This Week in Lower School

5th Grade Social Studies.

The fifth-graders underwent a simulation of the Constitutional Convention where students acted as delegates at their own Convention and engaged in tough decision-making exercises. While highlighting how historical decisions impact our current political system, learning about this week’s Presidential Inauguration was a meaningful example of the important key concepts that our founding fathers valued: a three-branch government (we discussed why the members of the Supreme Court are not supposed to applaud), republicanism, popular sovereignty, and federalism. Fifth-graders have been spiritedly debating the issues our framers faced when having to improve upon the Articles of Confederation. They have learned about the Virginia Plan, the New Jersey Plan, the Great Compromise, the Three-Fifths Compromise, and much more. Students have come to appreciate the intensive and thoughtful collaboration our founding fathers exercised. Having the opportunity to learn about and witness their creation, our Constitution, by simply turning on a television or electronic device. Technology not even imagined in the 1700s, offers students a true appreciation for and clearer understanding of our Constitutional Convention. This experiential learning brought history to life to better give our students an understanding of how impactful and challenging these decisions actually were. 

First Grade Tu B’shvat

As we are preparing for Tu B'shvat next week, our 1st grade classes have learned a song in Hebrew about the different parts of a tree; “Ma yesh laetz?” “What Does a Tree Have?” Today Ms. Valenti and Ms. Hetland’s classes performed the song at Kabbalat Shabbat. Ms. Wayne and Ms. Clark’s classes will perform songs for the Fairy Tale unit later in February. Watch video

From Cubs to Lions

This week, our Junior Kindergarten families were invited to a virtual event highlighting the transition from Junior Kindergarten to Kindergarten. Families learned about the exciting new opportunities to look forward as their children will matriculate into our elementary grades. Please view the recording of the event. Watch video


Phonics in Junior Kindergarten

Our Junior Kindergarten students started their first digraph - “sh.”  Using the Letterland characters Sammy Snake and Harry Hatman, students actively practiced the new sound that the two letters make during their circle time. Using the story based approach, the spark of beginning reading can be felt in the classroom as the excited JK students realize that they are blending to make words. Students also extended their learning by completing fill-in-the-blank, sorting/cutting and pasting, and coloring worksheets with the digraph “sh.” The students are very excited to continue to learn about more digraphs as the semester continues. 


Summer Camp at Adelson Campus 2021 (June 7th - July 23rd)

Registration for Summer Camp 2021 is live. 

For dates, times, pricing, and registration please visit our camp website ( Adelson Students receive a 5% discount. Use code: Adelsonstudent during registration). 


100th Day of School Canned Food Drive:

The end of our canned food drive is Monday, January 25th. If you haven’t already, please send your children with canned foods or other non-perishable Kosher food items to be donated to families in need. Donations will be given to Aishel Avraham and the JFSA.


Important Dates: 

1/25 - “100th Day of School” Canned Food Collection Ends  

1/29 - 5th Grade Ilan Roman Chemical Garden Program 

1/29 - Planting for Tu B’shvat  

2/5 -   Presidents Day Shabbat 

2/12 - No School - Teachers Day

2/15 - Presidents Day - No School 

2/19 - First Grade Fairy Tale Presentation 

2/26 - Purim 

3/1 -  3/5 - Nevada Reading Week 

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