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Dr. Tierre Sanford Griggs was born and raised in Las Vegas, but has spent the last 10 years living around the world in Utah, Russia, Virginia, and Israel. Tierre earned her PhD in Slavic Languages & Literatures from the University of Virginia where she taught Russian literature, film, culture, and language, as well as Yiddish literature. Her PhD dissertation was on the intergenerational memoirs of Holocaust survivors of the Minsk ghetto. In 2019, Tierre returned home to Las Vegas and began teaching Second Grade at Adelson. She strives to expand her students' knowledge of the world by sharing her passion for exploration as students delve into new subjects across the curriculum in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Social Studies. In her spare time, Tierre can be found eating tacos, taking kickboxing classes, or frequenting a library. She married her husband, Zac, in June of 2020. They enjoy exploring the Las Vegas Valley by walking the many trails in the area with their dog, Bear.