This Week in Lower School 10/2-10/4, 2017

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Our students have been learning about the traditions and lessons of Sukkot. This holiday brings our students together under the sukkah and invites them to celebrate the end of the harvest in Israel. It is customary to build and sit in a sukkah, and to decorate it festively. People pray in the sukkah using the four species. We are brought together as a community during this time.

The afterschool Sukkot event on October 2nd was rescheduled to take place during classes. Our K-5 students celebrated Sukkot on October 4th with their specialists. Ms. Ziter, our technology teacher, worked with students in creating and coding original Sukkot themed games. Younger students built sukkahs out of legos. Mrs. Levy created crafts with students with fall and holiday sukkah decorations, which we will use for our on campus Sukkots. Our librarian Mr. Nails and Ms. Natalie read Sukkot stories. Students had a snack in the sukkah, and our older students were taught a Sukkot dance and song with Coach Lisa. View pictures from today's S.T.E.A.M.Y Sukkot event, click here.

Preschool students will have their own Sukkot event on October 10th with our planned sukkah event (see flyer). Please make sure to join us for this fun celebration, starting at 5:30 PM.
During this difficult time our thoughts are with the larger community. Our faculty and staff are making sure that students are able to express themselves and feel safe. Our students have been asking to help the victims and families affected. The 4th grade class made cards and notes of well wishes for a local who was injured on Sunday. Our students will be organizing projects and support for our community next week as well. We will continue to stand together #VegasStrong.
Please be in touch with our counselor, Kendra Bott, in case your student and family need additional support during this time. Her email is


October 5th & 6th: Happy Sukkot - No School

October 10th: Preschool Sukkot Picnic: PS Students and Families, from 5:30 to 6:30 (see flyer)

Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Research: Students are invited to dress down for $1, with the proceeds going towards Breast Cancer Research.
October 11th: Hakafot Assembly for K-5 Students, 8:15 AM, Beit Midrash
October 19th: Pep Rally and Start of Quarter 2
October 20th: Makeup Picture Day
October 26th: Early Dismissal for Conferences
  • Preschool Departs: 11:15 AM
  • Lower School Departs: 11:30 AM
  • Conferences from 12:30 to 7 PM, your teachers will follow up
October 27: Nevada Day - No School
As a note, we do not observe Halloween at AEC.
November 2nd: Kindergarten Field Trip to Spring Mountain Ranch - Look out for permission slips next week
November 3rd: Seeding Ceremony Shabbat, 8 AM, Beit Midrash
November 5th: Family Fun Day (see flyer)
November 10th: Shabbat Honoring Veterans (K-5), 8 AM, Beit Midrash
November 15th: 3rd Grade Cranberry Bread Baking
November 17th: Thanksgiving Celebration Shabbat (2’s, 3’s), 9:40 AM, Beit Midrash
November 21st: Thanksgiving Celebration (JK), 9 AM - 10:30 AM
November 23rd & 24th: Thanksgiving Holiday - No School

November 30th: Book Fair