Each student showcased an image, a national flag, and a collection of special objects relevant to the person’s life, sharing the objects and telling their stories to an audience of peers and guests. Kudos to these students for their excellent work and to Señora Rinaldi for the rich language development and cultural awareness she is cultivating here at AEC!

Slam Poetry

By Jen Nails

We are thrilled to announce the sixth annual AEC Slam Poetry week taking place November 16-19. Over the last several weeks, high school students have signed up in record numbers to participate in three Zoom creative writing workshops led by the esteemed former Clark County Poet Laureate, Vogue Robinson.  The participants will then perform one of their poems in a Slam hosted by our own Liahm Blank (former AEC Grand Slam Champion, one of this year’s AEC Lit Mag editors, and Scholastic Writing Award winner) with all 8th through 12th grade students in attendance. The writing workshops will focus on craft, structure, content and performance technique. In adherence with COVID protocols, all performers and audience members will be masked, and distanced in the theatre. We are grateful to all on our campus who are working to provide this opportunity to our students safely, and during a school year in which speaking up and sharing your story could not be more significant, illuminating, and unifying.

DECA Awards

Our DECA chapter, led by Junior Jayden Enbesk, and advisor Brian Hemsworth, is getting off the ground in a big way -- with some DECA spirit awards! National and State DECA chapters are reimagining competitions in the lead up to the state conference, with a goal of building team unity during this era of extreme separation. In celebration of the fall harvest, DECA chapters across the country challenged members to work together, taking part in a pumpkin DECA-rating contest with a variety of competition categories. Nevada DECA’s Instagram just posted the results from the event, and we were excited to see that AEC won in two categories! Nicole Miller and Sophia Kane won the grand prize for the “DECA-iest” design and Jacob Roiter won for Scariest design!  Crafted by the DECA members in our TechBiz program and photographed by Itai Blank in our MAC (Media Arts and Communications) program, we are proud of the vision and execution of our students in winning two of the three state awards!

Veterans Day

by Kathryn Shetty

Across the Upper school grades, Social Studies classes commemorated Veterans Day with a special lesson that highlighted the human condition.  When people experience trauma, whether it be the loss of a loved one or the terror of war, they need time and space to process these events.  To this end, our classes learned about Warrior Expeditions, a non-profit that provides training and supplies for veterans returning from active duty to complete a long-distance journey of some kind.  Examples include the hiking the Appalachian Trail (2,200 miles) or the Pacific Coast Trail (2600 miles). Students discussed how walking, biking, and rowing long distance in nature could help develop coping skills as they reflected on the theme of, "How wild it was, to let it be” (Cheryl Strayed). And although we were unable to congregate at the flagpole as a community this year, we were able to pre-record and share a beautiful video, featuring singing and flag-raising, to commemorate this solemn and special day.

Photographing Fall Foliage

By Tobin Herringshaw

Last week, students in our Photography courses went outside and walked the campus to capture the flowers and flora that make this campus so beautiful. This week, students had the opportunity to photograph flowers in the studio, where they can learn to better control the light, the background, and the focus on individual flowers to emphasize the magnificent colors they display. They also learned how to edit their images in PhotoShop to make their creations further pop! Many of these photos will be entered into the Scholastic Art and Writing contest, where Adelson has traditionally done very well with many students winning awards for their creative work. Check out the students in action in the Digital Media Studio of the Startup Incubator!

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