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Michelle’s interest in teaching began more than 25 years ago when she started teaching ballet and creative dance in Michigan where she grew up. These experiences allowed her to discover the joy of interacting with the very young and their “in-the-moment“ wonder. Michelle graduated from Eastern Michigan University with an Elementary Education Degree and a special endorsement to teach early childhood. Her teaching career brought her to 2 different lab school settings in California, a private preschool here in Las Vegas, and an international school in Macau, China. Michelle is also a certified parenting coach through a program called Redirecting Children's Behavior, working with families and enhancing their parenting skill-set. She’s been called “That teacher that sings all the time...” so if you hear singing in the lower school hallways, it will probably be her! It was important to Michelle to find a school that honors children, families, and community and she is so excited to have found that very quality here at Adelson.