Adelson Senior Named Tikvah Scholar

The Tikvah Scholars Program seeks to advance Jewish excellence in the modern age by exposing some of the best Jewish students to the most important foundational questions in politics, economics, Zionist thought, and Judaism, guided by some of the top teachers, scholars, and policy makers.



How did you get involved with the Tikvah Scholars Program?

My amazing Judaics teacher, Ms. Levi, recommended me for the program and helped me decide to pursue the opportunity.


Brief description of the program?

At TSP, we took classes taught by elite professors from around the country that included classes on Jewish thought, Economics and Ethics, Zionism, and many more. During the off time, we engaged in Jewish activities and vibrant discussions.


How long was it?

It was eleven days, from July 25 through August 4, at the Mount Holyoke campus near Boston.


Did you enjoy the program?

I enjoyed the program very much! It was amazing being able to talk to so 

many Jewish teens from all over the world!


Did the Adelson School help prepare you for this program?

Adelson definitely prepared me for this program. The Judaic program at Adelson allowed me to be truly engaged and understand the material in all of my TSP classes!

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