How to Survive 9th Grade

Friday, August 11, 2017

As students enter High School, it can be a scary and intimidating experience for most 14 year olds. At AEC, all 9th grade students had a Survival Kit placed in their lockers to help the transition. The kit includes the following note explaining the items:

Welcome to 9th Grade

We are so happy you are starting your high school journey as an Adelson student.  I wanted to share a few things with you that were helpful to me as I started my high school experience. 

Rubber band- To remind you to be flexible in your thinking and stretch your mind

Paper clip- to remind you that you have the tools to hold it together

Sponge – to soak it all in

Pencil- to let you know how sharp I think you are

Eraser- to remind you that we all make mistakes and each day is a new slate

Crayon- go out and inspire the world

Band aid- remind you to heal problems and hard feelings

Post it notes- keep the communication flowing

Pool noodle – to squeeze that stress away


Please be sure to stop by, even if it Is just to say “hi.”
All my best,
Ms. Paxinos
Upper School Counselor