This Week in Upper School 1/15/2021


High School Sports -- They’re Back!

We are pleased to inform you that the NIAA, the governing body for high school athletics in Nevada, has announced guidelines that will allow us to conduct practices and games, following strict COVID protocols, for select high school sports! High school students must engage in sports or PE classes before the end of the school year to acquire their state-mandated physical education credits. As middle school students take PE at school, our limited gym use and coaching staff will be focused on high school students who have gone for nearly a year without fitness activities. The Fall High School sports season (at AEC, this consists of girls volleyball, boys tennis, girls tennis, boys cross country, and girls cross country) will be conducted from 2/19 to 4/9, with open gym practice available shortly before the season begins. Athletic Director, Kurt McGinnis, asks all high school students to indicate their interest in participating in a Winter sport, a Spring sport (baseball, swimming, golf, or track and field), or PE by completing THIS FORM by Wednesday, January 20, 2021. Contact Coach McGinnis with any questions at




Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds

Recognizing the importance of healthy bodies and healthy minds in being ready to learn, the Adelson Educational Campus met this week with all students in Grade 7 and Grade 8 to discuss strategies for making good choices -- including avoiding drugs and alcohol. Ms. Paxinos engaged students in dialogue about the effects of different drugs on the body, then Dr. McCue and Mr. Koch explained the goal of adding students in these grades to AEC’s drug-testing program. Mr. Peters and Nurse Drake detailed the process for the required participation in the test when a test day is randomly announced, and detailed the process for providing a urine sample in the privacy of our school bathroom. We ask all families of seventh and eighth graders to please return their Drug Test assent forms to Ms. Kaufman by Friday, January 22.




Shinshinim Share About the IDF

Raz and Shai paid virtual visits to homeroom this week via a project-based activity structured to teach middle school students about the Israeli Defense Forces, the IDF, to which graduates matriculate upon completing high school in Israel. Students watched a fun “training” video (edited to the Rocky theme, of course!) featuring the Shinshinim as they demonstrated the prime physical condition IDF recruits must exhibit to perform their jobs. Students then learned about the structure of the IDF and its role in protecting Israel, a role similar to that of the United States military branches and our National Guard. Middle school students learned about the many divisions of the IDF including the Paratroopers Brigade, Military Intelligence (Cybersecurity), the Air Force, the Sea Corps, and a division of homeland engineers who work in local emergency relief -- then created their own “training” videos to share with Raz and Shai. Gonna Fly Now!

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