Friday, August 18, 2017
On Monday, students will have the wonderful opportunity to view the solar eclipse here at Adelson. It has been almost four decades since the last total solar eclipse was visible here in the U.S. and our location will allow us to view 72% of the eclipse.
All Upper School (6-12) students will have the opportunity to view the eclipse using glasses specifically for this purpose, and with a 3D printed pinhole viewer. Students in the Middle School have had information about the eclipse included in their science classes.
At Adelson Campus your child's safety is paramount, and we are diligently taking every precaution during the solar eclipse on Monday. For this specific event, all Upper School students will view the eclipse on the soccer field wearing protective eye gear. Our Upper School science teachers, Paula Garrett and Samantha Koehler, did extensive research over the summer with NASA and the National Science Foundation, to determine the best glasses to use during an eclipse.
While all faculty and our security staff will be vigilant in ensuring our students are using their solar eclipse viewing glasses at all times, we encourage AEC families to please discuss with your child the importance of protecting their eyes and to keep the eclipse viewing glasses on at all times during the viewing.
All Lower School children will not be permitted to be outside during the solar eclipse; however, our Startup Incubator Digital Studio will video the eclipse using special lens and we will show the video indoors to all of Lower School.
As a side note, it is NEVER recommended to look directly at the sun, there's nothing harmful about the sun during eclipses - it's just more likely that people will try to stare at the sun during an eclipse for long stretches, which can cause damage to your vision. Our expert faculty has extensively discussed eclipse safety with students in grades 6-12 and will remind them on Monday to keep the glasses on at all times while viewing the eclipse.
This is potentially a once in a lifetime opportunity, as you must be in a certain area to view an eclipse. Let us all be mindful, take precautions on Monday and enjoy this amazing event.