Hurricane Harvey Tikkun Olam Project

Friday, September 15, 2017
As we teach important values, Tikkum Olam shines as a major responsibility our students are proud of. The fifth grade Tikkun Olam council decided to support flooded Jewish schools in Houston after hurricane Harvey and initiated a drive to aid students with much needed supplies. Over the past several weeks, AEC families in Lower School have been donating school supplies, books, board games, Hebrew items, etc.
The fifth grade students, the leaders of Lower School, went in to every classroom to explain about the collection. One of the ways they explained it to the younger students was by giving each student a piece of paper and told them to draw/write something, the students then said they didn’t have anything to write or color with. The fifth graders intentionally didn’t give them a pencil or crayon, because they wanted them to experience how the students felt without the proper supplies. 
Today after Kabbalat Shabbat, Lower School students boxed up the donated supplies and shipped to Jewish school in Houston. Our students have a better understanding why Tikkum Olam is important and how helping others in need brings our community closer together.
These are life lessons that are at the very foundation of our values. Watching the smiles on the faces of Lower School students as they help others is what drives our community, our school and our mission to make the world a better place.
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