Etone Blog 1/8/2021

There are moments when it feels like if I hear the phrase ‘we are living in unprecedented times’ even once more, I’ll burst – not that it’s untrue, rather that I am not sure how many more ‘unprecedenteds’ I can take.  

That’s why today’s short piece might be titled ‘in praise of stability’.Yet I would like to offer another descriptor - we are part of a sweet school, as well.  The word from Mirimus Labs is that we are ‘on time/on target’ to have results of this week’s school-wide COVID testing over the weekend, in time to make sure that we’re set to open our doors for in-person learning on Monday, January 11. 


When we do so, our community can feel secure that everyone who enters the school will have tested COVID-negative, and that, in essence, we are starting the second of half of this ’unprecedented’ year as a COVID-free school.

When students enter, they will resume their studies.  They will continue to be taught by a cadre of remarkable, talented, committed educators whose focus is clearly on the prize of providing their students with the tools – academic, social and spiritual – to excel, to become the very best persons they can be, and to set their sights high.

Parents will be able to confidently trust that the school is operating with the health and safety of their children at the forefront, that decisions are always made centered around the well being of their children.


This is what a good school does, and it delivers quality education day in and day out.  Our school accomplishes that with the support of a terrific Board, and the ongoing, steady generosity of a remarkable, philanthropic, and visionary family.

Further, a wonderful school is always poised for its next big step.  This week, AEC was introduced to the first of two terrific candidates for the permanent Head of School position, and it’s clear that the folks involved in the search process have been very, very successful.

Research tells us over and over how stability enables children to grow up well; that being able to depend on the structures and the caring individuals around them helps young people to do the ‘important work of growing up’.  At times like these, such stability provides the space, and the place, for the healthy development that children and their families can trust.

We are embarking on the season of re-enrollment.  I’m confident that many families will seek out the sense of strength, stability, and excellence that our school provides. It’s a prospect that can be reassuring in these very, very unsettling times.

So, let’s start the second half of this ‘unprecedented’ year confident, energized, and ready for whatever comes next, secure in knowing who we are and what we are here to do.

Shabbat Shalom,

Arnold Zar-Kessler

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