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Back to School Checklist: Preparing For 2020-2021 Upper School

Communication with the School
  • Read all Back to School materials sent by the school.  This year, it will be vital not to skip this step as there will be changes in how students are welcomed back to school employing COVID-19 safety protocols.  You want to be familiar with the information so you can also help your student understand as well
  • Complete all emergency contact information forms in SFO (School Forms Online)
  • Make sure your student is current with all immunizations and has an updated immunization record on file with the school nurse
  • Notify the school nurse of any allergies or physical health issues and schedule a time to drop off any medications
  • Communicate with the school counselor if needed.  Grades 6 and 7: Maria Paxinos, Grades 8-12 Jessica Pagel
  • Pay the One-to-World technology use fee in School Forms Online (SFO). Failure to pay this fee will result in a delay of your student being issued a laptop at the beginning of the school year
Back to School Shopping (label all personal items)
  • Purchase uniforms, outerwear and shoes
  • Backpack - rolling backpacks are permitted
  • Lunch box, thermos, lunch sacks
  • Reusable ice pack
  • Reusable water bottle with a covered mouthpiece 
  • Mask(s)
Lunch Planning (involve your child in all aspects of this new lunch routine)
  • Create a weekly lunch menu 
  • Shop ingredients ahead to be prepared
  • Pack lunches the night before
  • Re-establish morning, after school, and bedtime routines
  • Review self help skills and independent skills
  • Re-establish limits on social media and electronics
  • Practice, practice, and practice home routines before the first day of school
  • Have your student create and use checklists and schedules
  • Avoid scheduling appointments during the school day; school hours should not be interrupted with non-emergency appointments
  • Please schedule appointments after school, on the weekends, and on school holidays
Pick Your Battles - as you settle in to new routines
  • Decide ahead of time what is worth battling over with your child.  Not everything is worth the battle.  Pick your most important battles and uphold them consistently and let the rest go.  No one wants to start or end the day frustrated and upset 
  •  As educators, we get it!  Not everyday is your child’s hair going to be combed perfectly, are they going to wear matching socks or remember to brush their teeth.  We understand!  We would rather have children that are happy and ready to learn vs. upset and frustrated learners that walk into our classrooms