RUACH SPOTLIGHT: Welcome to Upper School

Friday, September 15, 2017

Not only is hachnasat orchim a Jewish value, but it is also a mitzvah.  The virtue of hospitality is not simply about standing at a door and welcoming those who choose to walk through that door, but it is about bringing in all guests or strangers.  An aspect of hospitality, then, is inclusiveness; it is essential that we depend on each other, support each other, and be united together. Being inclusive means bringing people in as part of the larger community. Implicit to being inclusive and hospitable is a welcoming and gracious demeanor.  Tradition often provides three ways in which hachnasat orchim plays a role in our lives today.  Between people, hospitality is about bringing in guests, inviting guests, and being welcoming.

To help welcome new students and staff to Upper School, English teacher Frank Browne posted maps showing the previous locations with descriptions of those new to our community. Located on the Upper School stairwell, between the second and third floor, students will view these maps everyday. The photos and descriptions will allow our community and ice breaker and a way to say hello in a friendly and natural way. Well done Frank Browne, thank you for leading the way and welcoming our new students and staff.