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Upper School News

This Week in Upper School 8/19-8/23 2019

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, August 23, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team
Pride in Community:
Each Monday through Thursday, Middle School Students are filled with Pride as they choose how they will spend 30 minutes of their day.  We are thrilled that nine clubs have already launched during this time with more to come later this year when students write charters for their own student-led clubs.  Middle school students all choose one club, but because they happen on different days, students are able to choose more than one. Here’s a snapshot from each club this week:
Ukulele Choir: Under the Guidance of Mr. Philippus and Ms. Kearns, students learned how to tune their ukulele to the C Key.  In future weeks, they’ll be learning songs for performances around our school community. Perhaps you’ll see them at a Kabbalat Shabbat this fall!
Spanish:  Students practiced their language skills using the DuoLingo app and enjoyed trying out some of their new phrases and greetings with one another.
Competitive Math: Students examined challenging word problems in the form of riddles to test their critical and analytical math skills.  Mr. Meadows is preparing AEC students to compete in the American Mathematical Association’s AMC 8 later this school year.
Improv Club: Mr. Dachslager’s room has been ringing with laughter as the club members perform with neither script nor rehearsal. Each week, students create and portray original characters who star in classic improv games like “Bus Stop” and “Start to Finish.”
Creative Writing: This week, students read over the short pieces that they’d written last week, picked specific key words from that short piece, and then used those words for inspiration to write something completely new. In the coming weeks, participants will build upon their writing from the previous week, ideally changing, revising and experimenting along the way. Over the course of the club, students will explore various genres including personal narrative, fantasy, humor, and realistic fiction. Interested participants will have the opportunity to submit to writing contests at the end of the quarter.
Kabbalat Shabbat Planning:  With the support of Mr. Edery, students began planning Kabbalat Shabbat for the upcoming weeks.  One unique lesson they began working with involves guessing the name of the teacher based upon a photo of them from a young age.  This activity will be integrated with the learning for that week.
Band: Students practiced music for performance at Kabbalat Shabbat in the upcoming weeks.
Dance Club: This week the students began choreographing a contemporary dance to the song “Already Gone.”  Looking ahead, the students will explore various forms of dance as they prepare for performance opportunities.
Geography: Students learned about National Geographic’s Geography Bee that our school will be participating in.  By attending the club each week with Ms. McKannon, AEC students will be prepared to represent at this regional competition!
AEC’s Lower School Cooking Enrichment learned about catering and the process of preparing, assembling and properly labeling catered food orders.  AEC high school students who were on the Utah Shakespeare Festival field trip this week were the lucky recipients of the cooking enrichment students’ work.  Along with the cooking enrichment class, the kitchen prepared an eggplant dish on Thursday using the eggplant from the lower school garden! 
Pride in Excellence:
This week grades 9-12 took an exciting overnight field trip to the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah. The 11th and 12th grades saw Hamlet, which will be included in their year’s curriculum as a classic look at the existential nature of the protagonist and the repercussions of action vs. inaction. The 10th grade attended Macbeth as an introduction to tragedy and the plight and perspective of the anti-hero. The 9th grade saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and used the musical alongside the biblical text and the history of Ancient Egypt to compare and contrast stories, as well as to analyze the character of Joseph within the Hero’s Journey. The field trip provided a venue for both educational enrichment and bonding among the students and faculty. What a thrilling way to kick-off the new school year!
Pride in Jewish values:
Kabbalat Shabbat: Our Shabbat student leaders and Mr. Edery’s 8th grade Jewish Studies class prepared a wonderful Shabbat for their peers. Guided by Mr. Edery they have planned and executed different activities to enjoy as a community as we welcome Shabbat. After gathering for the blessings the students participated in different workshops and activities in the spirit of Oneg Shabbat. They could choose from yoga, board games, ping pong, obstacle course, team building activities and more. 
Oneg Shabbat (Hebrew: “Joy of Shabbat”) is an informal Shabbat (or Friday evening) gathering in a synagogue or private home to express outwardly the happiness inherent in the Shabbat. The prophet Isaiah (58:13-14) expresses the importance of shabbat by calling it “delight” - oneg “If you proclaim the Shabbat a delight (oneg) then you will delight in God and I will mount you astride the heights of the world” Now more social than religious, the students have a chance to bound and entertain themselves with music, drama, community discussions, lectures, or the singing of religious melodies—all in Usually, refreshments are provided to complement the congenial atmosphere and perpetuate in spirit the Talmud’s recommendation to eat three full meals that day. 
Ninth graders in Project Chessed (Acts of Loving Kindness) wrote personalized notes to all students in grades 6-12 welcoming them back to school with a sweet treat.  This class provides a space for students to learn about the importance of philanthropy and focus on putting our values of R.U.A.C.H. into practice for the benefit of our community. 

Save the Date:

8/27 - Upper School Back to School Night, 5:30-7:00 pm
9/2 -   Labor Day, No School
9/13 - Picture Day
9/15 - Splash and Dash
9/18-20th - High School College and Majors in Action California Trip
9/ 18-20th - 7th/8th Grade Zion Trip
9/22 - AEC Family Day
9/30 - Rosh Hashanah, No School 
10/1 -  Rosh Hashanah, No School
10/8-9 - Yom Kippur, No School
10/14-15 - Sukkot, No School
10/21-22 - Sh’mini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, No School
10/28 -  Nevada Day, No School

AEC Rises to New Academic Heights

News Type:  Alumni News Lower School News Upper School News Startup Incubator News Date:  Friday, August 23, 2019 Byline:  Matt Boland
This week, twenty-one students from the Adelson Educational Campus were honored by the College Board with special recognition for outstanding performance on the 2019 Advanced Placement exams. The AP Scholar Awards recognize high school students who have demonstrated exemplary college-level achievement on AP Exams. The recognized students are:
“The twenty-one students listed represent 38% of the Classes of 2019 and 2020. Their achievement is reflective of these students’ ambition and intellect and speaks directly to the quality of education provided by Adelson Campus faculty and to the tremendous advantage of small class sizes,” states Adelson Educational Campus college counselor, David Girard.
This year Adelson Education Campus welcomes its eleventh freshmen class during a period of dynamic growth and record academic achievement. The Class of 2019 raised the standard for national testing, academic recognitions/honors, and merit scholarships. With a class average of 1330 on the SAT, the twenty-nine members of the graduating class earned more than 3 million dollars in merit scholarship awards from their respective colleges and universities last spring.
“The Class of 2020 is already showing a stronger average on the PSAT than we have seen from prior classes, and with eight AP Scholars already recognized by the College Board, we look forward to another strong academic year as the Class of 2020 challenges its predecessors’ record of success,” anticipates David Girard.
With college acceptances to Harvard, Stanford, Duke and other prestigious universities, Adelson Educational Campus continues to provide its students with every advantage to succeed. AEC’s recent investment in innovation and technology, featuring a 5,000 sqft state-of-the-art technology lab called the Startup Incubator, propelled the school’s national profile as best-in-class for its innovative, integrated curriculum. Another investment for AEC students is the school’s partnership with the nationally acclaimed PSAT/SAT prep company, PrepExpert.  PrepExpert boasts an average 200 point increase on standardized tests for college admission -- an increase which can be the edge our students need for admission to elite universities. We are confident our partnership with PrepExpert will further solidify the esteemed collegiate opportunities our graduates have earned in recent years.
The Adelson Educational Campus is an academically invigorating Preschool through Grade 12 independent private school based on Jewish values and identity.  The close-knit community, inspired by expert teachers and administrators and fueled by a forward-looking curriculum, shapes independent thinkers and morally-minded citizens. Through the School’s abiding belief in the combined power of intellect, empathy, and Judaism, students see themselves in personal as well as community contexts—fostering genuine creativity, purposeful action, and enduring friendships. The Adelson Educational Campus is a drug-free facility, providing random drug testing for all high school students and faculty members. AEC students graduate as concerned, perceptive, engaged thinkers, fully prepared for post-secondary study at top universities. Equally important, AEC students espouse the intellectual and personal fortitude to embrace—and enhance—a world of accelerated change.

Great Start to School Year!

News Type:  Alumni News Lower School News Upper School News Startup Incubator News Date:  Friday, August 16, 2019 Byline:  Matt Boland
Students who attend the Adelson Educational Campus experience many advantages, including superb facilities, dedication to advanced academic programming, a safe and drug free campus, small classroom sizes inspiring individualized attention, and direct access to highly qualified teachers. At AEC, students receive more effective instruction, but more importantly, educators get to really know their students. Our teachers understand what our students need to thrive academically, socially, and reach their full potential. We call this the Adelson Advantage. We pride ourselves on what makes our school unique and exceptional. Throughout the school year we will showcase these advantages with stories of our students, faculty, and academic programming. These advantages instill a feeling of PRIDE. The pride we have for our school and for our community.
As we enter the 2019-2020 school year, we have many new and exciting things to celebrate. For starters, our new Head of School, Dr. David Portnoy, has arrived and is already making connections with the AEC community. You can find him outside the dome entrance every school day from 7:20am-8:00am, waving and greeting students and families. In case you missed Dr. Portnoy’s announcement as Head of School, read it here.  
Lilach Bluevise, who was announced as the principal for both Lower and Upper School, has already begun inspiring the faculty and students to go above and beyond this school year. The feeling of school pride and positive momentum going into the new school year, is a direct result of Ms. Bluevise’s leadership and enthusiasm. Read Ms. Bluevise’s announcement as the new all-school principal.
During the summer, the school hallways and classrooms were full of activity as Summer Camp at AEC was once again a huge success! Our summer camp provides an excellent experience for AEC students, creating fun memories and bonding experiences with classmates and faculty. Notice the two group photos (right) showcasing how much our camp has grown over the past two summers. 
Todd Peters, AEC’s chief of security and safety, has been busy over the summer adding additional security features, hiring new security staff, and continues to improve security protocols. During the summer break, AEC Security added 27 new cameras to the perimeter wall of the campus property.  The cameras provide added coverage of the exterior wall; inside and outside the property. Camera analytics will instantly alert Security to anyone trying to scale the wall or anyone attempting to enter campus property. Please help us in welcoming Charles Payne to the AEC Security Team.  Charles comes to AEC from Schecter School and has 10 years experience working security at Temple Beth Shalom. The security and safety of our students, faculty, and families is paramount. AEC security will continue to make any and all necessary improvements to keep us all safe.

This Week in Upper School 8/12-8/16 2019

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, August 16, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team
What a great first week of school!  From our opening ceremony led by Rebecca Winger, Student Council President, and Zach Murray, Student Council Vice President to learning and observing the Perseid Meteor Shower, creating 3D brain replicas, solving Break Out Box mysteries, putting math skills into action in a class economy activity and our first Kabbalat Shabbat of the year, we are off to a great start!  
Senior Tie Ceremony
Seven members of the Class of 2019 surprised the Class of 2020 at town hall on Thursday.  Students walked into town hall to find Ari the Lion (Ben Khavkin) playing piano on stage while they found their seats.  Ore Inbar, Eli Rahim, Bailey Kermani, Liel Simhayoff, Maya Tomasik, Nuriel Sussman, and Mordechai Shirit jumped from backstage to pass out the coveted senior ties to each senior!  There were lots of hugs and smiles, and many seniors wore their new tie the rest of the day. Shout out to AEC alumna and the Class of 2019 Valedictorian, Dana Bluevise for organizing this memorable event for our seniors. View Photos from Senior Tie Ceremony
Sophomores and juniors began SAT prep classes provided through Prep Expert on Tuesday.  These classes will run through October when students take the PSAT.  
Breakout Box
As part of a team building exercise and to introduce new students to this fun activity, our history classes partook in a breakout box.  Usually the topic/storyline is directly tied to class content, but for the beginning of the year we participated in a virus epidemic themed breakout box. The students enjoyed creating leadership roles and the collaboration required to ‘break out.’
The High School is looking forward to their  trip to the Utah Shakespeare Festival next week where the 9th graders will see Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat; 10th graders will see Macbeth; and 11th and 12th graders will see Hamlet.  The plays are part of English curricula of each grade allowing students a chance to see these words acted for an audience as they were intended to be!

Save the Date:

August 20 and 21: High School Shakespeare Festival Trip
August 27: Upper School Back to School Night (5:30 - 7:00pm)
September 2nd: Labor Day, No School
September 13: Picture Day
September 15: Splash and Dash
September 18-20: High School College Major in Action California Trip
September 18-20: 7th/8th Grade Zion Trip
September 22: AEC Family Day
September 30: Rosh Hashanah, No School

This Week in Upper School 5/13-5/17 2019

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, May 17, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team
8th Grade Celebration
This morning, the Adelson Campus community celebrated the accomplishments of our 8th grade students.  Students and families joined us for a reception with cake, a photo booths, and many smiles before we gathered in the theater to congratulate our dynamic 8th grade students as they prepare to enter high school.
Stock Market Game Nevada
The Stock Market Game is a 7 month, nationwide competition where students are given a fictitious $100,000 and are able to invest in the Stock Market in real time.  Students learn about stocks, bonds, markets, and are able to develop their own trading strategy. High School student Brent W. finished second in the high-school division of the state with a final portfolio value of just over $101,200. What was Brent’s strategy?  Brent states that he “invested in Walmart, Take-Two Interactive, Best Buy, and invested in a few commodities like gold.  I got lucky in that I was not too heavily invested in December when the stock market tanked. I played the game conservatively and was able to do well based on the market’s performance these last few months.”  Mazel Tov to Brent and his math instructor Mr. Hemsworth for placing second in the State of Nevada.
Middle School Sports Awards
The AEC Athletic Department was proud to honor middle school athletes who played spring sports.  AEC had a strong showing in cross country, volleyball, swimming, basketball, soccer and tennis. The coaches shared accomplishments, growth and the wonderful sportsmanship that we value at AEC.  A very special thank you to the dedicated coaches who inspired these students to play their best. Watch the full award ceremony video.
AP Exams
AEC high school students completed AP exams this week and our seniors have finished their semester exams in preparation for graduation next week. The 6th-12th grade students start semester exams Monday, May 20, 2019, at 8:00am.  Students will finish exams each day at 12:30 pm.
From the Upper School Leadership Team:
As we head into exam week, we reflect on the achievements of our students this year.  Together, we have grown a great deal from engaging, independently and collaboratively, in challenging content and learning experiences in and out of the classroom.  We have also participated in the life of our school through dances, tikkun olam, arts, and sports. Important to us are our Jewish values and traditions. We are grateful to work and learn in a place where we observe and honor our traditions and celebrate Shabbat as a community.  
We wish you a safe, happy, and restful summer!  Know that we will be working and planning for a wonderful 2019-2020 school year.  

Save the Date:

Monday - Thursday, May 20th - 23rd - Exams for grades 6-11
Monday, May 20th- High School Sports Awards, 5:30 p.m. in the Beit Midrash
Tuesday, May 21st - Seniors leave for Grad Night Field Trip
Wednesday, May 22nd- Graduation rehearsal 3:00 pm
Thursday, May 23rd- Class of 2019 Graduation at 5:30 pm  

This Week in Upper School 5/6-5/10, 2019

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, May 10, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team
Project Chessed collaboration with our sister school in Hungary:
This week, two packages from students at our sister school in Budapest, Hungary, Lauder Javne, arrived filled with the Hungarian students’ favorite Kosher Hungarian snacks. WATCH VIDEO.  In November, a group of Adelson Campus high school students and teachers will travel to meet these students and their teachers in person as a part of a multi-year partnership, Morim Limmud program, through the SOS International organization.  Information will soon be shared with students and families about how to apply to be a part of this exciting exchange program.
Middle School Mench of the Month:
Genevieve Bohus in 6th grade was nominated for being kind to others, responsible and dedicated to her academic studies.
Yom Ha’Zikaron
Yom Ha’Zikaron is the national day of remembrance observed in Israel, honoring Israeli military personnel who lost their lives in the struggle that led to the establishment of the State of Israel, and for those who have subsequently been killed while on active duty in the Israeli armed forces or victims of terror. To honor this day, the upper school community gathered together to participate in a beautiful ceremony memorializing the fallen soldiers and the sacrifices they made defending Israel.  The community stood quietly during the one minute siren and students and teachers took part in the ceremony laying wreaths and reading letters from soldiers.
Yom Ha'atzmaut
As solemn a day as Yom Ha’Zikaron was, Yom Ha’atzmaut was as joyous of a celebration.  The festivities kicked off with a flag ceremony in the theater followed by an Israeli outdoor lunch.  Upper school students participated in many Israeli sports. Students played catchball with members of the JCC women’s catchball team. They learned Israeli army exercises as well as engaging in a number of Israeli board games.  It was a wonderful way for the AEC community to celebrate Israel. VIEW PHOTOS
New Shinshinim! 
AEC shinishinim from the past sent AEC student a Happy Birthday to Israel and we then were introduced to the 2019-2020 Shinshinim. WATCH VIDEO
Middle School Awards Ceremony
This week we had the opportunity to honor a number of our Middle School students’ accomplishments.  View all winners | View Photos
Happy Mother’s Day
“The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation” - James E. Faust
The Upper School team wishes all of the mothers in our community a very happy Mother’s Day!  
Upper School Semester Exam Schedule

Save the Date:

Tuesday, May 14th - Middle School Sports Awards during Pride Period (1:10-1:40)
Friday, May 17th - 8th-grade Celebration 9:30 am Reception; 10:30 am Ceremony
Monday - Thursday, May 20th - 23rd - Exams for grades 6-11
Monday - Thursday, May 20th - 23rd - Early dismissal at 12:30pm
Monday, May 20th- High School Sports Awards, 5:30 p.m. in the Beit Midrash
Tuesday, May 21st - Seniors leave for Grad Night Field Trip
Wednesday, May 22nd- Graduation rehearsal 3:00 pm
Thursday, May 23rd- Class of 2019 Graduation at 5:30 pm  

2019 Middle School Academic Awards

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, May 10, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team
This week Upper School leadership had the opportunity to honor a number of our Middle School students’ accomplishments.  Each academic department honored one student for academic excellence and one student for academic achievement. Academic excellence awards honor the student based on their high grade point average. Academic achievement awards honor student merit for showing outstanding educational growth, improvement, and commitment or intellectual development in their academic subject. VIEW PHOTOS
The 2019 Middle School Awards winners were:
Menashe Kadishman Award for Visual Art:     Jadyn Garshofsky
Hanna Rovina Award for Performing Arts, Drama:     Molly Finkel
Arik Einstein Award for Performing Arts, Music:   Britohn Blank
Amoz Oz Award for Excellence in English:   Ash Abrahamson
Amoz Oz Award for Achievement in English:  Ariela deLeon
Anita Shapira Award for Excellence in Social Studies:  Ariela deLeon
Anita Shapira Award for Achievement in Social Studies:   Ori Gold
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Award for Excellence in Hebrew:  Ariela deLeon
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Award for Achievement in Hebrew:  Harris Lin
Aaron Ciechanover Award for Excellence in Science:   Evan Shalev
Aaron Ciechanover Award for Achievement in Science:  Ash Abrahamson
Wolf Award for Excellence in Mathematics:  Ella Ziv
Wolf Award for Achievement in Mathematics: Grant Kobyliatski
Wolf Award in Mathematics:   Chris Bao
Shamma Friedman Award for Excellence in Judaics:   Nicole Miller
Shamma Friedman Award for Achievement in Judaics:   Dotan Barshishat
Dr. Amit Goffer Award for Technology:   Riley Bello
Tal Brody Award for Excellence in Physical Education:   Sara Berg
Tal Brody Award for Achievement in Physical Education:  Adam Super
President's Excellence:  Nicole Miller
President's Achievement:   Evan Shalev

Las Vegas Review-Journal Academic Excellence

News Type:  Alumni News Lower School News Upper School News Date:  Thursday, May 9, 2019 Byline:  Matt Boland
The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Academic Excellence program is designed to recognize 1st thru 12th grade students in Southern Nevada who exhibit academic achievement, community involvement, citizenship and leadership in and out of the classroom. To be eligible, a student must demonstrate some or all of the following pillars: Academic Excellence, Responsibility, Leadership, Extracurricular Activity/Community Service.
We are proud to announce two AEC Lower School students were recognized for their academic and community achievements: Mazel Tov!
4th Grade
Adelson Educational Campus
Ethan Cohen is a 4th grader at Adelson Educational Campus. He currently has a 4.0 GPA and is in numerous activities. Ethan recently spoke at a school gathering where he declared, “Everyone is a legend in their own way, especially if you believe you can make another person smile”. Kim Cooper said “Recognizing the part of himself that can be quite introverted, he actively seeks out ways to force himself to grow. Whether it’s participating in early morning math and coding classes at school, campaigning for a role on student council, or auditioning for the school musical. Ethan is continually pushing himself far out of his comfort zone; in doing so he has discovered so much about himself and his own potential!”
 5th Grade
Adelson Educational Campus
Rachel Super is a 5th grader at Adelson Educational Campus. She currently has a 4.0 GPA and has received several achievement awards for science. She is on the school’s swim and cross country team. Rachel is an active member in her synagogue youth group and participates in a program that helps with the homeless in Southern Nevada. “Rachel has maintained all A’s in her rigorous class load, which includes a foreign language, religious studies, technology, art, science, along with humanities, math, social studies and physical education. She is extremely dependable and others know they can depend on her for group projects” said Jill Super.

This Week in Upper School 4/29-5/3, 2019

News Type:  Upper School News Date:  Friday, May 3, 2019 Byline:  Upper School Team
Lion’s Pride Walk and Senior Siyyum
Adelson’s first Senior Siyyum was held on Friday to celebrate our graduating senior class. A big thanks to the JK and 5th grade classes for singing two beautiful songs to our seniors. After the special ceremony students, families and staff lined up in the hallways to cheer on and applaud our seniors as they walked through the school hallways in their caps and gowns. Thank you to all who attended these events and helped to make it such a great and memorable morning for our senior class. VIEW PHOTOS
National College Signing Day
On May 1st,  the Adelson community gathered in the Dining Commons to celebrate National Signing Day and congratulate our seniors for their success in the college and scholarship application process. Seniors posed with paintings of their respective college mascots, courtesy of Ms. Waldman and her art students, and then enjoyed cakes decorated with the names of their colleges as well as the Israeli Defense Forces. The seniors and Mr. Girard wish to thank Ms. Waldman, Ms. Paxinos, Ms. Pagel, Ms. Toomey, and Mr. Largent for all they did to make the event a wonderful success! VIEW PHOTOS
The 6th Annual High School Awards Ceremony
The Adelson High School community was proud to present the 6th Annual High School Awards Ceremony honoring a number of our high school students.  Administration and High School faculty presented President's Awards, Academic Awards, and Character Awards. To view the complete list of winners, click here.
April Mensch of the Month Awards:
High School Awardees:
Eshrat Botach: Always helping others, striving to be a better, kind, caring, and positive individual. Eshrat is a treasure in our "Coding in Geometry" special sessions.  She is focused, enthusiastic, curious and insightful!
Micah deLeon: Always helping others, striving to be a better, kind, caring, and positive individual. Micah exhibits great maturity in planning his work, mapping out his future path through high school, and asking questions that help him formulate his plans.  We appreciate his always reasoned and balanced approach when it comes to problem-solving, both academic and socio-emotional.
Yom Hashoah
This week holds the annual observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Yom Hashoah. The Hebrew term, yom hashoa, means day of the destruction, or day of the catastrophe. This week, Upper School students at Adelson Canmpus took a few moments to remember, to light candles and to say a prayer for the six million Jews who were lost during the Holocaust. Students then broke off into small groups for a time of mourning, reflection, and learning. VIEW PHOTOS
Project Chessed collaboration with our sister school in Hungary
Ms. Toomey’s 10th grade Project Chessed class decided to send their favorite American Kosher snacks to a class of students at the Lauder Javne School in Budapest, Hungary.  The students from Lauder Javne School were introduced via video to Project Chessed Students during the visit in February by some of the teachers from the Lauder Javne School.  In response, our friends from Hungary decided to send their favorite Hungarian Kosher snacks. Both sets of students included notes to their new friends. We hope the collaboration will continue when some of our students from Adelson visit Hungary next school year as part of the exchange program.
Of special note for next week:
On Wednesday, May 8th, in observance of Yom HaZikaron, everyone should wear a white shirt with uniform bottoms.  We will NOT have spirit wear on this day.
On Thursday, May 9th, in observance of Yom Ha'atzmaut, wear blue and white (blue jeans are allowed).  

Save the Date:

Monday, May 6th - Rosh Hodesh - Dress Down for $1
Monday, May 6th -17th - High School AP testing
Monday, May 6th -  ERB/CTP testing (7th and 8th grades)
Tuesday, May 7th-  ERB/CTP testing (7th and 8th grades)
Wednesday, May 8th - ERB/CTP testing (7th and 8th grades)
Wednesday, May 8th-Seniors last day of regular classes
Thursday, May 9th-May 17th- Senior exams
Thursday, May 9th - Middle School Academic Awards at 2:40 pm
Friday, May 10th - ERB/CTP testing (Algebra 1/Geometry Honors MS students)
Tuesday, May 14th - Middle School Sports Awards during Pride Period (1:10-1:40)
Friday, May 17th - 8th-grade Celebration 9:30 am
Monday - Thursday, May 20th - 23rd - Exams for grades 6-11
Tuesday, May 21st - Seniors leave for Grad Night Field Trip
Wednesday, May 22nd- Graduation rehearsal 3:00pm
Thursday, May 23rd- Class of 2019 Graduation at 5:30pm  
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