Etone Blog 12/18/2020

Starting the second half of this school year, a year that will always have a place in our minds as the ‘year of COVID’, with a fresh slate – will enable all of us to feel confident that we are on the right track towards seeing that ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, the completion of the school year as things – we pray – will start returning to normal as we approach the summer.

By testing everyone in the school, and maintaining our existing COVID protocols, we feel that we can minimize risk to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff – our single highest priority.  Further, by using the same testing company, Mirimus, and the same testing protocol that our partner independent schools (Dawson and Meadows) and outstanding public-school districts, (like the one in the next town over from me, Wellesley Public Schools) have already used, we trust that we are making the right decisions to secure accurate results that we can communicate before we return for in-person learning on January 11, 2021.

I am grateful to the community – especially the parents and students – for their understanding and support, as well as to our faculty and staff as we approach this important step to start us on the second half of this unprecedented school year.  I am particularly grateful to my larger leadership team, who have come forward in extraordinary ways to make sure that we can pull off this very complex and time-sensitive undertaking.  This is how we, as an AEC community, have been working together to be responsible to each other.

Parents were recently asked to complete a ‘Net Promoter Score’ survey. We have crunched the numbers and read the comments, which were quite impressive.  ‘The NPS Score’, which measures overall client satisfaction with the organization, was high – a 71.  To give some perspective on this, a national consulting firm published their findings of NPS scores from 14 industries, with a range of minus 16 to 59.  (For further background, click here.) 

Put differently, our NPS score of 71 means that AEC outperformed Trader Joe’s, Tesla and Southwest Airlines (to name but a few of the industry leaders), indicating that – despite the challenges ours and any school faces - our parents by and large have good things to say about us. When asked from a scale of 1 to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend AEC to a friend looking to find a suitable school, 87% selected an 8 or higher.

We saw that in the comments section, as well, including:

  • ‘quality of academics; values-based character-building focus; small, safe, caring community; individualized attention and excellence in handling school throughout Pandemic’
  • ‘Dedicated professionals; even in the current ideological environment, leaders and teachers are professional, data-driven, and generally responsive to feedback’
  • ‘Our child is so happy at AEC.  She is excited to go to school every day’


…and there are literally dozens more like these. 

It is gratifying to read these appreciations, and we work hard every day to maintain the trust that families place upon us.  Yes, we have read - and will re-read – those that offered some other points of view, and we hope to learn from them, as well.  

Yet, as we enter winter break and reflect on the challenges we’ve encountered this year, we look forward to a year where we hope and pray we come out the other side of these challenges restored and renewed. We know that the partnership between us is strong, and we hope that through our continued commitment to the well being and growth of our children, that bond will grow even stronger.

Best wishes for happy holidays and a brighter 2021!

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