Dining Commons

The Adeslon Campus respects and values keeping kosher and our observance is guided by the obligation to our families that each member of the community feels comfortable eating at school.

The Adelson Educational Campus foodservice is operated by SAGE Dining Services®. At AEC, students are treated to real food cooked from scratch.  SAGE’s seasonal menus are custom designed for AEC and reflect student preferences while following the campus’ kosher standards.  SAGE’s registered dieticians review and approve each menu to ensure that it offers a wide variety of nutritious choices.

Fresh vegetables and fruits • Antibiotic-free and hormone-free milk • Whole-grain breads, bagels and rolls • Local and campus-grown ingredients • Fresh salads and house-made dressings • Vegetarian and vegan options • Trans fat-free oils and MSG-free seasonings  • Ongoing culinary education.

The Adelson Educational Campus is a Glatt kosher* school. We have separate meat, dairy, and pareve kitchens.  The lunch menus reflect service from either the meat or dairy kitchen on a given day.
To view the Lunch Menus, please CLICK HERE.
ADELSON CAMPUS Approved Kosher Symbols (hechshers)
When bringing kosher food on campus (for event), all food must be approved by the campus mashgiach.
Not all kosher symbols are accepted. For reference, please CLICK HERE for a list of approved hechshers.
*Kosher Supervision by Kollel of Las Vegas