This Week in Lower School 11/24/2020

This year we recorded the performance and shared it with the other classes during their Shabbat celebration in class. The two Kindergarten classes each sang two Thanksgiving songs on the stage for Shabbat. They learned songs in Hebrew and English about being Thankful. They had great fun as they were wobbling and dancing like turkeys.

Math Olympiad 

This week, our third, fourth, and fifth grade Math Enrichment students participated in the first of five Math Olympiad competitions. These students have been working hard for several weeks to prepare for this problem-solving challenge. Given only 30 minutes to solve five very complicated problems, each student used the strategies they have learned and been practicing to tackle each question. In the end, we had three perfect scores (not an easy task). Our math superstars are Solomon Dumont, Kyle Reid, and Emilia Tsai. 

Since our Third Grade Math Enrichment students have not yet learned some of the concepts included in the competition, we would have been thrilled for them to get one or two of the complex problems correct. But as they often do, our students showed us that they were up to the challenge. For our Third Grade students, we had one score of four points (nearly perfect) by Evan Markowitz and two had scores of three points (Ethan Burda and Oscar Morris). 

Congratulations to everyone who competed. We can’t wait to see what our math superstars accomplish in December’s competition. Points are awarded for each correct answer and team members will accrue points between now and March. 

Important Dates: 

11/25 - 11/27 - Thanksgiving - No School 

11/30 - Remote Learning Day 

12/1 -   Remote Learning Day 

12/2 -   Resume for In-person Instruction

12/13 - Virtual Gala 

12/18 - End of Quarter 2/Semester 1 

12/21 - 1/1 - Winter Break - No School

1/04 -   School Resumes (Remote Learning Day) -Beginning of Q3 

1/05 -   Remote Learning Day 

1/06 -   Resume for In-person Instruction 

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