Lower School Science: Landforms & Moon Camp

Friday, March 15, 2019
Grade 4
Landform Science Projects
Our Grade 4 scientists have been studying landforms as part of our earth science unit. They have been making and investigating different types of maps and using stream tables outdoors to recreate the formation of the Grand Canyon. To culminate this unit and dig a little deeper, these ambitious fourth graders went above and beyond building very impressive  3-dimensional models of specific landforms on Earth using a variety of materials. Additionally, students chose one of the following presentation ideas to share what they learned:
  • Engaging and informative slide show
  • Student produced video of a demonstration
  • Engaging demonstration in front of the class
  • Colorful/informative poster  
  • These replicas of landforms like the Grand Canyon, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Hood, Mt. Etna, Bonneville Salt Flats, Nile Delta, etc. are all on display on the Upper School landing just passed the Dining Commons. Stop the “Landform Museum” and learn more about these amazing features of our Earth.
Grade 5
Moon Camp Challenge
Our Grade 5 scientists and designers have now completed the Moon Camp Challenge. This learning-by-design challenge is an educational and inspirational project offered by the European Space Agency and Airbus Foundation, in partnership with Autodesk. Students worked in groups of three to design their own Moon Camp using Tinkercad as their 3D modeling tool. This was an amazing opportunity for them to put their technology and designing skills to work on an exciting project. Additionally, students had to explain their work by completing extensive sections of writing. They answered questions and described where their Moon Camp would be located, how many astronauts it would accommodate, how large it would be, what Moon resources they would use, how they would power and protect the camp, where their water and food would come from, and what their mission would be while they lived there. As they worked through their earth science unit, they deepened their understanding of our moon and became familiar with space exploration and astronaut's needs while living beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Students also brainstormed all the amazing experiments and areas of study they could investigate while living on the Moon. Last Friday, each group presented their Tinkercad Moon Camp design in front of their parents and shared their explanations and justifications based on their studies.