This Week in Upper School

Friday, January 27, 2023


This Week in Middle School

The Internet of Things Elective

The winter semester has started and with it our brand new IoT elective course! IoT, an acronym for Internet of Things, describes the network of physical objects—“things”—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet.  This course has been specifically designed to introduce students to the wonders of IoT, home automation, and plant health monitoring through exciting hands-on STEM activities and projects.

The activities in this course, focusing on experiential learning, will help them develop skills such as DIY-ing (Do It Yourself), problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. The students are researching, building, programming, and connecting everything together in the same way that systems engineers do in real life. Additionally, they are learning the evergreen skills of patience and learning through mistakes.

Extracting Natural Resources

6th-grade Earth and Space Science students are learning about the process of extracting natural resources for different uses. During a class lab, students extracted raw copper from malachite using sulfuric acid and iron powder. This lab allowed students to see and understand how byproducts are created and the trade-offs associated with extraction techniques.



This Week in High School

Analyzing Chemical Reactions

Chemistry students in David Peltz’s sophomore Honors and College Prep courses are learning how to identify different types of chemical reactions by analyzing their products.  The ability to recognize reaction types enables students to predict the products before a reaction takes place.  In research labs, this type of analysis occurs so that scientists can predict the feasibility of producing a new chemical before they spend time and money on production – and our students are getting to practice this authentic skill right here in Adelson science labs!

New Mezuzah at the Dome

We were excited today to welcome Rabbi Yossi Shuchat for the official installation of a beautiful new Mezuzah at the dome entrance! Mezuzahs are attached to door frames in Jewish homes and places of business and they contain parchment scrolls with verses from the Torah. High school students Chana Borsody, Michael Harouni, Elliott Harouni, Nili Ivan, and Matan Sussman assisted Rabbi Shuchat, participating in the blessings and celebration of this special event.

Upcoming Events for All Upper School


Monday, January 30: 

Middle School Boys Basketball

7/8th Grade at 4:30pm against Dawson  (away game)

6th Grade (White) plays at 4:30pm against Lamb of G-d (away game)

6th Grade (Blue) plays at 4:30pm against LVDS  (Adelson Gym)

5th Grade plays at 5:30pm against LVDS  (Adelson Gym)


Tuesday, January 31: 

Varsity Basketball Senior Night - PACK THE STANDS!

Men’s Varsity game, 4:00pm, against Word of Life (Adelson Gym)

Women’s Varsity game, 5:30pm, against Word of Life (Adelson Gym)


Wednesday, February 1:  

Spirit Dress Day

7/8th Grade Boys Basketball at 4:30pm against Faith Lutheran  (Adelson Gym)


Thursday, February 2: 

JV Boys Basketball at 3:30 pm against Green Valley Christian (away game)

Women’s Varsity Basketball at 5:00 pm against Green Valley Christian (away game)

Men’s Varsity Basketball at 6:30 pm against Green Valley Christian (away game)

7/8th Grade Boys Basketball at 5:30pm against Founders Academy  (Adelson Gym)


Friday, February 3: 

Adelson Career and Development Conference for High School Students in DECA