Upper School Remote Learning Updates

Dear Parents and Students,

The school just doesn't seem right today without you! We've spent today finalizing preparations with teachers in order to launch remote learning. This email contains information you need to know for Monday, so please read now in preparation.

The Remote Learning Schedule will begin on Monday, March 16th. Virtual School will run from 9 - 1:45 pm daily. Please take the time to look at this schedule closely. The remote learning schedule was created following the A Day / B Day Calendar which has not changed. Monday is an “A Day.” Please note that math and foreign language classes will now follow the A/B schedule. Math/Hebrew classes that met on Thursdays will be “A” day classes. Those that met on Fridays will be “B” day classes.

At the start of each class - students should visit their teacher’s Edsby page where a link to a Google Meet will be posted. Students must click the link and join their teacher virtually by webcam. Teachers will meet with the students, provide instruction and learning activities, and support students throughout the class time. Classes will be a combination of interactive and independent learning. Attendance will be taken and assigned homework should be completed by the due date.

Additionally, students need to follow the rules and expectations in virtual classrooms:
-Be on time.
-Dress appropriately - wear clothing that would be acceptable for a free dress (sweats allowed).
-Be mindful of the background and environment. It is best to attend classes using headphones as this eliminates background noise.
-Virtual classes may be recorded. Be on your best behavior to allow for productive learning environments. Remember that all of us are working/learning under unusual circumstances so be helpful. Follow all school rules and be a mensch!
-Check the schedule and find your classes- Pay attention to shifts in days and times.
-Follow teacher instructions, including when to mute your microphone/camera.
-If the chat feature is enabled, do not spam the chat. This also includes other virtual methods used such as shared workspaces in Google Drive.

This is a new learning experience for all of us. There will be challenges we have not anticipated, and we will adjust together. We know there will be many questions, please share them with us.

We hope to see you all very soon.

-Mr. Koch

Remote Learning Schedule

A Day/B Day Schedule