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Vered holds an MA in Science of Psychology from the University of Phoenix and a BA in Science of Accounting from Devry Institute in Chicago, Illinois. Vered loves teaching all ages. For three years she had the pleasure teaching psychology at Sh’arai Bina Torah Academy in Florida, where she developed the curriculum, implemented and taught 11th and 12th graders. In addition to teaching Psychology, Vered also had the pleasure teaching kindergarten children at Temple Sinai in North Miami Beach. Eight years ago, Vered relocated to Las Vegas with her three daughters and joined the Hebrew and Judaics team at the Adelson Educational Campus teaching Hebrew and Jewish Studies K-5th. Vered returned to teaching psychology last year after obtaining her teaching license in this discipline. Vered was born in Israel and although she has been residing in the US for the past 38 years, her connection to the State of Israel, teaching Jewish values and the Hebrew Language is very important to her. Her passion, together with the outstanding facilities available to both the pedagogical team and the students, help her enable and empower each of her students with the Hebrew language, based on their personal skills and background while allowing her to share, teach, strengthen and promote every aspect of the Jewish identity and heritage.