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Lower School Clubs

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Art Exploration is a club for students who love art! We will paint, draw and build amazing sculptures!  This club is student led by Mai Kaufman and Eden Boldur, with Mrs. Levy providing support.
Drama Club is an exploration of self through games and exercises. We will work on public speaking, confidence, and thinking on your feet as well as basic theater knowledge and history.  Led by 6th grade students, this club will strengthen the already seasoned performer and teach the beginner essential skills to start the journey of performing. 
We are excited for our new LS garden! Our Gardening Club is busy learning about gardening and planning our new garden, creating signs and possibly even a scarecrow…Next week we will learn about the process of seeding the Cherub. We can’t wait to see it grow from the fruit, to the seed and then in a few years to a mature tree baring fruit. Planting of the garden is scheduled for end of October, with a celebration on 11/03.


Grade 3-5 inventors will be learning about forces of motion while using the engineering design process to create roller coasters. Students will work on a design team of four to plan, construct, and market their roller coaster. Each roller coaster will be given a unique name and have a specific theme. As students connect physics principles to an engaging thrill ride, their creative and scientific skills will be challenged. Many important social skills will also be taught since working as an effective team member will also be crucial to their team’s success.
Journalism Club is an exciting opportunity for students to produce both a lower school newspaper and a broadcast. Students get hands on learning in discussing and writing about current events, elocution, and working as a team. It's a fabulous opportunity for students to be creative while growing as writers. 
This quarter in yoga club, students will learn a variety of yoga poses. Practicing yoga will improve strength and flexibility. This club is co-lead by 8th grade student Coby.