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Athletics Programs


Team Sports for ALL Students



The Athletics Department at Adeldson Campus provides an opportunity for all students to take part in sports, and tries to instill the values of fair play, dedication, courage, passion, and working together for a common goal of being all they can possibly be. We want to nurture and appropriately channel our students competitive spirit, with keeping true to our school values. Students are directed to follow the instruction of coaches who consistently encourage a determination to overcome obstacles. Such training prepares our students to be ready for whatever they encounter in the real world. Each of our teams strive to foster a sense of loyalty and pride among our students, parents, teachers and alumni.


     FALL                           WINTER                       SPRING 

Cross Country - Men's

Cross Country - Women's (9th-12th) 

 Cross Country - 5th/6th

Cross Country - 7th/8th

Soccer - Varsity (Co-ed)

Tennis - Men's - (9th-12th)

Tennis - Women's-  (9th-12th)

Volleyball - Women's (9th-12th)

Volleyball - 5th/6th

Volleyball - 7th/8th

Basketball - Men's

Basketball - Women's

Basketball - Boys 5th/6th

Basketball - Girls 5th/6th

Basketball - Boys 7th/8th

Basketball - Girls 7th/8th

Swimming - 5th thru 8th


Baseball- Varsity (9-12)

Soccer - 5th/6th (Co-ed)

Soccer - 7th/8th (Co-ed)

Swimming - Men's

Swimming - Women's (9-12)

Tennis - 5th/6th (Co-ed)

Tennis - 7th/8th (Co-ed)