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This Week in Upper School 3/18-3/22, 2019

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, March 22, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team
Our High School students were very fortunate to have Leenoy S., one of our Adelson Alumna who is graduating from the UNLV School of Nursing program, come and present her capstone project to our students.  She and her team provided valuable information on mental health and wellness. This was a great opportunity for our current high school students to not only receive important information about mental health and wellness, but to also see first hand what an AEC graduate is accomplishing out in the Las Vegas community and the amazing experiences she is getting to be part of since being an Adelson Lion.
AEC 5th, 6th and 7th grade students learned about next year’s exciting electives offerings this week.  Students received a course description of each elective, heard from the teachers of those electives and received an elective selection sheet.  Please review the elective offerings with your student and have them return the signed elective selection sheet to Ms. Kaufman in the Upper School office.
Congratulations to AEC Middle School student Chris Bao. He earned 4th place in the 2019 MATHCOUNTS Nevada state competition.  Chris will advance to the national competition in May in Orlando, Florida. Way to go Chris!
On Tuesday, Project Chessed’s 10th grade students helped make hamantaschen with the 18 month classes in Lower School.  This activity is the continuation of the many intergenerational activities between the Upper School and Lower School.
Thursday, the Upper School celebrated Purim!  The talented AEC band led the costume parade and escorted us to the theater where we all came together for the Megillah Chanting and the Purim Spiel.  The high school students continued their day engaging in community service such as park clean up, working with the Make A Wish Foundation, and making blankets for Project Linus.  High School students were treated to lunch time performances and then were able to participate in workshops conducted by talented community members on drawing caricatures, cooking, creating comical characters, and designing masks. AEC Middle School students and 5th graders participated in Purim challenges of Guess Who and Purim tableaus and finished their day with the carnival activities outside.  Thank you to all our faculty, parent volunteers, and community members who helped make this Purim an amazing success.
View the 2019 AEC Purim Photo Gallery
As the end of the school year approaches, the Upper School has many exciting events happening.  Please see the Save the Dates below and come and support our AEC students.


Thursday, March 28th- 9th and 10th Grade Lock-In from 7:30 pm - Friday 9:25 am
Sunday, April 7th- Junior-Senior Prom
Tuesday, April 9th - 5th and 6th Grade Seder 11:30 - 12:30 pm
Thursday, April 11th - Upper School Spring Celebration, 2:00-4:00 pm
Monday, April 15th-Friday, April 26th - Spring Break
Tuesday, April 30th - ERB/CTP testing (7th and 8th grades)
Wednesday, May 1st- ERB/CTP testing (7th and 8th grades)
Thursday, May 2nd- ERB/CTP testing (7th and 8th grades)
Thursday, May 2nd-Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)
Friday, May 3rd - Senior Siyyum & Lions Pride Walk at 8:00 am in the Theater
Friday, May 3rd - High School Awards Ceremony at 9:00 am in the Theater
Monday, May 6th -17th - High School AP testing
Monday, May 6th -  ERB/CTP testing (6th grade)
Tuesday, May 7th-  ERB/CTP testing (6th grade)
Wednesday, May 8th-Yom HaZikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day)
Wednesday, May 8th - ERB/CTP testing (6th grade)
Wednesday, May 8th-Seniors last day of regular classes
Thursday, May 9th-May 17th- Senior exams
Thursday, May 9th - Middle School Awards at 8:00 am in the Theater
Thursday, May 9th-Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day)
Tuesday, May 14th - Middle School Sports Awards during Pride Period (1:10-1:40)
Friday, May 17th - 8th-grade Celebration 9:30 am in the Theater
Monday - Thursday, May 20th - 23rd - Exams for grades 6-11
Tuesday, May 21st - Seniors leave for Grad Night Field Trip
Wednesday, May 22nd- Graduation rehearsal 3:00 pm
Thursday, May 23rd- Class of 2019 Graduation at 5:30 pm  

This Week in Upper School 3/11-3/15, 2019

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, March 15, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team
Pi Day- On Thursday, March 14th (3.14), AEC high school math students of Ms. Bachman, Mr. Meadows, Mr. Swiecionis, and Mr. Hemsworth created educational and engaging math games to celebrate the number pi with the lower and middle school students.  The festivities were held in the lower school gym with about 20 different stations. Lower and middle school students participated in games like Pi Twister, Ordering Digits of Pi, Mathcraft, and Pie the Mannequin to name a few. The students continued the celebrations during lunch with Pizza pie and Apple pie.
PBL (Project Based Learning) Presentation:  This past weekend, Ms. Toomey presented at the Texas Instruments International conference in Baltimore on using the TI-Nspire graphing calculator to enhance project-based learning in the classroom. She focused on how students use linear programming concepts to optimize a real-life problem.  Ms. Toomey worked on this project with AEC middle school math teacher, Mr. Hennemann.
On Friday morning, AEC middle school improv students hosted middle school students from New Horizons Center for Learning for a joint improv workshop taught by Ms. Nails.  Our improv students meet as a weekly club to hone their improv skills and were excited to host other students in the community and share their talents.
In US History Honors, students stepped into the role of teacher and created and taught lessons that delved deeply into Progressive Era subjects.  Students used previous knowledge as well as efficient research that incorporated the essential components of a professional lesson. The finished products highlighted how actions of 100 years ago still have direct consequences today.
Project Beyond- Middle school students from the Project Beyond class competed last weekend in the Destination Imagination competition in Laguna Beach, California. The students have been working for six months on a competition challenge called “Game On”. The students created their own script, made their own costumes and built a background based on the challenge requirements. The students won second place in their category and age group. They were also the highest scoring middle school team on the instant challenge component of the competition.

Middle School Project Beyond

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, March 15, 2019 Byline:  Paula Garrett

Middle school students from the Project Beyond class competed last weekend in the Destination Imagination competition in Laguna Beach, California. The students have been working for six months on a competition challenge called “Game On”. The students created their own script, made their own costumes and built a background based on the challenge requirements. The students won second place in their category and age group. They were also the highest scoring middle school team on the instant challenge component of the competition.



2019 National Medalist Liahm Blank

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Thursday, March 14, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team

Congratulations to Liahm Blank on becoming a 2019 National Medalist in the Scholastic Art and Writing Contest. Liahm received a Silver Medal for his poem “Trapped Free”. This is a huge honor, and we are all so proud of his accomplishment. 
Trapped Free
I am trapped. 
Don’t ever try to tell me that 
I have options. 
Thank you for showing me that
I have no way out. 
It is foolish to think that
I can escape this madness. 
My mental chains hold me hostage.
Nobody will ever look at me again and say that
I can fly away.
I can’t do this anymore because
I know I will never be free. 
In my mouth, you will never hear the words
I will find a way out.
Every day I think to myself
I deserve everything that’s happening to me
And that
I can’t find happiness. 
Nobody in my life actually believes that
I will find the key to escape.  
I know it will take time, but
I will crumble, there will be nothing left of me. 
I can’t believe that I used to look at myself in the mirror and think that
I can save myself. 
My life would be so much easier if I could just toss a coin in a fountain and say
I will be unshackled
I will repeat it to myself one hundred times: 
There is no escape. 
Only when this poem is reversed
I will be free
(Read from bottom to top)

This week in Upper School 3/4-3/8, 2019

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, March 8, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team

Today, Miriam Peretz inspired AEC High School students with her story of darkness and light. Miriam lost two sons while they were serving in the IDF, fighting terrorists. She left her life-long job as a school educator and set out to teach IDF soldiers, bereaved families, parents of incoming IDF soldiers, and Jews around the world about the importance of the mission her sons gave their lives to defend. “My children fell so other children can live in peace, so we Jews can give a huge light to the world,” Peretz shared last night at the AEC gala.  “They viewed military service as a mitzvah and a privilege, not an obligation. From the complete and pure faith in three principles that were their guiding light: the Torah of Israel, the people of Israel, and the land of Israel, their faith in our right to live a life of freedom in our land.”
This week was Nevada Reading Week  This year’s Reading Week theme was:  Find your Superpower: Read! On Monday, “Jewish Superheroes” day, we welcomed three panelists, a cantor, a poet, and a rabbi, who engaged our Middle and Upper School students and spoke about the ways in which their Jewish upbringing and ideals have influenced their careers and life choices. Guest author and Executive Director of the organization Poetry Promise, which brings workshops and poetry into schools, Poet Laureate Vogue Robinson, performed her original poems to the Middle and Upper School students who were captivated by her written word as well as her lively readings.  Throughout the week, our upper school students have also been able to read to our lower school students which is an activity enjoyed by our youngest and oldest students alike. We send our heartfelt thanks to our Librarian, Ms. Nails for creating such wonderful opportunities for our students during reading week. It has truly been an exhilarating week, and we have all emerged as Reading Superheroes.
The Shinshiniot, Lilach and Noam, presented lessons and activities connected to Purim to students in grades 6 and 8 this week.  The sixth graders identified jokes that they could act out in creative, and zany ways on film. They became instant movie makers to interpret their jokes into short films that will be shared with the middle school students on Purim.  The eighth graders participated in a “Shark Tank” style competition where they had to develop an original concept for a Purim activity they came up with a campus wide hide-and-seek game, an instant costume contest, and a fast-paced topsy-turvy reading competition.  Mr. Koch will be working with the winning group to bring their concept to a reality during the Purim celebration on Thursday, March 31. Stay tuned!
During a middle school seminar, students spent the morning learning about the process Michelangelo went through to paint the Sistine Chapel. There were many physical constraints Michelangelo had to overcome and time constraints placed on him by Pope Julius II. Michelangelo was able to complete the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in only four years! AEC students painted various details from works of art that emerged during the Italian Renaissance. It only took them and hour and twenty-five minutes! Middle school students worked diligently together in teams and learned that painting a ceiling is not easy work!


This week in Upper School 2/25-3/1, 2019

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, March 1, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team

We organized professional development day much like an educational conference where teachers have choice about how to focus their learning opportunities. Throughout the day, teachers were able to select sessions led by our own faculty on a variety of teaching strategies and methodologies. Brian Hemsworth led a session on formative assessment to enable teachers to plan instructional moves based on student feedback.  Michelle Rumschlag offered a session on successful classroom procedures to increase student achievement. The Humanities Team shared with teachers how a “TED Talk” final assessment led to deeper connections among content and strengthened critical thinking in 9th graders. Finally, Kathryn Shetty showed teachers how to create a Breakout Box to engage students in learning content and problem solving together. Each teacher shared their expertise and modeled best practice by putting teachers in the roles of students. Foreign language teachers were treated to a session on learning centers, and Hebrew and Judaics teachers worked together to strengthen Jewish connections in the school.  

Teachers who participated in the three-day PBL workshop in August, deepened their expertise by participating in small group meetings with Heather Wolpert Gawron, National Faculty Member with the Buck Institute of Education, to strengthen their ability to scaffold learning for students and provide frequent and ongoing assessment at each stage of a project.  They also had a dedicated hour of work time after the small group session to maximize knowledge gained in those sessions. Our partnership with the Buck Institute for Education, now PBL Works, allows teachers to receive continued support in developing Gold Standard Projects, in turn, to deepen student learning, engage students in authentic learning, and to increase student achievement.  

All in all, teachers engaged in meaningful life-long learning that truly embraced our motto: Education for Life.

Mensch of the Month Awards:
Lielle Boldur: She is the type of person that both student and teacher alike wish to be in their class. She is kind, attentive and thinks about a situation or person carefully instead of rushing to judgement. This makes for a conscientious student and a kindhearted classmate.
Eden Boldur: (pictured above) She brings in treats and goodies for her friends to make their day, and she always has a cheerful disposition.
Emily Rahim: A joy to have around, a kind girl, focused and pleasant. A friend to all in her own, quiet, smart way.
Max Berg: He is able to self -reflect and work with others to positively resolve differences.
A group of Middle School students just completed a 2-week ‘Stock Market Game’ as a part of their course in order to learn about percent change. On February 11, students were given a fictitious $10,000 and instructed to purchase up to 4 stocks — as many shares as they’d like. One student, Jacob Roiter, thinking beyond his years, immediately looked for stocks near their 52-week low and invested heavily. In 2 weeks his portfolio increased over 20%!
On Tuesday night our college counselor, Mr. Girard, presented a timeline of upcoming events and deadlines to parents of juniors. During the presentation, Mr. Girard discussed the college and scholarship search and application process, and he distributed a resume template as well as the 2019 – 2020 Common Application essay prompts. Students should  work on the resume and essay during the upcoming weeks in preparation for the application workshops on August 7th and 8th. Materials distributed to parents Tuesday evening were also provided to juniors Wednesday. If you are a parent of a junior,  please schedule an individual appointment as soon as possible to discuss your student’s or students’ goals and aspirations. Mr. Girard may be contacted at:



The MOMO Challenge

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, March 1, 2019 Byline:  Maria Paxinos
Making national headlines this week is the “momo challenge.”  This “challenge” is the latest viral concern for parents and schools as it is appearing on many popular sites that children frequent. It is described as a suicide and/or self harm challenge that includes a disturbing image of a doll as well as messaging that encourages children to attempt dangerous acts.  
It is important to us at AEC to keep our students safe not only while they are on campus, but off campus as well.  Above you will find a helpful resource for parents: National Online Safety that created a “What Parents Need to Know About Momo.”  Here is a link is “The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Kids Safe Online” from
As always, we are here to partner with you as you help your child navigate some of these difficult situations.  If you should have questions or concerns about your child, please reach out to our school counselors, Maria Paxinos, Jessica Pagel and Kendra Bott.

This Week in Upper School 2/11-2/14, 2019

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Thursday, February 14, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team
Team Sunday:  Elisabeth Kac, Sarah Blank, Samantha Hamburg, Zach Murray, Jonah Tecktiel, Itai Blank, Liahm Blank, Micah DeLeon, Owen Retzer  
Mock Trial Competition:
Please congratulate both Mock Trial Teams for their hard work at the Regional Competition held on February 9th at the Regional Justice Center.  Both teams had members who received Best Witness and Best Attorney awards by their peers from other Schools. Team Sunday came in 5th place, narrowly missing going to State.  The top 4 teams go on to the State competition. They were tied in number of rounds won, number of ballots won with the 4th place team. The tie breaker came down to just a few points.  What a phenomenal job for a team comprised of mostly students who had never done Mock Trial before! The teams were coached by Ms. Sarada Toomey, Ms. Marcie Sherman, Mr. Ben Nemec, and Mr. Michael Coggeshall.
Team Sunday:  Elisabeth Kac, Sarah Blank, Samantha Hamburg, Zach Murray, Jonah Tecktiel, Itai Blank, Liahm Blank, Micah DeLeon, Owen Retzer  
Team Pride Period: Ore Inbar, Jayda Gilmore, Mordeccai Shirit, Eli Rahim, Eden Simhayoff, Michelle Poura, Rosie Polonsky
Spelling Bee:
After taking first place in their respective grade-level competitions at Adelson Educational Campus Championships, Jacob Coneh, Ethan Saunders, and Jack Kim went on the city-wide spelling bee for independent and charter schools. While Jacob Coneh and Ethan made it through two rounds of competition, Jack Kim--our overall Adelson champ--made it through four rounds! Kudos to these students for putting themselves up against outstanding competition from area independent and charter schools!


This Week in Upper School 2/4-2/8, 2019

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, February 8, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team
Principal’s List and Assistant Principals’ List
Students on the Principal’s List (received all A’s on the first semester report card) Assistant Principals’ List (received A’s and B’s on the first semester report card) were honored during Town Hall this week and presented a certificate.  To view all the Principal List Award winners, click here.
Middle School Seminars
Hungarian House Band, Hungary 101, Hungarian Short Film and Folk Dancing.  What a fantastic way for our middle school students to learn and celebrate Hungarian Jewish culture with our visiting teachers from the Lauder Javne Jewish Community School in Budapest, Hungary.  Thank you to the Lauder Javne Jewish Community School and SOS International for an enriching week. View photos
11th and 12th grade Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger
On Tuesday during Pride Period, Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger, physician, author of A German Life, spoke to the juniors and seniors about his intriguing and complex journey from being the son of a Nazi soldier and to his conversion to Judaism, service in the IDF, and life in Israel.  After his presentation, several students stayed after to speak to him and remarked that he is one of the best speakers they have heard. Thank you, Noa Jensch for making this possible for us.  
Clean The World Service Event
On Friday, some of our 7th grade students, along with 7th grade students from the Alexander Dawson School participated in a tikun olam project for Clean the World organization to sort and box hygienic products for distribution. Clean the World is a unique organization that helps provide hygiene products and sustainable resources to vulnerable communities working to prevent millions of deaths caused by hygiene-related illnesses.  
Eye Dissection
This week our Biology and Anatomy & Physiology classes conducted an eye dissection with Dr. Adam Schwartz, an optometrist and lower school parent. Students learned about the parts of the eye and their function as well as the types of problems that can occur in the eye and how they are repaired.  Thank you Dr. Schwartz for sharing your knowledge with AEC students. They are still talking about eyes! View photos
Modern Israel Project
Juniors and Seniors just completed a project of learning about modern Israel through the subject of water.
Each one chose a subject that is close to their heart (from conservation, irrigation, innovation, politics, music, art, to sports, architecture marine life etc.)
One of the goals of the project was that they needed to create a product with a question that will elicit thoughts and be used by the Middle School students during Yom Ha’Atzmaut.

Upper School Principal Awards

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Thursday, February 7, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team
Students on the Principal’s List (received all A’s on the first semester report card) Assistant Principals’ List (received A’s and B’s on the first semester report card) were honored during Town Hall this week and presented a certificate.

Middle School Awards

High School Awards


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