Adelson Student Attends Summer Sports Management Internship at LMU

How did you get involved with the Sports Management Program?

During my freshmen year at Adelson, I was looking at things to do for the upcoming summer. I found out about summer academic programs that different colleges offered. My original interest was to find a program that focused on law or business. When I looked at Loyola Marymount’s website about the programs, they would offer for over the summer, I saw they a program about the sports and entertainment industry. The program focused on the business and law part of the industry. I have always liked sports so to see a program that combined my interests really intrigued me.


Brief description of the program?

During the program, I learned about sports marketing, sponsorship and advertisement deals, sports agency, contractual law, and other things about the industry. I learned about these things from doing group projects, lectures from my teacher, and listening to guest speakers that are a part of the industry. Towards the end of the program, my program took us on a field trip to SoFi Stadium where we learned about the business of a sports venue. Also, during the program, I stayed in a dorm room with a roommate on campus. I also had access to go around the entire campus.


How long is it?

The program was from July 17th which was a Sunday to July 30th which was a Saturday.


Did you enjoy the program?

I really enjoyed the program because I got to learn about an industry that I’m interested in having a career in. I really enjoyed the trip to SoFi Stadium. The program also took us to a beach and Disneyland. I made a lot of friends at the program that had the same interests as me as well.


Did the Adelson School help prepare you for this program?

Adelson got me interested in law. That was how I got connected to this type of program. The law class that I took also gave me terminology that made it easier to understand some of the things we learned about in class.

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