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This Week in Upper School 9/17/2020

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Thursday, September 17, 2020 Byline:  Upper School Team
A Logo in the (Print)Making
By Rhy Robinson
Sixth grade students have been designing their own personal brand logos! The process kicked off by discussing how images can say a lot without words. The students then made lists of ideas and objects that make up “who they are,” and “what defines them,” such as the love of a sport or joy in playing an instrument. They then explored how to use color and shape to build and communicate simplified, recognizable images of those identifiers. Next, each student embedded his or her initials into the design to create a custom brand logo! With designs in hand, students fabricated their design stampers (in mirror image) using linoleum block material. In the final step, students dipped their print blocks in fabric ink, then “editioned” their logo -- stamped multiple copies of the print image -- to craft one-of-a-kind, personalized T-shirts. That cool T-shirt you see at school may be an original design by one of our sixth-graders!
Planet Money Podcasts
By Brian Hemsworth
Our Future Business Leaders course is diving into business, finance, and economics fundamentals as students begin preparations for their entrepreneurial ventures and for their forthcoming DECA competition events. High school students were especially enthusiastic about listening to Planet Money podcasts -- so much so that they created their own summary versions of the episodes! Using Flipgrid, students recorded their “Econ 101” series as a fun and engaging way to “re-teach” many of the basic Economics principles they explored in Planet Money. From tackling Inelastic Demand and Asymmetric Information to describing “Markets and Pickles,” students not only demonstrated their own learning, but made it fun. Feel free to check them out! 
A D’Var Torah for Rosh Hashanah
By Judah Hafter
The shofar is nothing more than a hollow shell, yet it transforms a fleeting breath into a powerful victory cry. When we make ourselves hollow, letting go of our egos and relinquishing the false sense of control, only then can we fully experience the spiritual essence that is inside of us. 
Oftentimes we take the simple things for granted. Most importantly, breathing. It just happens on its own, we don't have to consciously tell ourselves to breathe every 2 seconds. This past year, on the other hand, there has been a focus on breathing. This year will be remembered as the year of COVID-19 and masks that make us think about our breathing. This year will also be remembered as the year that we were forced to slow down from the regular, yet fast-paced motion of our daily lives and just breathe. And with every breath, we learned to humble ourselves, to take each day as it comes, and to live a little more in the present. 
On one hand, this year will be looked back on as times of hardship, loss, and suffering in some cases. But if you look for the silver lining, you quickly see that it was a year where we were snapped out of our repetitive daily living. Doing the same thing, day after day after day. It gave many of us the chance to learn to focus on what matters, get to know our families and ourselves a little bit better. It taught us how to truly breathe. 
On Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, we are commanded to blow the shofar. It is unique, as it is a mitzvah where we use our breath to complete it. Ironically, the blowing of the shofar is commanded of us on the anniversary of when G-- “blew” man’s soul into his body. This gave mankind the divine “breath of life.” Breath is symbolic of the soul, as both words share a common Hebrew root. The word for soul, neshama, is almost identical to the Hebrew word neshima -- breathe. In fact, the two are connected by more than just their names: one can really become one with his or her soul through breathing and concentrating on the involuntary action. 
Blowing the shofar teaches us how to discover our soul. The shofar is nothing more than a hollow shell, yet it transforms a fleeting breath into a powerful victory cry. When we make ourselves hollow, letting go of our egos and relinquishing the false sense of control, only then can we fully experience the spiritual essence that is inside of us. As we look back on a year where we learned how to pay attention to our breath, when we saw the hollowness and fragility of our control, when the word “corona” became a household word, perhaps we can view the entire year as one great shofar blast, one great reminder of what it is to truly breathe.


This Week in Upper School 9/11/2020

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, September 11, 2020 Byline:  Upper School Team
Student Council Election Results
The Adelson Student Council (StuCo) is a student leadership organization that is central to our school community. Guided by faculty advisor, Abby Moyal, StuCo just conducted its first major event of the school year: it ran digital elections! Ms. Moyal shares, “Student Council is responsible for planning events to promote school spirit and unity among peers. In this unique and challenging year, this team is excited to think creatively for the benefit of the campus, while themselves gaining valuable leadership and communication skills. After a round of rousing speeches and Google Form ballots, the 2020-21 officers were voted into office.” StuCo officers lead the student body in planning and executing activities throughout the year, and consist of:
Student Body President -Vanessa Voltz        
Student Body Vice President - Kira Weant        
Student Body Treasurer - Jonah Tecktiel        
Student Body Historian - Darby Kankoski    
Student Body Secretary - Nicole MIller
Senior Representative - Itai Blank            
Junior Representative  - Isabella Saunders        
Sophomore Representative - Jack Kim            
Freshmen Representative  - Opal Latpate        
Spirit Chairs  - Coby Poura and Judah Hafter
Congratulations to these hard-working student leaders! We are looking forward to the activity they plan for the coming year.
Shinshinim Lauren Eisenberg

The Shinshinim program brings recent high school graduates from their homes in Israel to Las Vegas and cities around the world to share their love of Judaism and their lived experiences in the homeland. And although they haven’t left Israel and stepped foot yet in Las Vegas, our Shinshinim, Raz and Shai, are making quite an impact! Every Thursday, the Shinshinim engage in community-building activities with our middle schoolers during their home room period. Using Flipgrid, Raz and Shai have introduced themselves to the students, spoken about their hobbies, and shown them their hometowns -- and soon, they will be sharing with students their favorite foods and their family traditions at Rosh HaShanah. Our sixth through eighth graders have responded with adorable videos of their own, which Shai and Raz view, as well as and give shout outs to their favorite uploads. Students are excited to be meeting the Shinshinim (virtually, for now) and Raz and Shai feel like they are getting to know the students, even though they are still in Israel. Ask your child to show you the heartwarming collection of videos at Last week, 57 students responded so we are seeing a high engagement rate -- it’s a wonderful example of creating community through technology!


Pre-Calculus Ling-Chih Bachman

PreCalculus is a fascinating, challenging math course that puts together the building blocks of Algebra I, Geometry,  Algebra II, and Trigonometry in preparation for the study of Calculus. As part of our Honors and Advanced Placement-level math course sequence, PreCalculus represents the first step in our triad of high-level courses which also includes AP Calculus AB and AP Statistics. This week, students in PreCalculus engaged in a hands-on investigation to determine the relationship between the dimensions of a 2D net (a template) and the volume of the resulting, folded rectangular prism. Students cut out squares of different size lengths from the four corners of an 8.5-by 11-inch sheet of paper. They then folded up the flaps and measured the volume of the open top box formed by the net. Each class then explored how length, width, height, and volume are all functions of the size of the cutout and which values constitute the domain.  Using Desmos, an online graphing tool, students explored the graph of the volume function and were intrigued to see how volume increased with the size of the cutout -- but only up to a certain value.  As PreCalculus classes move further into the semester, our high-level students will continue to use both technology-rich and everyday modeling tools (like paper, scissors, and rulers!) to explore, and quantitatively describe, the world around them!



This Week in Upper School 9/4/2020

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, September 4, 2020 Byline:  Upper School Team
Mandarin Opens Up Worlds
Learning a world language -- other than our own -- opens our minds and hearts to other cultures, facilitates communication with a larger segment of humanity, and provides insight to ourselves. Adelson offers students three world language options -- Hebrew, Spanish, and Mandarin -- and will provide additional choices, including American Sign Language, in the coming years.
Our Mandarin teacher, Yuping Sun, uses a variety of techniques to teach her students, noting, “There are many ways to learn languages; it's not just about learning knowledge from books. Putting yourself in different social situations, singing songs, listening to the news... all are opportunities to learn Chinese.” She also draws on pop culture and uses student interest in this area as an instructional opportunity: “Some of my students saw the Chinese song ‘Yi jian mei’ which is a popular online meme song. It is very distinctive - the meme originated from people staying at home, working or in isolation during the pandemic, and seeing a funny gentleman with a distinctive bald head singing in the ice and snow. People were curious: ‘what is he singing?’”
Ms. Sun provided her students the lyrics, turned on the music, and invited the group to sing in solidarity (behind their masks, of course). With lyrics including,"There is always a cloud at sunrise, and sun is shining on you and me," Ms. Sun reflects on her hope that, “my students and everyone can face everything with optimism even in the most difficult times.” A good aspiration for us all, and for people everywhere around the world.


Observing Shabbat Project in Jewish Studies
Seventh grade students in Mr. Jackie Edery’s Jewish Studies course have been engaged in project based learning for several days and have just conducted their culminating presentations!  Working in pairs to explore how Shabbat is observed in different ways, students conducted research, developed slide decks and videos, scripted notes, and then presented their work to classmates -- both schoolers and Zoomers. Students exhibited a high degree of learning and professionalism in their work. Dr. McCue especially enjoyed sitting in the project presented by Lenox and Alden -- way to go, boys!
Labor Day Vigilance
Don’t forget -- Labor Day is Monday, September 7 and there is no school that day.  Please take the time to rest and reflect with your families.  We also ask that families maintain vigilance with regard to social distancing and masking in your celebratory events outside of school. Our COVID protection protocols are working effectively at school -- and we need your help to ensure that outside behaviors don’t impact our ability to continue face-to-face instruction in our classrooms. Please help us to help our school community retain continuity in teaching and learning throughout the fall semester!
Custom Mask Mania
Mask wearing is a critical component of our ability to conduct face-to-face classes. We are so proud of our students for taking this responsibility seriously!  What’s more, we’re starting to see some very creative -- and very “school spirited” -- masks on campus. Many students have let us know that their family members have been designing and sewing these creative, custom masks -- check out what we saw this week!
Senior Tie Ceremony
High School students witnessed an AEC tradition this week as we celebrated our seniors with the annual Senior Tie Ceremony. The class of 2021 received their customized school branded neck ties to complement their Shabbat uniforms. Traditionally, AEC alumni would present the ties, however, principal Dr. McCue and assistant principal Mr. Koch did the honors.
Dropping Off and Picking Up Items
We occasionally receive requests from parents to drop off or pick up items for their students at the gate. As there is limited room at the guardhouse, we have revised our procedures to address these needs:
  • Parents picking up items from school -- Upon arrival, the main gate security guard will direct the parent to the dome. Items that need to be transferred out will be given to the dome entrance guard.  That guard will then take the item(s) outside to the waiting parent.
  • Parents dropping off items to school -- The parent should bring the item(s) to school. Upon arrival, the main gate security guard will direct the parent to the dome. The dome entrance guard will meet the parent, receive the item(s), and take them to the front desk.  The front desk receptionist will contact the US Office Manager who will deliver the item(s) to the student.
Due to carline, the hours for picking up and dropping off items are 8am to 3pm. Finally, please try to help your children develop checklists for important items they’ll need at school in order to minimize the need for additional trips to school -- it will save you time as well as help them develop important, lifelong habits!

This week in Upper School 8/28/2020

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, August 28, 2020 Byline:  Upper School Team
Judaism Informs These Trying Times
We are finally together again, boots on the ground, for the 2020-21 school year! The year looks different than any previous school year, and we know that while most students and teachers are exhilarated by this tempered freedom, some members of our school community are struggling with the constraints we must observe to maintain safety. Inbar Levi-Agami, our High School Lead teacher for Jewish Studies reflects on our current condition through a cultural and historical lens:
Trying times are not a strange concept in Judaism. In fact, the first time the Israelites are referred to as a nation is by Pharaoh, who in the story of the Exodus enslaves them out of fear for their growing numbers, strength, and unity. As in Exodus, some of Judaism’s most challenging and defining moments are directly linked to the people’s unity, resilience, and faith in God, each other, and a better future to come. That is one reason why Jews are commanded to retell the story of the Exodus over and over again, and remember that: “…in every generation they rise up to destroy us. But the Holy One, Blessed be He, delivers us from their hands.” (Pesach Haggadah).
Remaining steadfast and resolute in our daily lives is a theme our high school students tackled during today’s Kabbalat Shabbat services. Organized and led by junior, Judah Hafter -- who is mentored by our Jewish Life lead teacher, Jackie Edery -- today’s services included a special message of action-oriented positivity. That message, created by our PreMed upperclassmen in Human Body Systems -- Itai Blank, Isabella Saunders, and Madison Speidel -- offered all Adelson Lions strategies to occupy our minds and bodies constructively in today’s COVID world. We are proud of the collaboration and cross-disciplinary partnerships our students and faculty engage in each and every day. As Ms. Levi-Agami notes:
Be it the Egyptian enslavement, Roman exile, Spanish Inquisition, or Covid-19, Judaism teaches us that together we are stronger than anything that might come.
Hybrid Teaching is a Hoot with the OWL
Adelson Upper School educators have become remarkable masters of technology in creating lessons that capitalize on interactive teaching software -- such as Smartboard for Zoom and Pear Deck -- and hardware including omindirectional cameras and microphones. This week, Law Program, Lead and English teacher, Ms. Courtney Stern piloted one of our newest devices, the OWL, which provides 360-degree, audio-triggered views on her onsite students. Employing the OWL, her desktop computer, and her laptop simultaneously in her middle school You and the Law course and her high school Trial Advocacy course, Ms. Stern found that the additional technology afforded an even more connected and immersive experience in the hybrid paradigm. Specifically, she observed that remote learners were able to view a full panorama of her brick-and-mortar classroom, with one student exclaiming his joy in, “finally seeing what the entire classroom looks like!” Adding additional tech tools is no easy feat, and watching each teacher instruct their hybrid classes is like seeing someone serve as a show runner, a television director at the control board, and the live show host all at the same time. Kudos to our intrepid team of Adelson teachers who are diving into new technologies and working hard every day for the benefit of our equally amazing students!
Reminder of Uniform Requirements
Beginning August 31, students must wear proper uniforms every day. Of note, outerwear on Monday through Thursday must be official Adelson logo wear -- students wearing non-Adelson outerwear will be asked to remove it. The Friday dress uniform demonstrates our respect for Shabbat. On Friday, students are expected to wear their official Adelson logo blazer; an official Adelson button-up shirt or blouse in white or light-blue; khaki pants, khaki skirt, or plaid skirt (non-khaki pants are not permitted). Shirts must be tucked in and pants must be worn with black or brown belt. For high school students: solid black, brown, or navy dress flats, shoes, or conservative boots are required. Middle school students may wear dress footwear like high school students or they may wear dark, conservative tennis shoes.
Perspectives in Middle School Math Enrichment
In Middle School Math Enrichment (MSME), students with a knack for mathematics try their hand at solving puzzling problems and exploring tangential topics. This week, students were introduced to two-point perspective drawing used in architecture and graphic design. Using only pencils and rulers, students drafted their own creations, drawing inspiration from an elegant example that MSME instructor, Mr. Swiecionis developed and shared. “Mr. Swis” (as he’s affectionately known) commented: “They were astonished at how parallel and perpendicular lines with a varying scale of size made their buildings jump out of their paper. Both sections of MSME loved it!”
Remote Learning
Families should note that the Adelson Educational Campus does not provide opt-in remote learning.  Remote learning is provided to students who have been placed in temporary quarantine, or -- one quarter at a time -- to students who have medical issues documented with the Upper School Office. Additionally, we are pleased to announce that, beginning August 31, Mr. Frank Browne will be serving as an Academic Coach to help support remote learners in managing their experience and staying connected to campus.
Students who are at home with a short-term illness or emergency and have communicated with the Upper School Office may be able to attend some classes via Zoom, however, students should not expect that all teachers can offer their classes remotely on short notice. We appreciate your help in coordinating and streamlining all remote learning requests through the Upper School Office (message Michele Kaufman via Edsby) to ensure that our team has sufficient lead time to provide productive and high-quality learning experiences. 
Welcome History Teacher, Brian Tann
Mr. Brian Tann is joining the Upper School faculty next week as a history and social studies teacher of both middle and high school students! Mr. Tann earned his BA in History from Denison University and continued his education at the Claremont Graduate University.  After completing his MA in history, he completed the Post-Degree Teaching Licensure Program at Capital University, beginning his career as an educator.  During the past 16 years, he has taught Social Studies, History, and Gifted and Talented Education at the high school and middle school levels in face-to-face settings in Connecticut, Ohio, and Nevada, as well as via online distance learning platforms.  He enjoys content addressing United States history, especially Civil War studies and the Roaring Twenties. An avid life-long learner, Mr. Tann has traveled the globe attending professional conferences and presenting scholarly papers. Mr. Tann also stays active in his life’s sport, swimming, through coaching at the high school and club levels. Let’s give him a warm welcome to Adelson!
Back-to-School Night for Upper School
This year’s back-to-school night will be conducted in the comfort of your own home, via Zoom! Save the date of Tuesday, September 15 from 5:30 to 6:45pm. Parents, you will Zoom through each course in your child’s complete course lineup, including all core courses, focus area courses, and Pride Period. Teachers will provide quick previews of their courses, inviting you to engage briefly as your students do during their regular schooldays. The Zoom link will be provided as we approach the event. Looking forward to “seeing you here!”

This Week in Upper School 8/21/2020

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, August 21, 2020 Byline:  Upper School Team


Celebrate Diverse Scientists
Scientists, like our students, are a diverse and interesting bunch. Learning about their many professional fields and career paths opens windows of opportunity through which students can see themselves as scientists. That’s why two colleagues from Harvard’s Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences started the I am a Scientist initiative, “to help students connect with scientists of diverse backgrounds and, ultimately, break down barriers that keep some students from considering STEM careers.” This week, Sarah Flood, our AEC science teaching assistant, worked with US science classes to introduce students to diverse STEM experts from I am a Scientist, in fields from computational biology to information engineering to materials science. Students drew archetypal scientists (often portrayed as wild-haired, seasoned, gentlemen) then shifted their perspectives after reading brief biographies about young, dynamic working STEM researchers and practitioners across the globe. AEC students, including those in Paula Garrett’s Honors Biology course (shown here) then took turns “introducing” these scientists to each other and to their remote learning peers. The experience was a great stage-setter for all students as they begin their school year in the sciences!
Wear Your Uniform… with Pride
School uniforms are an important part of life at Adelson. They signify that students are “dressed for work,” and in many ways, they simplify the daily process by removing wardrobe decision-making from the morning routine. Our uniforms signal pride in being an Adelson student and in representing our school on and off campus. Uniforms are worn daily in both brick and bandwidth settings. Most days, students wear a standard uniform consisting of an AEC polo shirt and khaki bottoms. Each week, we mark special days with spirit wear (Wednesdays) and Kabbalat Shabbat dress uniforms (Fridays). Be sure to review the approved options in the AEC Family Handbook on page 6. We are still offering a grace period on wearing uniforms as some students have just moved to Las Vegas and others have ordered uniforms that have not yet been fulfilled through Campus Club. At a minimum, students should be dressed in some sort of AEC top and appropriate bottoms which are "close to" the requirements. Wearing proper uniforms will be expected each day beginning August 31. Wear your uniform, and show your pride!
Rosh Chodesh is Monday
Rosh Chodesh is the Jewish celebration of the new month, observed on the first day of each lunar month. Rosh Chodesh Elul / ראש חודש אלול celebrates the beginning of the month of Elul -- the sixth month of the Hebrew year, corresponding to August or September on the Gregorian calendar. In Jewish tradition, Elul is meant as a time for repentance, preparing for the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. At Adelson, we will observe Rosh Chodesh Elul on Monday, August 24 -- students and faculty are invited to enjoy a free dress day! Please follow the free dress guidelines by wearing school-appropriate attire, whether you’re a schooler or a Zoomer. 

This Week in Upper School 8/14/2020

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, August 14, 2020 Byline:  Camille McCue PhD

The Upper School has successfully kicked off a most unusual school year! Welcoming both our returning students and our many students new to Adelson, we have seen smiling eyes above the masks, socially-distanced “virtual hugs,” and a community of teachers and learners getting back to work. From a sixth-grade Hebrew course and an On the Stage performing arts class to a Future Business Leaders meeting and a Prep Expert SAT prep session – the Upper School of the Adelson Educational Campus is in full swing!


On the Stage performing arts class


This Week in Upper School 5/21/2020

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Thursday, May 21, 2020 Byline:  Upper School Team
Pride in Excellence and Community:
On Friday, May 15th, the Adelson Campus held our 8th Grade Celebration virtually!  Students and families gathered to honor the accomplishments of the 8th grade students as they transition to high school.  Student Council members Michael Harouni, Ash Abrahamson, and Britohn Blank shared their perspectives on this moment, and how the lessons they’ve learned, and the strength of their education and bonds of friendship will be guides towards a successful future as high school students. Because students could not be together in person, Hebrew and Judaics teachers Mr. Edery, Ms. Fuss, and Ms. Havdala delivered their certificates to the students, and we shared the videos of these special moments.  Kol Hakavod to the 8th Grade students on their successful completion of their middle school years.  May you go from strength to strength in high school! Watch the Zoom Ceremony
The high school swim team has a tradition of showing a video every year during their awards ceremony, and this year, a pandemic was not going to impede the Lions from this tradition.Please see the video below.   Watch the HS Swim video
Please click on the list for information regarding required summer reading for students in grades 6 -12. 

Summer Learning Opportunity - Dual Enrollment at UNLV is being offered this summer term in an online format. Dual Enrollment is a great way for interested students to get a feel for college, experience a new academic challenge, study some unusual subject matter, and gain university credit.  Check out this opportunity for the summer and reach out to David Girard with any questions!

This Week in Upper School 5/15/2020

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, May 15, 2020 Byline:  Upper School Team
Pride in Excellence and Community:
Arts Celebration- This week we celebrated the Arts at Adelson with a virtual concert full of live performances, visual art, photography and video projects.  We also had a special thank you to the seniors for their huge influence on the success of the Arts thriving here on campus.  The content was beautiful and showed a diverse set of talents with student photography accompanied with music from the Digital music class, and live performances accompanying the Visual Art segment, cooking segments, documentaries, and the Jazz band got to share their music by recording individually and then assembling their recordings into videos so you could still have that ensemble sound! The tribute to the seniors also brought out a lot of smiles and of course some tears were shed.  It has been a wild year, and what better way to celebrate and come together in these trying times then sharing Art.  Art inspires, motivates, and it also heals. The Arts remind us of what is important, and we are very lucky to have such talented students and teachers to help keep the Arts thriving and growing here at Adelson. Opening Music: Rone | Opening Muisc: Blank Family | AEC Jazz Band Performs:  Crisis Song - Arabia Song  | Visual Arts |  Photography/Video | Class of 2020 Video | Yaara & Emily Duet
This week in 7th grade Life Science, Donovan Guzman of the Get Outdoors Nevada foundation came to talk to our classes about desert tortoises and the Mojave Max program. We learned about their special adaptations for living in the desert, where they go when it gets too hot or too cold and how we can best protect them.
Students - please back up all of the files on your computer to your Google Drive prior to returning it to school.  When you return your computer to the school it will be reformatted and all data will be completely erased.
Upcoming Events:
Monday, 5/18 - Thursday, 5/22 - Modified Schedule for Exams
Thursday, 5/21 - Material Return 
Friday, 5/22 - Material Return Make-Up

This Week in Upper School 5/8/2020

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, May 8, 2020 Byline:  Upper School Team
Pride in Community
On Monday, a steady stream of cheering students, families, and friends paraded through the gates of AEC to celebrate the Class of 2020 with our Lions’ Pride Car Parade!  We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of congratulations and well wishes to the class by our AEC community! With a DJ on hand and bubbles filling the air, 200+ cars with balloons poured through the gates to celebrate the Seniors. Each senior received a goodie bag filled with treats, a Class of 2020/AEC mask, their cap and gown, a box of donuts, and a beautifully made sign with their college choice proudly highlighted! And if that weren’t great enough, each person who came was treated to a popsicle!  It was a happy day and one that showcased our PRIDE IN COMMUNITY!  GO, LIONS! View Photos
Pride in Jewish Values
We dedicate this Kabbalat Shabbat to “Mothers Day”. Watch the Kabbalat Shabbat Video
Here is what our 9th-grade student, Aviel Parente, said on his “D’var Torah”:  “Now, my question is, ‘Is Mothers’ Day a Jewish concept? Can it be found somewhere, hinted to anywhere in one of our numerous texts?’ The answer is that the concept of the day can be derived from this week’s portion, Emor. Priests and the High Priest are instructed to act with Kedusha, holiness, and Kavod, honor. Because we have no Temple, we are instructed to make for ourselves a Mikdash Me’at, a small sanctuary, with us as the priests. Our mothers all work hard to uphold our lives and teach us how to act with dignity, honor, holiness, both in public and private. Our mothers really do, do it all” Happy Mothers Day and Shabbat Shalom!
Pride in Excellence
The High School Awards Ceremony took place on Tuesday at 5:00 pm, and over 100 families watched the celebration. Six new members were inducted into the National Honor Society, five into the National Honor Society, and ten into Adelson Ambassadors.  Additionally, departmental awards, The President’s Awards, Athletes of the Year, Salutatorian and Valedictorian, as well as the character awards were announced!  These awards recognize our pride in excellence and pride in Jewish values.  We come together as a community to honor our mission and our values in action! Kol HaKavod to all who were recognized and to those who celebrate their achievements with them!  
High School Awards
AP Computer Principles - Daisy Shuper
AP Java - Theo Cooper
Digital Media - Gabriel Hafter
English Know Thy Self - Liahm Blank
Excellence in English - Emily Miller
French - Tabatha Subaly
Hebrew - Excellence Liahm Blank
Judaics - Sarah Blank
Mandarin - Kira Weant
Mathematics - Matahn Blank
Performing Arts Department Award, Technical - Jolie Goldberg
Performing Arts Department Award, Performance - Monica Zhong
Performing Arts Department Award, Music - Alex Davidson
Science, AP Scholar - Micah deLeon
Science, young scientist - Ryan Strimling
Social Studies Excellence - Emily Miller
Social Studies Achievement - Elizabeth Guiterrez
Recognition in Legal Studies - Michael Cohen
Spanish - Tal Hirsh
Tech & Entrepreneur - Harrison Kay
Visual Arts - Jolie Goldberg
Chesed - Tal Hirsh
Citizenship - Liahm Blank
Leadership - Zach Murray
Love for Israel - Lielle B.
Keter Torah - Aviel Parente
Crown of a Good Name - Sarah Blank
Promising Young Scholar - Ari deLeon
Presidential, Excellence - Vanessa Voltz
Presidential, Achievement - Gabriel Hafter
Student Athlete of the Year Tal Hirsh/Elizabeth Gutierrez
Valedictorian/Salutatorian Emily Miller/Yaara Aybar
Middle School Awards
During the Middle School Awards on Thursday, Middle School Faculty presented 20 awards to students in Excellence and Achievement for their accomplishments this school year.  The awards were named in recognition of the excellence, character, and virtue of Israeli men and women who embodied aspects of character we most value and treasure in our own students. Kol HaKavod to the awardees!
Menashe Kadishman Award for Visual Art - Emily Rahim
Hanna Rovina Award for Performing Arts, Drama - Asher Leventhal
Arik Einstein Award for Performing Arts, Music - Britohn Blank
Amoz Oz Award for Excellence in English - Ash Abrahamson
Amoz Oz Award for Achievement in English - Joel deLeon 
Anita Shapira Award for Excellence in Social Studies - Genevieve Bohus
Anita Shapira Award for Achievement in Social Studies - Ethan Saunders
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Award for Excellence in Hebrew - Ash Abrahamson
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Award for Achievement in Hebrew - Elliott Harouni
Aaron Ciechanover Award for Excellence in Science - Genevieve Bohus
Aaron Ciechanover Award for Achievement in Science - Asher Leventhal
Wolf Award for Excellence in Mathematics - Ash Abrahamson
Wolf Award for Achievement in Mathematics - Cru Wilson
Shamma Friedman Award for Excellence in Judaics - Sophia Waisberg
Shamma Friedman Award for Achievement in Judaics - Michael Harouni
Dr. Amit Goffer Award for Technology - Jacob Roiter
Tal Brody Award for Excellence in Physical Education - Genevieve Bohus
Tal Brody Award for Achievement in Physical Education - Michael Harouni
President's Excellence - Ash Abrahamson
President's Achievement - Michael Harouni

This Week in Upper School 5/1/2020

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, May 1, 2020 Byline:  Upper School Team
Pride in Excellence
This week several of our high school science classes (Biomedical Sciences, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology) had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Dennis deLeon; a physician and ethicist in the greater Orlando area (and AEC parent). He discussed some of the issues they have been having at the hospitals he is affiliated with, particularly with personal protective equipment. Personnel have had to learn to wear this equipment effectively, as well as remove and dispose of it. They have had inferior products shipped to them that they could not use and have had to reuse masks because of a national shortage. They have developed standard procedures for putting on and taking off the equipment, as well UV sterilization methods. Being able to talk to Dr. deLeon was a unique and insightful opportunity for our students in these chaotic times.
The Adelson Science National Honor Society students received a letter from Centennial Hills Hospital, thanking them for their letter they sent to the hospital. Earlier this month, the students sent letters to hospitals around the valley, thanking them for their hard work and dedication to keeping our city safe and to treating our community during this time of COVID-19. View the letter from Centennial Hills Hospital

Pride in Community and Jewish Values
The Senior Swim Board tradition was started back in 2014 as a way for graduating members of the AEC Swim Team to leave a literal mark on the pool to match the figurative mark they leave on the swim program with their years of hard work, investment, and pride.  Some swimmers chose to paint their accomplishments like “first state qualifier” or a list of records they held.  Others shared an inside joke that teammates who swam with them will understand.  The board is displayed outside Coach Lamph’s office as a fun reminder of those who helped build and shape the AEC swim program. 
Today as planned, we held our Senior Siyyum virtually (not planned).  A siyyum is a special celebration to mark the end of a unit of study of Torah. It is a special occasion, and so we do the same to mark the end of the seniors’ time of study.  This special celebration allows us to honor the seniors in personal ways, recognize members of the Twelve Year Club,  and also acknowledge all the Very Important People who have supported the seniors all along the way.  Hindy Cole, ‘21, performed “The Climb” and the seniors on Student Council spoke.  The ceremony concluded with a senior class video created by Michelle Poura and Rosie Polonsky.  We look forward to keeping the celebration going at the Lions’ Car Parade on Monday at 2:30!  Hope to see you there!
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