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Shalom from the Lower School at the Adelson Educational Campus!

There has been so much excitement in the Lower School building in the past few days since camp concluded. The teachers have been busy planning their lessons, preparing the classrooms, setting up centers, organizing school supplies, games, math manipulatives, books and so much more. The classes look beautiful and ready for the students to start an amazing school year.

We are thrilled to have our Lower School students back for a year of growth, discovery, learning and friendship. Our restructured Lower School is now comprised of students 18 months through 5th grade, and our dedicated teachers have been working as one team to ensure a smooth transition and progression between the grades.


We have been investing a lot of time in professional development over the summer and are ready to infuse our curriculum with cutting edge and interactive teaching.

We have also developed a model of clubs allowing students in grades 3-5 to pursue their passion while developing leadership skills in an experiential way during the school day, under the guidance of talented teachers. Students can participate in an Innovators’ Club, Rap N’ Tap, Broadway Kids and Israel Club.

We can’t wait to reveal the new equipment that was purchased for the playgrounds. Students of all ages will have fun discovering the new opportunities that our outdoor areas offer.
A new morning routine at the Lower School is great opening for each day. Students will meet  their homeroom teachers every morning to begin the day as a community, discuss current events at an appropriate age level, set goals for the day, recite the Pledge of Allegiance and sing Hatikvah in a respectful and purposeful manner.

Please make sure to check your mail box as the teachers sent a sweet welcome postcard to your student.

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On behalf of the entire faculty and the leadership team of the Lower School we thank you for the opportunity to partner with you on this exciting educational journey.

Looking forward to welcoming your student and family to our wonderful school for orientation on Friday from 9:30-11:30 am.
Wishing you a wonderful school year,

Lilach Bluevise, Principal
Karin Soresman, Assistant Principal
Susan Tecktiel, Curriculum Director