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Friday, May 4, 2018
These awards from the President of the United States are based on criteria established by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.
The President’s Award for Educational Excellence recognizes a student’s academic success in the classroom.  This is given to a junior or senior with an “A” average in challenging classes and high scores on national standardized tests, and is based also on high motivation, initiative, integrity, intellectual depth, leadership qualities, a solid attendance record, and exceptional judgment.   The President’s Award for Educational Excellence is given this year to Matthiew De Castro.
The President’s Award for Educational Achievement is given to a senior who has shown tremendous growth, demonstrated unusual commitment to learning in academics despite various obstacles, and improved grades to truly superior levels.  The President’s Award for Educational Achievement this year has been earned by Tal Derei.
"We are honored tonight to induct our newest class of members into the Adelson Educational Campus chapter of the National Honor Society.   The National Honors Society is more than an honor roll. The students selected are chosen for their continuous commitment to excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  Tonight, while simultaneously reminding our current members of their commitment to these four standards, we additionally proclaim to all in attendance, that membership in the Adelson Educational Campus chapter of the National Honor Society has been earned by the following candidates through their effective demonstration of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The induction class of 2018 is a follows: 
Yaara Aybar
Matahn Blank
Sarah Blank
Gabriel Hafter
Samuel Katz
Emily Miller
Zachary Murray
Mordechai Shirit
Ryan Strimling
Rebecca Winger
This award recognizes the Adelson student who best models the values of Chesed (kindness) and Tikkun Olam (making the world a better place).  The School especially wants to recognize when a student leads other Adelson students to join in his or her efforts.  The chief criterion for this award, however, is that a student devote a substantial portion of his or her time in and outside of school to serving a broader community. OLIVIA FRANCIS
This award recognizes the Adelson student who best models what it means to be to be a contributing and supportive member of the Adelson School community.  Adelson is founded on the vision of a pluralistic community and seeks to provide its students with opportunities to give voice to their views and to build their interests into the fabric of the school, while simultaneously encouraging others’ voices.  This award recognizes the student who takes best advantage of the opportunities Adelson offers.  This award honors participation and personal integrity. DAVID POURA
This award recognizes the junior or senior student who has made the greatest contribution through leadership to the Adelson School community.  The recipient may have demonstrated leadership in a number of venues, such as the school’s informal programming or the Student Government Association.  A student leader should be a shaper of consensus (a particular challenge in a pluralistic school) and a positive force in the student body.  Ideally, the recipient of this award will have had an influence on the student body and faculty as a whole, and not only on his or her grade.  A student may merit this award, however, in a singular moment of leadership that made a critical difference. BEN KHAVKIN
This award recognizes the Adelson student whose words and actions best model the School’s devotion to the State of Israel.  Israel is woven into the life of the School in many ways throughout the year, culminating in the Study in Israel trip, and the recipient of this award seeks out these opportunities and makes the most of them.  This student helps shape the School’s Zionist culture and affirms the significance of Israel as the Jewish homeland.  A personal commitment to, and love for, Israel motivates this recipient. TOMER BLIT
This award recognizes the student who is most engaged in a life of Torah, broadly defined in our school. The recipient will have demonstrated seriousness of purpose and high standards in Judaic studies, and understood that an integrated education brings honor to the Torah.  The recipient will have joined with a full heart in our community’s celebrations and observances.  Finally, the recipient will have been attentive to the obligation for living with that combination of pride, modesty, and goodness befitting an Adelson student.  In this pluralistic school, a life of spirituality may look different than it does in other settings, but the recipient’s love for Torah or spirituality should be evident however it is expressed. ANNELISSA MCKENZIE
This award goes to the Adelson senior who best models the Adelson Educational Campus’ values.  Over the course of his or her Adelson education, the recipient will have conducted him or herself with academic integrity and accomplishment and a passion for growing in ethical living and learning.  The recipient will have made significant contributions to the welfare of the Adelson community and demonstrated an appreciation of, and concern for, our diversity.  Through participation in the informal and co-curricular life of the school, the recipient should model a breadth of vision, reliability, and capacity for commitment that makes for a well-developed mind, body, and spirit. The recipient will graduate with a sense of purpose as a young adult, conscious of his or her place in the communities to which he or she belongs.  The recipient should count many people as friends and be counted as a friend by even more.  Moreover, he or she should inspire complete respect by all members of our community. LEEMOR AIZENBERG
For this year’s Jewish Studies award, we are honoring a student for her outstanding academic and personal achievement in the field of Judaics Studies. This student has shown an unwavering enthusiasm for Jewish Studies, a commitment to taking both required and elective courses, a true desire to be involved in Judaics-related activities, and in advocacy for Israel. This student represents all that one could hope for in a future ambassador for the Jewish people. She has a deep appreciation of tradition and heritage, the State of Israel, and a true Jewish Neshama. The award goes to Annelissa McKenzie.
I am excited to present this year's Hebrew Award to someone that has shown constant interest and curiosity in the Hebrew language. This student goes above and beyond expectations and always aspires to know more than what is expected of her.She can always be counted on to be respectful, hard working, motivated towards success, and just a true pleasurable human being. She tackled the challenge of the Hebrew Native class head on and proved to herself and to her peers that she was up for the challenge.Not only has she shown an enthusiasm for the Hebrew language, but also advocacy for Israel.So I am honored and EXTREMELY proud to present this award to - Bailey Kermani.
The Excellence in English award recognizes that student who goes above and beyond the expected standards of English Language Arts, demonstrates finely tuned analytical abilities, and makes explicit that which is implicit.  This student, while earning high marks, is not solely motivated by the grade. Rather, she lives poetically, being present and attentive to the nuances of language and genre. Furthermore, she generously contributes to the construction of knowledge and participates fully in the writing process. This year, the Excellence in English Award goes to Dana Bluevise.
The Know Thyself English award is given to the English student who—through written work and discussion—has best displayed growth in the world of language arts.  A sense of an awakened intellectual curiosity and an appreciation of the spoken and written word characterize this student’s journey towards knowing herself and her world.  Ever curious, she seeks knowledge within the language arts for its own sake, and helps her peers with their own academic pursuits. For these reasons, we present the Know Thyself English award to Dale Weiford
This next award is the Young Scientist Award, for the student who most exemplifies excellence in the sciences. In choosing the recipient of this award, we sought to recognize outstanding achievement in the areas of both physical and life sciences that reflects superior scientific temperament, high self-motivation, innovative-ness, powerful critical thinking and independent analysis skills. For the 2017-18 school year, the Young Scientist Award goes to: Ben Khavkin
This next award is the Senior Science Scholar Award. This award is for the Adelson senior who has most dedicated himself or herself to the sciences.This student should have done exceptionally well in a large variety of science courses including AP courses. This student should have chosen to take extra science courses in lieu of other electives. This student should be planning to be a professional scientist post-college and is working accordingly toward that goal. This year’s recipient accomplished all of the above and some. He was a constant sight on the science wing throughout his career at Adelson. He started the National Science Honors Society at our school, in order to encourage other future scientists.I would like to present the Senior Science Scholar Award to Yoni Gavish.
The Senior Thesis award is given to the 12thgrade student who best analyzes and evaluates scholarly research in order to answer a self-designed essential question. She built content knowledge, worked collaboratively, developed critical thinking skills, and did extensive research. Working diligently with her teacher and mentor, she edited and refined the direction and scope of her essay. Her final paper shows college-readiness and sophistication in style and content. This year’s Senior Thesis award goes to Annelissa McKenzie! 
The math excellence award is presented to the student who has shown a genuine interest in the subject  and combined a natural ability in math with dedicated study habits. He is a role model to his classmates and a delight to his teachers.  It is my pleasure to present this award to Xinhao “Leo” Liu.
The AP Computer Science Award is given to our most exceptional student in CS. This, of course, includes excellence in programming -- but it also consists of engagement in the broader discipline of CS, including Internet architecture, digital design, and cybersecurity. Like other great computer scientists and computational mathematicians who came before her… Ava Lovelace, Admiral Grace Hopper, Margaret Hamilton, and Katherine Johnson… this young woman has exhibited the investment, creativity, leadership, and persistence needed to solve technological challenges, bring innovative new ideas to fruition, collaborate effectively with colleagues, and hang tough when others give up (for example, working down the last millisecond on a big deadline).For the 2017-18 school year, the AP Computer Science Award goes to:  Annelissa McKenzie
The Digital Media Award recognizes and celebrates excellence in the production and creation of digital media. This year’s recipient has demonstrated strong visual awareness and creativity while pursuing her visions through the art of photography. In her images, she has examined a particularly bleak view towards human actions that lead to destruction, focusing on subjects such as gun violence, the harmful foods we ingest, and the dichotomy between war zones and civilian life. Dedicated, creative, and spirited, she is an artist in the truest sense of the word. This year we proudly give the Digital Media Award to Maya Tomasik. 
More than 80 years ago, Jewish engineer JOSEF GANZ amazed the world by racing his revolutionary new Volkswagen BEETLE prototype over the city streets of Germany. Arrested by Adolf Hitler, Ganz was initially erased from the pages of history. But we remember and celebrate today, Ganz’s invention of the first compact car, the most-manufactured car ever,with 21 million Beetles worldwide. Recognizing that same excellence in design and innovation, we honor one Adelson high schooler... a young man who has committed countless hours to a differentbranch of engineering -- one which will someday take him not across the streets, but into the sky and beyond! For his exceptional, long-term achievement in UAV design, computer and microprocessor programming, 3D design and fabrication the Ganz award in Incubator Innovation is presented to Leo Liu.
The Excellence in History Awardis given this year to two students who exemplify the qualities of commitment to outstanding scholarship and dedication to the highest standards of written expression.  These students have demonstrated curiosity concerning the historical narrative, and exhibited the characteristics of good citizenship in class, along with maintaining superior grades consistently throughout the year. Well done and congratulations to you both, Kennedi Templeton & Zach Murray

A Moot Court or Mock Trial competition involves students from various schoolspreparing and arguing an Appellate/Supreme Court case or Criminal/Civil Trial before judges, who are often actual members of the judiciary.  This year Adelson students dealt with a particularly compelling criminal trial dealing with the timely topic of computer hacking and identity theft, featuring a myriad of facts, witnesses, and Constitutional issues. For his hard work, leadership, creativity, and for his persuasive abilities as a Prosecution attorney, and portraying the key Defense expert witness, indefatigable on Direct Examination, and unshakable on cross-examination, and truly embodying the Team’s theory of the case - this year’s Moot Court/Mock Trial award goes to: Kalman Steinberg
The Excellence in Spanishaward goes to the student who has consistently maintained an A average throughout the year and is very positive about the language and the spanish-speaking culture. Congratulations…Ari Goodman
I would like to present the French award to this student who is known for his excellent work, for his perseverance, for his diligence and for his respect for his classmates. This student is not only scoring the best grades, but he tries to outdo himself in everything he does. The French excellence award this year goes to Matahn Blank .
Now I'm presenting our outstanding student in Chinese Class). This year’s Chinese award is presented to Liel Simhayoff
Is given to the student who most embodies the curiosity, talent, and creative energy it takes to be a performer. This year the recipient consistently stepped up for anything we needed musically here at the school.  Whether it be for the pep band for home basketball games, to the various ensembles that accompanied the many holidays and school activities. This wonderful student, selflessly contributed his talents and continues to grow musically as he matures through his high school career.  In addition to the usual responsibilities that come with playing in the band here, we were all fortunate to have him featured on stage during the musical, adding both the snare drum introducing the show, and serenading the musical leads as their characters built their relationship.  We also got to hear his beautiful tone on the bari sax as we featured him on “Pure Imagination”with the Jazz Ensemble this year. I am very proud of his accomplishments both on his instrument, and with his continual leadership and people skills that make working here such a pleasure. So it is with great honor that I present this year’s Performing Arts-Instrumental Award to,  Matahn Blank.
It is never easy coming to a new school but this student came in with great gusto. She jumped into the school musical begging to be in the ensemble and it was there where she started to bloom. She worked with passion at the back of the stage learning her dances and songs. When I needed someone to step up and play a big role with a week left of rehearsal she stepped it up big time. Not only did she take direction so well she blossomed in the role and was wildly successful. While she was in the crunch of learning her new role, she also took time to help other students learn their parts working tirelessly teaching them choreography and lyrics.  She is the epitome of a team player and I’m super proud to present this years performing arts drama award to Kira Weant

The International Thespian Society is the only theater honor society in the country. It recognizes, rewards, and encourages student achievement and celebrates the work of students in all aspects of theatre—performance and production. Each student is honored on
a national level and gains access to opportunities and resources beyond those of our school. This is our inaugural year having a troupe here at Adelson and I am proud to announce our first inductees.
Macy Litt, Ryan Litt, Zach Murray, Yaara Aybar, Xinel Simpson, and Rachel Schiel

The award for visual art is given to a student that has shown commitment to their personal and artistic growth. This student nurtures given talents while fostering new skills and creative concepts. This artist uses art to communicate personal statements about herself and the world around her. This student possesses real potential and shows tremendous dedication and appreciation to this craft. This year, the Art Award goes to: Leanne Steward