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Friday, May 20, 2022


This Week in Lower School 


We are slowly beginning to wrap up our school year. Backpacks are a bit thinner and lighter when we exit cars in the morning, and are then full in the afternoon as we transport home projects that we completed in our classrooms through the course of the semester. We continue to prepare to welcome families onto campus for upcoming matriculation ceremonies and end-of-year Shabbats. However, even though we are nearing summer vacation, the learning and exploring continues. 


Lower School Science class

Lower School students are working in Science with the extraordinary Ms. Garner and Ms. Page on a Life Science unit in which they are studying the life cycles of fish, insects, and birds, more specifically crayfish and chicks. The live creatures provide hands-on learning opportunities for the students and fill them with unending wonder and curiosity.


Second Grade

Our Second Graders learned all about collaboration as they prepared musical numbers and scenes from Disney’s Encanto. After polishing and rehearsing their selections, they performed for our Fifth Graders, who were delighted. Our older students practiced serving as supportive and respectful audience members, and our Second Graders shined as they took the stage and shared their talents. 


Under the swift guidance of Ms. Winberg and Ms. Oshins, Fifth Grade students have created beautiful magazines for which they wrote articles and designed images, and have self-published. Pieces on topics such as women’s rights through the years, Disneyworld, the history of sports, and the space race are well-written and intriguing. Congratulations to all Fifth Grade journalists.


We wish all families a restful Shabbat and a great weekend.



5/23/22 - 5th Grade Move Up Ceremony 

5/24/22 - JK End of Year Celebration 

5/27/22 - K-5 Closing Ceremony/Half Day for Students: Preschool - 11:00am,

K - 5 - 11:30am







Friday, May 13, 2022


This Week in Lower School


Preschool Activities

Preschool Students Shine

Lower School Counselor Ms. Maria read to the Preschool students about how a kite is similar to our feelings and emotions. Sometimes we are flying high and sometimes we are up and down and all over, like a kite in the wind. Students began to understand that it is important to remember that emotions and feelings are ever changing, and the sky is big enough for all of us to shine in our own ways.


2s End of Year Celebration

2s End of Year Celebration

Our Cubs celebrated Shabbat together with families in an end-of-year celebration here on campus. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to gradually welcome families and guests back onto our campus in order to gather together to celebrate the accomplishments of our student body.


Lower School Field Day

Field Day

Congratulations to our Physical Education faculty for an excellent field day. Not only did they bring together our Upper and Lower school students by enlisting our Eighth Grade students to assist with each activity station, but they implemented the theme of Dr. Seuss within each station, which was great fun for our Lower School students. Kindergarten through Fifth Graders enjoyed getting wet, icy treats, sports events, and bouncy houses. We are thrilled to offer students this opportunity each year and are grateful to our faculty for their endless energy and efficient preparing, and to our families for their support.


Lion King Kids

Lion King Made us Proud

Mazel tov to all performers who played roles (on stage and off) in our Lower School production of the Lion King. The production was outstanding as a result of a collaborative effort among the cast, swift direction from Arts faculty, and efficient backstage support from our student crew. Congratulations to all of those involved in this production. Countless hours and commitment spent in rehearsals ensured an excellent performance. VIEW PHOTOS


Good Deeds

Good Deeds DayOur ambitious Fifth Graders are raising money for Ukrainian refugee families. In order to do this they will be baking Challah and adding food coloring (blue and yellow to represent the flag), and creating bracelets, flower pots with sunflower seeds, and art pieces. Their efforts reflect the spirit of Tikkun Olam, a cornerstone within our school’s mission. VIEW PHOTOS



5/20/22 - 3s End of Year Celebration 

5/23/22 - 5th Grade Move Up Ceremony 

5/24/22 - JK End of Year Celebration







 Friday, May 6, 2022


This Week in Lower School


Behind the scenes at The Adelson School

In order to prepare for the extraordinary and enriching programs in which we engage our students each day, many details are at work “backstage” here on campus. We here at Etone HQ thought it would be prudent to share background into how we came to planning the activities for the children that occurred this week of many Israeli holidays and remembrances. On Monday, colleagues joined together to learn from the knowledgeable Leya and Tavor, our Shinshinim, about the third largest athletics competition in the world:  the Maccabiah. Several faculty had not heard of the games and were astonished and impressed to learn that our very own Leya, as well as the beloved Morah Dina Rudiazy, have participated in the games in the past. We learned that the games commenced in 1932 and that internationally renowned athletes such as Kerri Strug and Mark Spitz have participated as well. 


Preschool celebration

The theme of athletes coming together to participate in active games carried forth to our own celebration of Yom Ha’atzmaut on Thursday, during which students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade joined on the soccer field. Students paraded through balloon canopies onto the field, accompanied by the incredible Mr. Philippus and our Upper School musicians. Students proceeded to designated areas on the field carrying flags representing different countries. Leya and Tavor taught all of us a dance to an Israeli pop tune, and later in the morning, students had the opportunity to engage in active games on the soccer field. They enjoyed a delicious, traditional Israeli meal during lunch as well as a snow cone treat. In the Preschool, students used "Passports" to fly into Haifa and then adventured into different classrooms to experience destinations in Israel. Thank you to our administration, cafeteria staff, Physical Education faculty, all classroom teachers, Morah Dina, Morah Lauren Eisenberg, and our Shins for leading our entire school community in a memorable celebration of 74 years and counting. VIEW PHOTOS


Onstage at The Adelson School

Lion King KidsWe are thrilled to announce that our production of the Lion King will take place this Wednesday, May 11 in the theater. After two years of creating theater under the thumb of COVID-19, we are back in action and are so grateful to Coach Lisa, Ms. Levy. Ms. Ashley, Ms. Kay, Mr. Sam, and Mr. Dachslager for working with our students to prepare them for the performance. 




5/11/22 - Lion King Production 5:30pm

5/12/22 - LS Field Day

5/13/22 - 2’s End of Year Celebration 

5/20/22 - 3’s End of Year Celebration 

5/23/22 - 5th Grade Move Up Ceremony 

5/24/22 - JK End of Year Celebration

5/27/22 - K-5 Closing Ceremony/Half Day for Students





Friday, April 29, 2022





Celebrating Spring

Our tiniest horticulturists explored spring this week by examining the parts of each of the crops that they planted and have watched grow over the course of the school year. The Adelson Cubs observed different stages of growth and enjoyed digging their fingers into the soil. 


National Poetry Month 5th grade

National Poetry Month

Each April, students, teachers, librarians and bibliophiles of all kinds celebrate National Poetry Month. Lower School students participated in Poetry Slams in Library this week, during which time they chose to either write a found poem to share, to rehearse a poem with friends to share, or to select a favorite poem from a poetry anthology to share. All poets received major snaps from their peers. 


Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books

Introducing the 2nd place winners of the Battle of the Books Regional Battles:   the Literary Lions! Lior Goren, Emilia Tsai, Ethan Burda, and Juliana Levisman represented Adelson at the Regional Battles this week, which our school also hosted. The Literary Lions beat out eight other teams for the 2nd place title, and we could not be prouder.  We are also thrilled for the 1st place team:  the Demi Gods from Garehime Elementary School. We were overjoyed to open the doors of our campus to welcome students, teachers, librarians, and parents from nine Las Vegas area schools. The program is open to any school in the valley, from public to private, and it entails students reading the same eight books over the course of the year, then studying the details from each book, and participating in Jeopardy-style battles, based on the books. Inviting our students to interact with groups of children outside of our school community through shared experience is a path toward deepening their understanding of the world around them, guiding them closer to defining their place in it. VIEW PHOTOS


Holocaust Remembrance Day

Yom HaShoah

Our Fifth Graders joined the Upper School in a reflective ceremony in the theater this week during Holocaust Remembrance Day. Matriculating Lower School students were able to pause to remember lives lost during this horrific period in history. While we at Adelson can gingerly guide our Fifth Graders in their knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust as they grow and mature into Middle and High School students, we will never be able to show them what it might have been like for students like Anne Frank, whose life was changed forever right around what would have been equivalent to her Fifth Grade year in school. 




5/4/22 - Yom Hazikaron

5/5/22 - Yom Ha’atzmaut

5/11/22 - Lion King Production 5:30pm

5/12/22 - LS Field Day





Friday, April 8, 2022


This Week in Lower School


Preschool Seders

Passover Seders

We enjoyed an enriching celebration with families as we celebrated Passover this week in the Preschool. The Junior Kindergarten classes gathered with loved ones to celebrate the holiday by participating in different stations related to the story of Passover: matza making with playdough, baby Moses in baskets floating in their own Dead Sea (small, outdoor pools), pyramid building with blocks of different types, an obstacle course with pyramids, desert stones on which to balance, frog hopping hoops, and a parted sea to crawl through. Mr. Sam led students with his guitar through the Pharaoh song, Dayenu and the Frog Song.

Preschool seders

Our tiniest Cubs enjoyed circle time with Passover stories songs as well as open centers offering Passover artwork, building the pyramids with blocks, and playing with frogs


Lower School 3D magic

3D Design 

Ms. Pence continues to create magic with students in Robotics. The learning intersects in the Incubator as students use math, design, and collaboration skills in which to create work using various apps as well as the 3-D printers. 


Battle of the Books

We are thrilled that over a dozen of our Fourth and Fifth Grade students have elected to participate in Battle of the Books this year. This is a city-wide program, and all Fourth and Fifth Grade students from public, private, charter and magnet schools are invited to join. All students read the same eight books over the course of the year, ranging in genre from fiction (historical, fantasy, realistic) to nonfiction. Schools then form teams of four students and facilitate Jeopardy-style battles featuring questions based on each book. Schools narrow their teams down to one team that will go on to participate in the school-wide, regional battles to take place at the end of April. We are in the process of narrowing down our three Adelson School teams to one team. We are proud to announce that we will host, on the school campus, teams from ten participating schools from across the city for the regional battles. We are thrilled to be able to welcome visitors onto our beautiful campus for such an exciting event, celebrating literacy, teamwork, and school spirit. 



4/11-12/22 - K-5 Passover seders

4/28/22 - Battle of the Books 

5/11/22 - Lion King Production






Friday, April 1, 2022


Peter Gordon in Lower School

As we welcome warmer weather and the Passover season, which represents freedom and renewal, Lower School students continue to engage in exuberant explorations in social and emotional learning, mathematics, global studies, science and tech. Spotted on campus this week: Incoming Head of School, Mr. Peter Gordon, and his children. Welcome to Las Vegas and to our community, Gordon family. 


Ms. Marie plays musicIn the Preschool, students marched, wiggled and danced to different musical pieces representing a myriad of genres and which evoked a variety of emotions. Our Lower School counselor, Ms. Maria, gingerly guided students safely toward experiencing the more difficult emotions. The students are beginning to understand that all feelings in the spectrum of emotional awareness are valid and are part of a shared experience.  


Our Second Grade students discussed the difference between fitting in and belonging. After sharing the book A Little Spot of Belonging by Diane Alber, students created self-portraits on puzzle pieces that they then pieced together, thus solidifying the concept of belonging.


In the incubator, our Lower School students continued to excel in their studies of 3D Design, Stop Motion Animation and Augmented Reality. In addition, Fourth Grade mathematicians enjoyed investigating and utilizing the 3 dimensions of a rectangular prism (Length, Width and Height) to calculate the volume of a given box. 


Lower School Incubator

Our budding scientists rose to the challenge of constructing a model of a famous landform in the world. They chose their own guiding questions to research and then shared what they learned with their classmates. These ambitious projects culminated in a study of the fundamental concepts of earth science and many lab investigations inspired an understanding of how the earth evolves dramatically over time.


Lower School trip to Israel

Continuing on with the theme of “A Trip To Israel,” our Shinshinim hosted students on an adventure to the capital city of Israel, Jerusalem. They visited many famous sites, including the Machane Yehudah Market where they purchased with Israeli money (shekels) delicious halva. They also visited the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. Lastly, students wrote letters and put them on the western wall. Our young adventurers can’t wait for their next city to explore.



4/8/22 - Kindergarten “My Place in Space”

4/11/22 - 4/12/22 - Passover Seders

4/14/22 - 4/22/22 - Spring Break - NO SCHOOL

4/28/22 - Battle of the Books






Friday, March 25, 2022



Preschool Pupas

Students in our Preschool brimmed with excitement as they exploredthe differences between insects and arachnids. They counted legs, eyes and body segments. They checked for wings and antennae, searched for venom, and utilized what they learned by creating their own, designer creepy-crawlies. Our Junior Kindergarten entomologists have been at work observing their caterpillars every day to note changes. They are eagerly awaiting the transformation from chrysalis to butterfly.


Kindergarten math

Match Game AM

Kindergarten students enjoyed participating in a math game called "Match-up!" which encouraged their understanding of “switch-around” math facts.


Hebrew game

Hebrew outdoors 

In First Grade, Hebrew students searched outside for the Hebrew letter tsadi that appeared in objects and sights around campus, and then created art based on what they observed. Third Grade students enjoyed the game yesh la/yesh lo (she has/he has), which improved upon their use of these pronouns. These students also strengthened their Hebrew vocabulary and grammar through movement.


Lower School game

Story Dice

Students in Second, Third, and Fourth Grades have been drafting original stories during Library inspired by the amazing 3-D printed "Story Dice" created by Mr. Herringshaw in the Upper School. Plots include depressed bees getting their nectar back, astronauts that are too short, and comedians whose jokes become unfunny. Ms. Kendra, Ms. Maria and Ms. Nails will work with the students to create anthologies featuring work from all students in each grade level. 



Saving the City

This week, in conjunction with their study of the novel City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau, Fifth Graders were tasked with saving the City. Serving as a more active end-of-novel “test,” students participated in a cross-curricular simulation, in which they built a Rube Golberg machine consisting of four simple machines that helped the citizens of Ember survive. Ember lacked resources, and simple items, such as pencils, were scarce. To mimic that experience for our students, all materials were removed from the classroom. Students were forced to sift through items from the "Trash Heaps" and purchase items from the "Supply Depot" and "Looper's Store," all locations from the novel. They were given a small amount of money. In groups of three or four, students created, constructed, collaborated, communicated, budgeted, and negotiated. Daily, students filled in project reports to plan and monitor their time management and behavior. Students will be presenting their projects next week.



Our Shinshinim Shines

Tavor and Leya introduced students to David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel. They learned about his call to the Jewish people to move to Negev (the Israeli desert) and about his own move to a kibbutz in the desert. Following the lesson, students wrote Independence Day cards to their fellows in Ramat HaNegev, Las Vegas’s twin city.



3/31/22 - 2nd Grade Symbols Fair - LS Gym

4/8/22 - Kindergarten “My Place in Space”

4/11/22 - 4/12/22 - Passover Seders

4/14/22 - 4/22/22 - Spring Break - NO SCHOOL

4/28/22 - Battle of the Books 




Friday, March 18, 2022


LS Purim carnival parade

From Tavor and Leya’s festive video shared on the eve of Purim, to the stockinged footsteps of the last tiny Batman that crawled out of a bouncy house at the end of the day on Purim, we shared an outstanding celebration this year. All Lower School students, Cubs to Lions, shared in thrilling programming and activities that brought together our community as well as allowed us to break from the norm of our everyday schedules and, in the spirit of Purim, “let loose!” 




In addition to the extraordinary events outside on the soccer field (many of which were provided by generous donations from Adelson families), including incredible bouncy house opportunities, a bubble station, snap bracelets and temporary tattoos, obstacle courses and overall mayhem, meaningful programming took place across grade levels in each classroom. 


Throughout the day, Preschool Faculty created and engaged in age appropriate and exploratory Purim concepts, including the story of Esther and King Haman told with puppets, an examination of the triangle shape with regard to Hamamtashen, and Junior Kindergarten students took an active part in the important mitzvah of Tzedakah by helping to assemble baskets for the less fortunate.


Kindergarten through Second Grade faculty and Hebrew teachers explored with their students the Purim story in Hebrew using repetitive vocabulary. Students also analyzed each character’s feelings, examining the Purim story through the lens of basic story structure (character, plot, setting, theme). 


We were so proud for our Third Graders, who shined on stage, acting the Purim story in Hebrew and in English to the delight of a Lower School audience, including family. Fourth Graders wrote comics focusing on the problems in the story and discussing solutions, and Fifth Graders recorded a talk show against the green screen featuring the major players in the Purim story.


These activities and lessons thoughtfully prepared all students for fulfilling the mitzvah of listening to the Megillah.


We are overwhelmingly grateful to all in our school community, from students to faculty to administration to staff to volunteer parents, for continuing to bring their best to the table when planning and executing our Purim festivities. Special thanks to Morah Dina Rudaizky, Lauren Eisenberg and the Shinshinim, and Melanie Lewis from the PTO. It was a joy to share Purim this year with volunteer parents on campus once again, who give their time to us generously, as we gradually bring back that sense of community that continues to build and strengthen our school. 


Chag Sameach, and Shabbat Shalom!



3/31/22 - 2nd Grade Symbols Fair 

4/8/22 - Kindergarten “My Place in Space” Project

4/11/22 - 4/12/22 - Passover Seders

4/14/22 - 4/22/22 - Spring Break - NO SCHOOL









Friday, March 11, 2022


Preschool First Grade Fairy Tale play

Preschool and First Grade Fairy Tales 

Many of our grade levels engaged in activities involving fairy tales this week. Groups of our Preschool students read the classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears and then brought the story to life by exploring and mixing their own porridge, which was “just right.” Our First Grade students have been working diligently on creating performances of classic fairy tales. Performances began this week in the Beit Midrash. Our budding thespians shined in various archetypal roles and donned adorable costumes, all in front of a beautiful set. Thank you to all classroom teachers and specialists for ushering our students toward a successful performance. 


Kindergarten Hebrew

Stories Come to Life in Hebrew

Kindergarten students read a story about an egg who is experiencing an identity crisis. She tries many costumes until she becomes a little chick. Students then created and proudly modeled their own egg costumes. Toda as always to our creative Hebrew team for their foundational programming and lessons that always incorporate multi-disciplines, and never lack humor and joy.


Story Dice

Story timeSecond and Third Grade students began a story writing project in the library in which they used story dice, created by Upper School students in the incubator, to create the first few beats of an original story. We are eager to see where the students will take their stories in the coming weeks.  


Readin’ in the Beach Shack 

As an encore to Reading Week, Junior Kindergarten students enjoyed listening to the sounds of the waves as they shared stories in the Beach Shack with Ms. Nails.


Tikkun Olam

Students collected a record number of canned goods which were packaged and sent off to a local charity in the spirit of Purim. Students learned about and experienced the important mitzvah of giving in relation to the Mitzvah of Matanot l'evyonim- gift for the needy on Purim. A huge thank you to Morah Dina as well as our PTO, headed by Melanie Lewis, for helping with this ambitious project.



3/17/22 - Purim

3/31/22 - Second Grade Symbols Fair 

4/8/22 - Kindergarten “My Place in Space” Project

4/11/22 - 4/12/22 - Passover Seders

4/14/22 - 4/22/22 - Spring Break - NO SCHOOL






Friday, March 4, 2022


Nevada Reading Week 2022, in the books!

We have so enjoyed our annual Nevada Reading Week festivities. The week falls each year in schools across Nevada during Dr. Seuss’s birthday (March 2) and has been celebrated in our state (by mandate from our governor’s office) since the late 1980s. This year’s theme was “Catch the Reading Wave.” VIEW PHOTOS


Wading into the Week 

We began our week by welcoming Pura Belpré Honor author, Angela Cervantes, to campus via Zoom. Students attentively and enthusiastically listened to Ms. Cervantes share her story of growing up Mexican in Kansas, becoming a lover of books and stories, always seeking stories that represented her culture and experience, and then growing into an award-winning author who now writes those stories. The Pura Belpré Award is named for the first Puerto Rican Librarian in New York City and honors children’s literature written by and featuring Latino/Latina characters. Many Adelson students purchased copies of two of Ms. Cervantes’s books, the Junior Novelization of Disney’s Encanto and The American Girl Novel, Maritza:  Lead with Your Heart. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to spend time with Angela Cervantes. 


Diving in Deeper

Throughout the week, Lower School students enjoyed storytime by the pool with Ms. Nails, Coach Lamph, Coach McGinnis, Ms. Kendra, and Ms. Angelica. Preschool students sun-bathed and read outdoors under colorful umbrellas. Reading Week will also trickle into next week for Junior Kindergarteners, as they will “Read in the Beach Shack” (Ms. Nails’s tent!) during their library visits.


Reading Buddies

We were thrilled to welcome into the Adelson Library therapy dog teams from the Alliance of Therapy Dogs to serve as reading pals for our Lower School students. Students enjoyed petting, snuggling, and reading to the friendly pups, as well as hearing stories about each dog’s upbringing, training and experiences from each kind owner.  


In Shabbat

Students continued to Catch the Wave during Shabbat as they enjoyed a surfing video from the Israeli singer Danny Sanderson. Students also learned about Israeli Olympic surf medalist, Gal Friedman. Finally, our fabulous Shinshinim read students a fairy tale about the month of Adar, leading up to Purim, and First Graders sang a Hebrew fairy tale song.



We are grateful to all administration, faculty, staff and families for their unwavering support of Reading Week each year. Much time and effort and careful planning by so many in our Adelson community comes together to create a week of celebration and enrichment. Thank you especially to our parent volunteers for creating the gorgeous decor which has graced our classroom doors all week. Shabbat Shalom, happy reading, and happy early spring. 



3/9- 3/10/22 - First Grade Fairy Tale Presentations

3/17/22 - Purim

3/31/22 - Second Grade Symbols Fair 

4/8/22 - Kindergarten “My Place in Space” Project

4/11/22 - 4/12/22 - Passover Seders

4/14/22 - 4/22/22 - Spring Break - NO SCHOOL

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