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Posted by Matt Boland on Thursday, May 9, 2019
The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Academic Excellence program is designed to recognize 1st thru 12th grade students in Southern Nevada who exhibit academic achievement, community involvement, citizenship and leadership in and out of the classroom. To be eligible, a student must demonstrate some or all of the following pillars: Academic Excellence, Responsibility, Leadership, Extracurricular Activity/Community Service.   We are proud to announce two AEC Lower School students were recognized for... Read More
Posted by Lower School Team on Friday, May 3, 2019
Our Junior Kindergarten students wrapped up their year long friendship and chessed experiences with the Class of 2019 seniors today as they surprised them with a song during the Senior Siyyum ceremony. Afterwards, the class of 2019 and the class of 2032, gathered together for hugs, laughs, and a group picture.   Yom Ha’Shoah Fifth graders will learn about the Holocaust through the eyes of two survivors.  The book, I Wanted To Fly Like A Butterfly, deals with the personal and family story... Read More
Posted by Lower School Team on Friday, April 12, 2019
The instruction of thematic units is planned in a spiral way to reflect the growth and development in content and skills from grade to grade. Same guidelines helped us in structuring the Passover unit.   Our youngest preschool students (18 months and 2s) experienced being part of the Passover story and seder. Our 3s and JK students were able to help retell the story, and sing a small selection of Passover songs.   During our K-1st grade Seder, we saw the growth of each grade level. Our... Read More
Posted by Lower School Team on Friday, April 5, 2019
Today, Lower School students celebrated Good Deeds Day, part of a global movement started in Israel to encourage students to aid their communities.  This is the third annual Good Deeds Day at AEC. On this day, we are celebrating the passing of the Tikkun Olam leadership role from the fifth graders to the fourth graders. In a moving ceremony the fourth graders said a Tikkun Olam pledge and shared how ready they are for this role: they led the school in a Tikkun Olam dance and shared their... Read More
Posted by Lower School Team on Friday, March 29, 2019
Kindergarten Field Trip to Planetarium and Earth, Moon, and Sun Performance After completing a six-week long unit on the earth, sun, moon, recycling, and the water cycle, our Kindergarten students took an exciting field trip to the CSN Planetarium. They had the opportunity to view the movie “The Little Star That Could,” about a little star trying to find his place in the universe. The story teaches us about different kinds of stars, as well as character traits such as determination and... Read More
Posted by Lower School Team on Friday, March 22, 2019
  This week, we celebrated a fun and festive Purim. It was exciting to see the students and staff dress up in their creative costumes on this joyous day. The Kindergarten - 4th grade started their day with the annual Purim play put on by the 3rd grade students, which was performed in English and in Hebrew. Following the play, we listened to the Megillah reading by our Upper School students. We then continued on to fulfill the Purim Mitzvah Matanot Leevionim (gifts for people in need) by... Read More
Posted by Cheri Garner on Friday, March 15, 2019
Grade 4 Landform Science Projects   Our Grade 4 scientists have been studying landforms as part of our earth science unit. They have been making and investigating different types of maps and using stream tables outdoors to recreate the formation of the Grand Canyon. To culminate this unit and dig a little deeper, these ambitious fourth graders went above and beyond building very impressive  3-dimensional models of specific landforms on Earth using a variety of materials. Additionally,... Read More
Posted by Lower School Team on Friday, March 15, 2019
At Adelson we believe in the power of an integrated curriculum. Our 2nd graders had a Symbols Fair this week to culminate their social studies unit. Our 2nd graders learned all about symbols; in particular, symbols of the Nevada, the United States, and Israel.  Symbols have a deep impact on us as a society, giving us something to rally around and something that is instantly recognizable. Math, social studies, science, technology, writing, reading, Hebrew, music, and art were all incorporated... Read More
Posted by Lower School Team on Friday, March 8, 2019
This year’s Reading Week theme was:  Find your Superpower: Read! In many ways throughout the week, we found our superpowers. On Monday, “Jewish Superheroes” day, we welcomed three panelists to our Middle and Upper School (a cantor, a poet, and a rabbi) who spoke about the ways in which their Jewish upbringing and ideals have influenced their careers and life choices. Tuesday was “Green Superheroes” day, during which our Lower School students engaged in story time in the garden followed by a... Read More
Posted by Lower School Team on Friday, March 1, 2019
Think back to when you were in school. What is your fondest memory? Was it a field trip to attend a concert or theater performance? Was it playing a part in a class play, singing in the choir, playing an instrument or having your work of art exhibited at school? The arts experiences are often the fondest and most vivid memories of our school days.   We are so fortunate to benefit from the mission of the Smith Center to build similar lifetime memories by offering high-quality arts... Read More