We have some exciting news about our students following Nevada DECA's annual State Career & Development Conference that concluded on Wednesday, February 16. DECA is one of the most well-known Career & Technical Student Organizations with a mission statement to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.  DECA competition is comprised of an exam: a rigorous, industry-validated, multiple-choice, 100-item exam based on National Curriculum Standards, as well as a 'Role Play' where the student assumes the role of an industry professional and must use content knowledge and communication skills to address the given situation to an adult judge with only minutes to prepare. 


Overall, 31 Adelson students traveled to Bally's. Students were able to follow an individual schedule with many overlapping events and obligations. Our students networked with judges and peers from other schools.  


Deca victoryTo prepare for competition, students completed many practice tests and role plays throughout the year, and thanks to our in-school competition last month, we can confidently say our chapter was one of the most well-prepared schools in the state for this event, and the results below will show. 


Each year at the conference, students from across the state campaign for 6 State Officer positions. We are excited to announce that Adelson students won 3 of the 6 spots!  Amber Lovat will be the VP of Marketing, Michael Cohen the VP of Finance, and Opal Latpate the VP of Hospitality.  These positions come with ~5 hours per week of professional responsibility throughout the year, as well as travel to conferences across the state and country.


DECA winIn addition to our new state officers, 13 of the 31 students received 'DECA Glass', a trophy and indication that they received top 3 overall in their event and will be invited to the next level of competition, the International Career & Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, in April! Please join us in congratulating:


Marco Bonometti -- 1st Place -- Hotel & Lodging Management

Avi Stotland -- 1st Place -- Human Resources Management

Emma Gephart -- 1st Place -- Personal Financial Literacy

Asher Leventhal -- 1st Place -- Principles of Hospitality & Tourism

Michael Cohen -- 1st Place -- Quick Serve Restaurant Management


DECA victoryJack Kim -- 2nd Place -- Financial Consulting

Michael Cohen & Aviel Parente -- 2nd Place -- Financial Services Team Decision Making

Ash Abrahamson & Ethan Saunders -- 2nd Place -- Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making


Nico Rengifo Tarazona -- 3rd Place -- Personal Financial Literacy

Maxim Surov -- 3rd Place -- Principles of Finance

Marco Bonometti -- 3rd Place -- Principles of Hospitality & Tourism

Nicole Miller -- 3rd Place -- Quick Serve Restaurant Management

Asher Leventhal & Kayla Katz -- 3rd Place -- Travel & Tourism Team Decision Making


Madi Kazaz, Amber Lovat, Sophia Kane, Zachary Rosenfeld, Adan Tarquino, Jacob Roiter, Matan Sussman, Jacob Nikogosian, and Judah Hafter were also called to the stage for recognition for a top score in an exam or role play for their respective event. 


Thank you to everyone who's supported Adelson’s DECA program and our amazing students throughout the year.


Students returned and looked so excited as they shared their successes with their classmates. You can see even more @aecdeca on Instagram! 




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