Great Start to School Year!

Friday, August 16, 2019
Students who attend the Adelson Educational Campus experience many advantages, including superb facilities, dedication to advanced academic programming, a safe and drug free campus, small classroom sizes inspiring individualized attention, and direct access to highly qualified teachers. At AEC, students receive more effective instruction, but more importantly, educators get to really know their students. Our teachers understand what our students need to thrive academically, socially, and reach their full potential. We call this the Adelson Advantage. We pride ourselves on what makes our school unique and exceptional. Throughout the school year we will showcase these advantages with stories of our students, faculty, and academic programming. These advantages instill a feeling of PRIDE. The pride we have for our school and for our community.
As we enter the 2019-2020 school year, we have many new and exciting things to celebrate. For starters, our new Head of School, Dr. David Portnoy, has arrived and is already making connections with the AEC community. You can find him outside the dome entrance every school day from 7:20am-8:00am, waving and greeting students and families. In case you missed Dr. Portnoy’s announcement as Head of School, read it here.  
Lilach Bluevise, who was announced as the principal for both Lower and Upper School, has already begun inspiring the faculty and students to go above and beyond this school year. The feeling of school pride and positive momentum going into the new school year, is a direct result of Ms. Bluevise’s leadership and enthusiasm. Read Ms. Bluevise’s announcement as the new all-school principal.
During the summer, the school hallways and classrooms were full of activity as Summer Camp at AEC was once again a huge success! Our summer camp provides an excellent experience for AEC students, creating fun memories and bonding experiences with classmates and faculty. Notice the two group photos (right) showcasing how much our camp has grown over the past two summers. 
Todd Peters, AEC’s chief of security and safety, has been busy over the summer adding additional security features, hiring new security staff, and continues to improve security protocols. During the summer break, AEC Security added 27 new cameras to the perimeter wall of the campus property.  The cameras provide added coverage of the exterior wall; inside and outside the property. Camera analytics will instantly alert Security to anyone trying to scale the wall or anyone attempting to enter campus property. Please help us in welcoming Charles Payne to the AEC Security Team.  Charles comes to AEC from Schecter School and has 10 years experience working security at Temple Beth Shalom. The security and safety of our students, faculty, and families is paramount. AEC security will continue to make any and all necessary improvements to keep us all safe.