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Friday, September 24, 2021


Observing Sukkot

Sukkot Discussion

Commemorating the 40 years the Jewish people spent traversing the desert on their way to the Promised Land, our students discussed and reflected on the history and significance of Sukkot this week. Our high school students worked with Jewish Life Lead, Jackie Edery, while our middle schoolers (including those shown here in Tayla Cohen’s class) learned more about the holiday while sitting in the sukkah with our Shinshinim, Leya and Tovor!



Monday-Tuesday,  9/27-28 No School -- Shemini Atzeret

Wednesday,  9/29 No School -- Simchat Torah

Tuesday,  10/5 High School Parent Coffee with Upper School Leadership at 8:15 am on the Pool Patio

Thursday,  10/7 Middle School Parent Coffee with Upper School Leadership at 8:15 am on the Pool Patio; 2:15 pm Tennis Match Senior Night

Friday, 10/8  Rosh Chodesh Challah Bake for students at 9:25 in the Dining Commons

Tuesday, 10/12 Fifth Grade Parent Coffee with Upper School Leadership at 8:15 am on the Pool Patio






Friday, September 10, 2021


First Hebrew Letters


Students new to Adelson, as well as to the Hebrew language, were proud to write their names in Hebrew for the first time!  Here are Grade 6 students in Simona Dayan’s class sharing their writing, and their excitement, with us:

First Hebrew Word


Baking Challah for Rosh Hashanah


In observance of Rosh Hashanah, students made and baked challah bread!  Some crafted round “crowns,” others made braids... and everyone enjoyed the delicious opportunity to work together in celebration of a sweet new year!

Challah Baking






Friday, September 3, 2021


Day in the Life of an Adelson Upper School Student




AEC experienced tremendous growth this year. The many new families in Upper School have pushed our enrollment to 200, and we’re still growing! Our student ambassadors worked with Digital Media Teacher Tobin Herringshaw to welcome new Upper School families with a video showcasing a “Day in the Life of an Upper School student.” Take a look!



Class of 2022 Save the Dates!


Our seniors are embarking on their final year at the Adelson campus, readying themselves for the excitement of college and beyond. Here are some of the key dates in which we honor their special role in the school:



BattleBots Robotics


The ARC -- Adelson Robotics Club -- enjoyed a Beyond the Walls event this week, attending the BattleBots finals taping at Caesar’s Entertainment.  As Coach Shahar Givol and his team watched the thrilling action, they began formulating new ways to build their own competition robots this year. We are grateful for the opportunity to connect these students with relevant (and fun!) opportunities as they gear up for their future careers in robotics!


Rosh Hashanah Creative Writing


As we head into our observance of many Jewish holidays, Academic Department Chair for English, Nicole Ceccacci, invited her students to engage in an appropriately-themed activity: Rosh Hashanah creative writing! Ask your students about the stories they created during this fun, timed writing exercise addressing apples, books, honey, and celebration.

Creative Writing






Friday, August 27, 2021


Back To School Night!

Our Upper School Back to School night is here!  Join us on Tuesday, August 31 for a fun and informative evening in which parents are invited to virtually meet teachers and tour classrooms, labs, studios, and specialty facilities. Our event kicks off at 5:30 pm with a special welcome video from our Upper School Leadership Team (shared via email just prior to the event). Then, parents are invited to enjoy the evening via Edsby, asynchronously exploring each course in your child’s complete school schedule. On each course page, for all core and focus area courses, you will view snappy teacher-made videos. You will also be able to read through the syllabus for each course, previewing its scope of sequence for the school year.  Don’t forget -- you’ll need your Edsby login to participate. (Contact Robin Pence at robin.pence@adelsoncampus.org if you need help with your login.) Looking forward to “seeing you here!”




Volleyball Wins 

women's volleyball

Our sports season is off to a great start with JV and Varsity girls volleyball beating Mater Academy in their first games! Junior Varsity girls won the best two of three games, and Varsity girls won the best three of five games in our first home matches.  The teamwork exhibited by our girls was first rate, and the energy of the crowd was palpable. Join us for the next home games on Tuesday, August 31 at 5 pm and 6pm! View Photos




Web Dev + VR


Middle School students in Ms. Merrill’s Web Dev and VR course are just getting started in their coding endeavors, but they’re already making progress in building real web pages! Using the CodeHS interface, these future technologists have gotten started with writing basic HTML code, formatting headings, adding images, and debugging their work. We’re excited to see the authentic products they develop in the coming months!



Dining Updates

dining tables

The Pool Dining Patio tables are here!  We are excited to share that our Facilities team has installed new umbrella-topped, outdoor dining tables on the pool deck near the soccer field. Upper School students now have another clean and comfortable open, external area for lunchtime dining. An important facet of our COVID protocols, dining outside ensures maximal air ventilation as eating inherently involves being unmasked for periods that typically exceed 15 minutes (one of the key criteria evaluated during contact tracing to determine quarantine measures). 


Additionally, to provide students more options and flexibility in their meals, all AEC K-12 students are now permitted to bring their own nut-free and meat-free snack items from home to be consumed during snack time or after school hours. SAGE Dining will still offer snack and lunch service. Hot entrees, salads, fresh fruit cups, egg salad, and tuna salad are available daily. These options, along with information about allergens, ingredients, and nutritional values, are available on the school website.



Wear Your Uniform… with Pride


School uniforms are worn daily and are an important part of life at Adelson. They signal pride in being an Adelson student and simplify the daily process by removing wardrobe decision-making from the morning routine. Most days, students wear a standard uniform consisting of an AEC polo shirt and khaki bottoms (not blue). Each week, we mark special days with spirit wear (Wednesdays), Kabbalat Shabbat dress uniforms (Fridays), and occasional Dress Down for $1 days. Seniors are allowed to wear jeans, in good repair, on all days except when dress uniforms are required. All students are permitted to go “tie optional” due to the added constriction of wearing a mask. Be sure to review the approved options in the AEC Family Handbook. We are still offering a grace period on wearing uniforms as some students have ordered uniforms that have not yet been fulfilled through Campus Club. At a minimum, students should be dressed in an AEC top and appropriate bottoms which are "close to" the requirements. Wearing proper uniforms will be expected each day beginning Thursday, September 9. Wear your uniform, and show your pride!




Tuesday,  8/31 Upper School Virtual Back-to-School Night at 5:30 pm

Friday, 9/3 Rosh Chodesh Tishrei observed, Dress Down for $1 and Donuts for $1

Monday, 9/6 Labor Day, No School


Tuesday, 9/7 and Wednesday, 9/8 Rosh Hashanah, No School


Friday, 9/10 School Picture Day





Friday, August 20, 2021


Trial By Peers


Adelson students have what it takes to do the real work of trial attorneys before they graduate from high school. Trial By Peers (TBP) is a juvenile diversion program run by the Clark County Law Foundation in which middle and high school students across Las Vegas prosecute and defend real cases. The program allows juveniles charged with misdemeanors to be tried, represented, and sentenced by their peers: other tweens and teens.


Student volunteers who serve as peer counselors or jurors are provided with eight weeks of free training through a rigorous summer program. At the training, students must pass a mini-bar exam and engage in a mock trial to demonstrate that they have what it takes to represent real clients in court. Whenever a peer counselor takes on a case, they are mentored by state-licensed attorneys, trying the case in front of a real judge.


AEC’s student participation in Trial By Peers began last year with the formal start of our Law and Policy Focus Area. The school now boasts seventeen TBP graduates who are eligible to serve as peer counselors. Eight of these students are middle schoolers who had the unique AEC advantage of participating in specially designed middle school law classes that were designed and taught by Law and Policy Program Lead and California licensed attorney Courtney Stern. “I am so proud of the dedication to public service and promotion of justice that the students of AEC have demonstrated through their participation in Trial By Peers and the law courses at AEC,” says Ms. Stern. “These students will graduate from AEC with up to six years of trial experience. It is an unparalleled opportunity for growth and leadership.



Ash Abrahamson, Ethan Cohen, Michael Cohen, Annalea deLeon, Bronson Feldman, Jonah Fish, MacKenzie George, Caroline Gephart, Kaelin Gowdy, Grant Kobyliatski, Evan Leung, Seth Mann, Nicole Miller, Daniel Nizgoda, Tilly Reinhart, Zachary Rosenfeld, Preston Testa


Students with an interest in law are encouraged to hone their skills by taking advantage of the courses offered at AEC. Our AEC Law and Policy Focus Area is uniquely developed to support students who are exploring careers in law or policy or will benefit from the same reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skill set. Trial By Peers will again begin accepting applications in the Spring. Interested students should reach out to Ms. Stern via Edsby.



Before-School Open Gym

Beginning Monday, August 23, high school students may participate in a before-school open gym each weekday morning from 7:30 to 7:55.  This open gym time will be supervised by Athletic Director, Coach Kurt McGinnis, and is intended for constructive athletic practice. Students who loiter, engage in horseplay, or do not arrive on time for their first-period class will not retain the privilege of a before-school open gym. All school COVID protocols apply, including the requirement that all students wear masks as this is not official NIAA sports practice.


StuCo will offer Yummy Breakfast Snacks

Kicking off each school day ready to learn includes having a healthy and delicious breakfast!  The high school Student Council, in partnership with National Honor Society, is interested in helping our students start their days right by providing kosher, packaged, nut-free breakfast options for sale at $1 each. Featured items consist of muffins, cereal packs, granola bars and other lite fare. The small breakfast cart will be stationed on the outdoor patio each morning. See you there!

Key Dates

Tuesday, 8/31 - Upper School Virtual Back-to-School Night at 5:30 pm

Monday, 9/6  - Labor Day, No School




Friday, August 13, 2021

First week upper school

Welcome Back to School!

Camille McCue, PhD, Principal of the Upper School


Last year at this time we opened our doors to a full school of in-person instruction. This year, we almost had to widen our doors to welcome back our returning students and usher in a whopping crowd of new Adelson Lions — a 32% increase schoolwide! Our Upper School is now comprised of 100 students in the Middle School and 100 students in the High School. These amazing students are working with the best faculty at any independent school on the West Coast, engaging in a full schedule of courses, focus area electives, specialty programming, dining, sports, and celebrations of Jewish life. Just take a look at these photos of our students in action on campus! VIEW PHOTOS  I am honored and invigorated every day to be a part of this first-rate team, working at this uniquely special school, to build A+ human beings. Thank you for a great start to what will undoubtedly be another great school year!

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