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Doug Fodeman

Doug Fodeman is the Director of Technology at Brookwood School in Manchester, MA.  He is also a nationally recognized expert on Internet safety education and the developmentally healthy use of technology by children. Formerly Co-Director of a children's Internet safety organization from 1997 to 2014, Doug co-authored three books and many articles on the topic of Internet safety including "A Parent's Guide to Online Safety" published in 2013. Doug has also conducted research on the Internet behavior of thousands of children across the United States. He has spoken about Internet and smartphone safety issues on the CBS Evening News, ABC's World News Tonight, and many radio stations such as WBZ Radio, to name just a few appearances. Doug has given workshops to parents, students, teachers and administrators at dozens of schools across the United States for more than twenty years on this important topic.  In addition, Doug is the Executive Director of The Daily Scam (, a website devoted to educating users of all ages how to recognize and avoid online fraud and reduce their online risks.
"My parent education workshops are designed to educate and inform, not to scare parents with hyperbole.  However, please be aware that there is a growing body of evidence strongly suggesting that children/teens are using technology in ways that are not developmentally healthy for them.  And in ways that are influenced by the intermittent reward system built into devices that are meant to steal their time and attention.  My presentation is also centered around the developmental levels of children so parents can easily understand the ways in which various types of technology may not be good choices for different stages of their development. E.g. smartphones, social media, apps/websites that enable anonymous communication, and screen time, etc.  You'll learn that I am not technophobic when it comes to children and technology, I am "age-appropriate" based on both the developmental and emotional needs of children. It is important for me to align my presentation with the school's mission.  I don't wish to contradict anything AEC might say on these and related topics.  But understand that I don't sugar-coat my message.  I tell it like it is, especially to parents.  You can see what I mean in these blog posts I published in 2019 on Brookwood’s website:
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