This Week in Upper School 12/4/2020

Creative Writing Club

AEC Librarian and published author Jen Nails has gathered quite a crowd in her Middle School creative Writing Club!  Whether on or off campus, students attend each week ready to brainstorm, write furiously in their notebooks, listen, and workshop ideas. Here’s a sampling of what our students have been working on -- we can’t wait to see their finished stories!


Alijah Angeles: I’m working on an episodic action story. The main character Angel and his siblings have Gems embedded into their bodies; only these aren't artificial -- these are their souls!


Helen Meng: I'm excited about applying my imagination to stories because, in this class, we are encouraged to use our creativity as much as possible (which I love). I don't have a story in mind yet... but maybe a funny mystery story about a murder?

Sari Feinstein: I'm working on a book about a group of 5 kids in which the main character's name is Oliver and his love interest is Dakota. I'm only at Chapter 3 right now and I need to make Chapter 2 a bit longer.


Arielle Cohen: I'm working on a parody of the mystery genre and it’s about THE ONE AND ONLY theatre mascot... Climon and his partner-in-crime Owen Maxwell! The first few hours go by and then... THE LIGHTS TURN OFF! (dun dun dun!) and Climon is MISSING (dun dun DUUUUN!). WILL OWEN BE ABLE TO FIGURE OUT THE MYSTERY!? 


Hannah Corbin: I'm making a story about a girl who is about 11 and she is living in a world where there is a very bad virus. It is so dangerous, she can't even go outside. I'm still working on it.


Lear Etzyoni: I'm working on a book that has a main character of... a bookshelf!



VFW Voice of Democracy Award

By Courtney Stern, JD, AEC Law and Policy Program Lead

The Adelson Educational Campus is elated to announce that Sophomore Nicole Miller has won the VFW Voice of Democracy local award for VFW Post 10468 and is now advancing to the district level competition. She won a $100 scholarship for her local level win and remains in the competition to move to the district, and then, hopefully, state and national levels of the competition. Additional scholarships are awarded to winners at each level of the competition. The top prize for the national winner is a $30,000 scholarship. All state-level winners are (in a typical year) awarded a trip to Washington, DC and are presented on stage at the VFW Legislative Conference and have their essays featured on the VFW site for 1 year.


The competition is an audio essay contest where students write an essay in response to a prompt, record themselves performing the essay, and then submit the audio recording. This year’s theme was “Is this the country the founders envisioned?”


I was pleased to have a number of students from the Law and Policy program who were interested in the competition this year. To prepare for the competition, I hosted after-school Zoom sessions to provide students a crash course in essay writing, rhetoric, and audience-awareness as well as discuss ways to approach the topic and how to conduct the required research for it. Additionally, I provided students with some preliminary sources to start their research based on the different approaches they were interested in pursuing for their essays. I hope that we see increased participation in future years. In the meantime, congratulations to Nicole -- we wish her well as she advances in the competition this year!




StandWithUs International Conference

The virtual StandWithUs International Conference: Israel ln Focus is coming up! This conference will look ahead to the opportunities and challenges students are facing as leaders in high school and it will focus on how they can build unity, community, and resilience in the face of adversity. Students will get to network with other high school leaders, learn about life on campus from college leaders and activists, and network with both community leaders and experts in the field.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s event will be hosted through a virtual conference platform.

The International Conference will take place on Saturday, January 30 from 6:30-9:00 pm following Shabbat and will continue on Sunday, January 31 at 9 am. Space at this conference is limited. Interested students should apply by filling out THIS FORM by December 4, 2020.  Applicants will be contacted for an interview to determine candidacy to attend by a StandWithUs High School Regional Coordinator. There is no cost for students to participate.  Additionally, parents are invited to attend specific programming and plenary sessions this year. The cost for parents will be $36.00 for the conference. Parents can register for the conference here. 

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