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Ilana Aybar Agron was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Upon completion of her military service in the air force, she graduated Tel Aviv University (TAU) studying B.A. and M.A. in the Arts. Additionally she graduated Beit Berl College in HaMidrassha, Maymad, Tel Aviv College and has been certified to teach NETA Program. ILana has earned additional certifications of Events Management at The Ministry of Education, The Zionist Organization of Tel Aviv and taught at Tevaschool and A.D Gordon, were she also was the Coordinator of Holiday Events. In Israel, Ilana had an Art studio which Specialized in Multimedia, Print and Events and worked as the Events Coordinator for the Ministry of Science, Culture & Sports, where she was responsible for the awards of Art, Design & Architecture, Coordinator of Awards and Scholarship Committees and Organizer of Artist Exhibitions. As a volunteer, With Therapy Through Art, she counseled abused children at the Aviva Center. She is the mother of two girls, loves traveling, reading and creating art.