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A New Generation of Technology Innovators at AEC!

The educational landscape is evolving rapidly as technological innovations change the way students learn and teachers instruct in the 21st century. The Adelson Educational Campus  implements cutting-edge, technological approaches to teaching and learning, integrating technology with the school curriculum and the purpose of providing students a relevant and progressive “Education for Life.”

Our technology innovation and integration is comprised of:

One-to-World Devices.  A mobile device (laptop or iPad) with fast and reliable network access is provided for every student and teacher, campus wide. Devices are used daily in all grades, and Upper School students take their laptops home for continued learning beyond the school day.

Extensive Technology Professional Development for Teachers – Because technology is ever-changing, ongoing PD ensures our campus is the exemplar, ”school of the future,” with every teacher possessing the content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, and mastery of appropriate technology use in her or her discipline required to provide the highest caliber of instruction in all subject areas.

The Startup Incubator – At 5000 square feet, this innovation and entrepreneurial workshop is our centerpiece facility in which students and teachers bring ideas to life. Consisting of a Coding Lab, Digital Media Studio, and Fab Lab, the Incubator features twenty 3D printers, a laser cutter, a chroma key wall, digital cameras, and more. From programming mobile apps and shooting VR footage to crafting e-textiles and building drones, students find the tools, mentors, and teamwork required to create digital and physical artifacts that solve problems, convey information, or present artistic and cultural meaning. Students follow the design cycle and lean startup model as guiding practices in the Incubator.

Curricular Integration and STEM Courses – Technology-mediated access to tools for research, communication, collaboration, analytical, visualization and presentation – framed in common sense digital citizenship practices – is fundamental to every course we instruct.  Additionally, weekly coding/maker courses in Lower School; core and elective Incubator courses in Upper School, as well as AP Computer Science courses; and summer STEM enrichment offerings provide extensive opportunities for engaging in a true, 21st century learning experience at AEC.