Friday, May 11, 2018
Student Athletes of the Year 
Ben Elharrar 
Basketball-This young man was a leader of our team. He was not only a great player for us, but a great teammate and student as well. His work ethic and desire to be better set an example for the rest of the team to follow.
Baseball- I’m proud that he was part of our team this year. He was very unselfish and was willing to play wherever the team needed him. He improved tremendously as the season went on and was a key contributor for us.
Soccer- It’s been a pleasure to coach this young man these past three years in soccer. Not only has he been instrumental in our success on the field, he is the epitome of a student-athlete. While handling his academic requirements, he was willing to put forth the effort and dedication to make the team better. I know basketball is his real passion, but I will always be very appreciative that he desired to play soccer for Adelson because he cared about the school, and wanted his teammates and coaches to be successful. Besides goalie, he played every position and ended his senior season as a captain. 
Vanessa Voltz
Cross Country - she holds the school record for female cross country 5K time and qualified for the state finals this year. She is the definition of an athlete who can compete on a moment’s notice, with admirable success
Basketball- It’s no surprise to me that this young lady is winning student athlete of the year. She is a great teammate and improved greatly as the season went on. She is a hard worker both on the court and in the classroom. She is a great example of what it means to be a student-athlete. 
Swim - She is the kind of athlete that coaches love to coach.  She has a tremendous work ethic and desire to improve.  She is an intelligent person, and she applies her intellect to her sport.  She looks at a stroke, breaks it down, and thinks about how to work with the positive and negative drag forces of the water in order to get faster.  Her mental strength also shows in the way she trains.  She digs into tough sets and seems to almost enjoy the suffering because she knows it is going to make her better.  After swimming the 500 at Regionals she told me that she loves that race because it hurts.  The fact that she does not run from the tough stuff, but rather seeks it out, is the kind of thing that makes her such a pleasure to coach.