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Friday, December 3, 2021


Hanukkah Shows

Hanukkah celebrations and special programming brought joy and community to our entire school this week. In Lower School, we applied knowledge that we have gained this year so far toward creating holiday gifts and treasures to share with families. 


All grade levels learned about the history of Hanukkah, including Mitzvot and various rituals and traditions. We lit candles daily with each class outside, recited the blessings, and sang together.


Kindergarten students learned the symbols of Hanukkah. They created cards in the shape of sufganiyot for each family which they added to the cookie jars that were designed in art classes. Students played with sevivonim, made Hanukkah crowns, and shared their creations with families at home. Kindergartners also had the opportunity to put cookie cutters designed in the Incubator by Fourth Graders to good use in the cafeteria. 


In First Grade, students acted out the Hanukkah story. They also applied the knowledge of Hebrew letters that they have gained this year so far and used Hebrew letters to create sevivon cards for their families. Second Graders wrote cards to their families on latke pans that they created. In addition, they created 3-D models of the Hanukkah story. 


Third Graders focused on the Mitzvah of advertising Hanukkah miracles and created cards for families in candle shapes, written in Hebrew. In addition, they wrote about their own personal miracle. The Fourth Grade classes focused on the letters Yehuda Hamacabbee wrote to his relatives out of Israel. After studying these letters, students responded with advice and solutions that they thought would be best for Yehuda. Students also took on the persona of Maccabees, and exchanged letters among classes, from one Maccabee to another. In the process of placing themselves in the shoes of these historical figures, students deepened their understanding and awareness of the Hanukkah story. 


Fifth Grade Hanukkah Shows

In addition to an extraordinary Hanukkah vlog created in their Hebrew classes, Fifth Graders mounted a production of A Charlie Brown Hanukkah. Under the direction of Ms. Lisa Berg and Ms. Jennie Kearns, along with support from Morah Dina, Ms. Debbie Levy, Ms. Oshins, Ms. Winberg, and the Lower School Hebrew faculty, the students presented the community with a spunky production of their Hanukkah-themed adaptation of the Charles Schutlz classic. Replete with Charlie’s traditional attempt to kick that football to the moon, Peppermint Patty’s blunt invitation to Chuck’s unplanned Hanukkah dinner, and the whole gang coming together to fully realize the true meaning of Hanukkah (celebrating together and remembering the courage of Judah Maccabee!), the students delivered an earnest production that brought us joy. Thank you to the courageous cast and crew, to our talented faculty, and to all of the family members that were able to join us in the theater to enjoy the production.   VIEW PHOTOS


Toda Raba

We want to take this opportunity to thank our entire school community:  our food service staff, office personnel, faculty, maintenance and security teams, administrators, students, and our families. We take the work of educating your children to heart, and we are deeply grateful to our families for your respect, support, and partnership. We wish you all good health, an enjoyable weekend, and a very Happy Hanukkah. 



12/10 - Shabbat - Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade Families are invited to observe.

12/16/21 - 4th Grade Wax Museum

12/17/21 - Shabbat - Second Grade Families are invited to observe.

12/20/21 - 1/2/22 - NO SCHOOL 


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Friday, November 19, 2021


Preschool class Jewish symbols

Frogs Explore Campus for Jewish Symbols

The Green Frogs were busy this week learning about the upcoming holidays of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. The children explored pumpkins and have gone on several walks to find Jewish symbols. They are so excited to share with their families what they have experienced and learned about these holidays.


Shinshinim 4th grade Israel

I Scream for Ice Cream with the Shins

The Kindergarten classes are enjoying projects facilitated by Tavor and Leya regarding the theme of “Israeli travel.” This week, students visited Tel Aviv and learned about “Golda,” an Israeli ice cream company. The students then enjoyed creating their own ice cream flavors. 


Our Shins’s Fourth Grade projects this year center on the theme of “Israeli inventions and innovation.” They learned this week about “Hanukk-ovation” and crafted their own dreidels out of CDs and marbles. 


5th grade fruit salads

Fifth Graders Enjoy the Fruits of their Labor 

Our innovative Hebrew faculty continue to prepare lessons that engage students in multiple modalities of learning. This week, Fifth Graders created videos of themselves in Hebrew preparing delicious salat peirot. There was nothing left at the end of the session except for the knowledge that they gained in the process. 


Lion King School Musical

Lion King:  Young Actors Emerge from the Den! 

Our future Tony and Grammy winners began rehearsals this week for our Lower School musical, The Lion King. Under the direction of the talented Ms. Berg and Ms. Kearns, the students commenced learning their vocal parts to group musical numbers as well as segments of choreography. We are thrilled to be back on stage with our brave performers and highly anticipate the production in the spring. 


Outdoor Shabbat celebration school

Celebrating Shabbat with Family

We welcomed families from the Kindergarten, and First Grades to join us on the tennis courts for Shabbat this week. Highlights included a presentation from our kindergarten classes that involved shaking their tail feathers, all students boogie-ing down to our favorite Hanukkah tunes, and welcoming Tavor and Leya back from their conference. The two led the group in several activities on the theme of Thanksgiving, and then they introduced their “Thank You Bracelet” project in which Lower School students practice gratitude toward one another by passing along a blue bracelet after saying “thank you” to a peer in their class. We are thankful that we are able to celebrate Shabbat with the support and cheer of our families, with whom we are made more complete. VIEW PHOTOS




  • 11/22-23/21 - JK Thanksgiving Shows
  • 11/24/21 - 11/26/21 - NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/30/21 - STUCO Dreidel Spin-off
  • 12/10/21 - Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade parents are invited to observe Shabbat







Friday, November 12, 2021

Adelson Preschool art

Broad Stripes and Bright Stars 

Adelson cubs worked this week on creating artwork that reflects the colors and design of the American flag. Students enjoyed rolling up the sleeves, getting messy, and beginning to identify certain shapes as well as the difference between primary and secondary colors.


Thinking about Thankfulness 

Grateful wallOur inventive counselors, Ms. Kendra and Ms. Maria, are working with Lower School students in acknowledging the kindnesses of others. This week they explored the book “A Little Thankful Spot” by Diane Alber and created a beautiful gratitude wall in response. 


Veterans Day

In observance of this somber holiday, we began the day with a beautiful ceremony outside at the flagpole. The talented Mr. Philippus and our extraordinary young musicians performed our National Anthem as well as Hatikvah, and we paused in silence as the flag was raised. Later that day, Lower School students engaged in an epistolary activity in which they wrote letters to veterans or active-duty service members who are tied to Southern Nevada. The letters will be mailed off to each veteran in the coming days. Students were also invited to dress in red-white-and-blue for a dollar, in honor of the men and women who have served. Between this effort and our weekly tzedakah collection at Shabbat, we raised over $500.00. All funds will be donated to the Kline Veterans fund which supports homeless veterans. VIEW PHOTOS


Celebrating Shabbat with Family

Lower School 5th grade shabbatWe celebrated Shabbat out on the tennis courts this week by welcoming family from Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades to join us. The delightful Ms. Kearns and dedicated Morah Dina lead our joyful service. The newly elected Lower School student council introduced themselves under the leadership of (future POTUS) Emilia Tsai, our Lower School President. Fifth Grade students then presented a beautiful tribute to veterans, featuring selected student speakers and original artwork. We missed our Shinshinim, who were attending a conference off-campus, so a video of us singing Hanukkah tunes was taken in order to share with Tavor and Leya later this week. The presence of family at Shabbat added the element of community to our weekly gathering. We are thrilled that we are able to gradually open the school to visitors and are grateful to those families that were able to attend. We look ahead to a cozy winter full of many more gatherings that include all of those who make our school great. 




  • 11/19/21 - Kindergarten, First, and Second grade parents are invited to observe Shabbat
  • ​​11/19/21 - Kindergarten Thanksgiving Shabbat
  • 11/22-23/21 - JK Thanksgiving Shows
  • 11/24/21 - 11/26/21 - NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/30/21 - STUCO Dreidel Spin-off
  • 12/10/21 - Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade parents are invited to observe Shabbat









Friday, November 5, 2021


Student council elections

Student Council Elections

We could not have been more impressed with the campaign efforts of our budding Supreme Court Justices, Senators, and Congresspeople. After weeks of poster-hanging, hand-shaking, and elbow-bumping, candidates delivered outstanding speeches in the theater this week, which were followed by elections. We are so proud to announce the Lower School Student Council officers for 2021-2022: 


Emilia Tsai (5th grade):  President

Shai Semmens and Talia Yerushalmi (5th grade):  co-Vice Presidents

Nathan Mizrachi (4th grade): Secretary

Adam Poura (4th grade):  Public Relations

Rhett Semmens/Jasmine Meyers:  3rd grade Representatives

Daniel Schwartz, Adriel Drake, Evan Kuperstock:  4th grade Representatives

Lilah Cohen and Ella Bluevise:  5th grade Representatives


We praise the efforts of Ms. Watkins, Ms. Oshins, Ms. Winberg, Ms. Peterson, Mr. Paquin, and Ms. Morris for their support and encouragement of all those who ran for office. 


Hebrew in the Garden

Hebrew in the Garden

Our outstanding faculty continue to explore creative teaching practices through outdoor play, collaborative lessons, and the implementation of various modalities of learning, ideally ensuring that all learners are digesting the material. This week, Lower School Hebrew students enjoyed class time near the garden during which they practiced their Hebrew letters using arts and crafts.


Lower School musical auditions 

Many ambitious and talented Lower School students attended auditions for our musical this year, The Lion King. We are so grateful to Coach Lisa and our incredibly talented performing arts faculty for all of their care and effort toward bringing out the best in our young actors. We are so very much looking forward to a live theater event this school year and congratulate all of the brave students who auditioned. 


T shirt contest

Announcing:  The Shaf-shirt 

We are thrilled to announce that 5th grader Lior Shafshak has won the LS spirit shirt design contest. Among dozens of inventive submissions, Mr. Shafshak’s design stood out due to his creative use of text for the lion’s mane. We are excited to don his outstanding design on spirit Wednesdays to come.



Challah baking

Challah Bake

Students pressed, kneaded and twisted fresh dough into imaginative shapes in the cafeteria this morning in anticipation of bringing home fresh challah to share with families over the weekend. This is one of our favorite traditions here at AEC, and we wish all a Shabbat Shalom and a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. 




  • 11/11 - Veterans Day Program - Wear red, white, and blue dress down for $1
  • ​​11/12 - Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade parents welcome to join us for Shabbat on campus 
  • ​​11/19/21 - Kindergarten Thanksgiving Shabbat
  • 11/22-23/21 - JK Thanksgiving Shows
  • 11/30/21 - STUCO Dreidel Spin-off
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