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Startup Incubator In Action

Friday, November 8, 2019
AEC students have a tremendous advantage with access to a best in class 5000 sqft technology lab called the Startup Incubator. Digital media, robotics, 3D printing are signature features, and this year, our 7th graders are engaged in a yearlong series of 3D printing projects connected to their Judaics curriculum. Their current project is to create Shabbat sets for each Preschool classroom.  
At their first meeting in August, Mr. Mayron and Ms. Ziter led students to draft logos for each preschool class both digitally and freehand.  Then students learned how to move those designs onto 3D printed objects. Since then, they’ve problem solved how to design candlesticks to fit a specifically sized candle, and a cup that holds a specific amount of liquid.  These embedded math lessons have added an additional layer to this cross-curricular project.  
Each week, students are given thinking questions to expand their learning about 3D printing and how it interacts with the real world.  They’ve had to consider questions such as “Are 3D printed sets kosher?” (They are.), and what process must 3D printed objects go through to be considered food safe.   Today, in preparation for gifting each Preschool classroom these Shabbat sets, the 7th graders visited the preschool classrooms this morning to read the students books about Shabbat!
As this is a yearlong initiative, the seventh graders will soon draft and 3D print projects related to Hannukah, Purim, and be responsible for designing the awards for the Middle School Awards program which will happen in conjunction with Yom Haatzmaut in April.