The MOMO Challenge

Friday, March 1, 2019
Making national headlines this week is the “momo challenge.”  This “challenge” is the latest viral concern for parents and schools as it is appearing on many popular sites that children frequent. It is described as a suicide and/or self harm challenge that includes a disturbing image of a doll as well as messaging that encourages children to attempt dangerous acts.  
It is important to us at AEC to keep our students safe not only while they are on campus, but off campus as well.  Above you will find a helpful resource for parents: National Online Safety that created a “What Parents Need to Know About Momo.”  Here is a link is “The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Kids Safe Online” from
As always, we are here to partner with you as you help your child navigate some of these difficult situations.  If you should have questions or concerns about your child, please reach out to our school counselors, Maria Paxinos, Jessica Pagel and Kendra Bott.