This Week in Lower School 12/4/2020

This week, our entire school pivoted to our remote learning model as we took extra precautions following the Thanksgiving Holiday. Our teachers and students met virtually and students were able to follow along with their same core curricula and specialty classes in a slightly modified manner. Whether it was our Junior Kindergarten students practicing their sight words and numbers or our 5th graders learning about the Boston Tea Party, our teachers delivered quality content and our students continued to learn within the scope of our remote learning model.  Thank you to all of the parents for working with the school through this remote learning week and we are excited to be back to in-person instruction on Monday 12/7.


In case anyone missed it:


Dear Lower School Parents,

As you know, we continue to keep our students’ safety and wellbeing top of mind in the design and implementation of an educational program that is unparalleled.  In this unprecedented year, we’ve instituted many new health and safety protocols with the support of our students, families, and faculty that have ensured that our students are able to continue learning in person.

This past week, we implemented our Post-Thanksgiving Break Re-Entry plan to ensure that the continued rise and expected spike after the Thanksgiving holiday does not negatively impact our campus community.  Our initial two-day plan was extended to five days, and we appreciate the data that we’ve been able to gather about our local AEC community and broader Las Vegas community during that time.

In response to the data currently trending, we recently shared our plan for Lower School students for the final two weeks of the semester. Lower School students (18 months through 5th grade) will return for in-person learning starting Monday, December 7. 

We are committed to ensuring this is done safely, so we will be implementing the following additional guidelines:

  1. Daily clearance check-in form will be completed each morning by each family and will be dropped off during morning carline, along with the temperature check. 
  2. Families should keep their children home if the child or anyone in the household has been tested for COVID -19 (symptoms or not).
  3. Stricter enforcement of mask wearing: 
    1. Masks must fit properly, even when students are active (running, jumping). Parents of students whose masks don’t fit properly will be asked to drop off a better fitted mask ASAP to rectify this. 
    2. Masks should be washed daily.
    3. Faculty to wear masks at all times while with students, even when six feet apart. 
    4. Teachers will encourage students to wear masks as much as possible, even when seated in their desks that are 6 feet apart.
  4. Students must arrive and depart campus with only members of their immediate family.  Students are not permitted to carpool even if from the same cohort. 
  5. To further limit interaction of teachers with more than one cohort, there will not be in-person support and enrichment sessions for the next two weeks. Furthermore, when possible, some specialist teachers will Zoom into class instead of meeting in-person to help mitigate any potential spread.
  6. Teachers will seek more opportunities for outside learning, weather permitting. 
  7. We are asking parents to keep children home at any sign of illness/symptoms. Please keep the child home and email Ms. Valerie and Nurse Sanaz Drake the symptoms. You will receive a phone call or an email with guidance for returning to school. Until then, your child is not allowed on campus.

We will continue to keep the safety and wellbeing of our students, their families, and our teachers top of mind as we have designed and implemented a safe and nurturing atmosphere during this unprecedented school year. We appreciate your support and understand that these additional guidelines can seem challenging. Our shared commitment to observing our COVID-19 protocols is what has allowed us this incredible advantage of being together for so many months and will hopefully allow us to stay in-person for many weeks and months to come.

In partnership,

Lilach Bluevise, Principal

Daniel Kelly, Assistant Principal



Important Dates: 

12/7 -   Resume for In-person Instruction

12/13 - Virtual Gala

12/18 - End of Quarter 2/Semester 1 

12/21 - 1/1 - Winter Break - No School

1/04 -   School Resumes (Remote Learning Day) -Beginning of Q3 

1/05 -   Remote Learning Day 

1/06 -   Resume for In-person Instruction 

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