This Week in Lower School 10/28-11/1, 2019

Friday, November 1, 2019

On Wednesday, Second graders went on their first field trip to The Clark County Wetlands Park. The students experienced an immersive, hands on learning experience as they were introduced to the wildlife of the wetlands. They each participated in a scavenger hunt in which they found plants such as the cottonwood tree and desert mistletoe, animals such as a dragonfly and a beaver, and even evidence of animal life such as burrows and coyote scat! One highlight of the Field Trip was traipsing through the brush in order to view The Wetland’s Little Canyon. After studying landforms these past two months, the students were excited to have firsthand experience viewing a river running through a canyon. After exploring the Wetlands themselves, the students were able to visit The Clark County Wetlands Museum. The interactive atmosphere led to some exciting learning experiences that utilized all of the students senses. They were able to use video surveillance to observe the Wetlands landscape, listen to the sounds of different animals in that environment, and even smell different scents found in the Wetlands. The students had an amazing experience visiting The Wetlands Park! 

Fifth grade students journeyed to the Writer’s Block Book Store this past Tuesday where they were tasked with publishing a book in order to help keep the store open. During their role play, students were guided through the writing process where they brainstormed silly and wacky characters including a protagonist by the name of Fishstick (who happens to be a fishstick) who teamed up with a pug named Doug to battle and escape the hungry, evil, purple llamas. Each student had to complete the story the class had started, and students left with their own published books. Luckily, the owner approved all of their stories, and our talented and creative writers saved the day!
Our fourth grade performed the state song “Home Means Nevada” at Shabbat this week. The performance included xylophones, ukuleles, and singing from our vibrant 4th graders. They also led us in our Shabbat songs and blessings. The Upper School band accompanied us, which always adds excitement to our Shabbat celebrations. 

11/5 - Student Council Elections 
11/6 - Lower School Parent Conferences - No School For Lower School Students 
11/8 - Veterans Day Shabbat - 3rd Grade In Theater 
11/11 - K - 5 Veterans Day Program 
11/14 - 4th Grade to Hoover Dam
11/18  - 2nd - 5th Grade to Smith Center “Earth’s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure”
11/22 - Thanksgiving Shabbat for Baby Bears and 2s (9:00am), 3s (9:40am) - Beit Midrash 
11/25 - 3rd Grade Cranberry Bread Making 
11/26 - JK Thanksgiving show - Theater 8:30am 
11/27 - Rosh Chodesh Challah bake 
11/27 - Early Dismissal- Preschool 11:15, K- 5 11:30. 
11/28 - Thanksgiving Break - No School 
11/29 - Thanksgiving Break - No School 
12/4 - 12/10 - Book Fair 
12/13  - 4th Grade Wax Museum 8:50am
12/12 - Latke Making - Preschool
12/16 - K - 5 Dreidel Spin off 
12/17 - Kindergarten and 4th Grade Buddy Cookie Bake 
12/18 - K - 5 Hanukkah Show - Details to follow
12/19 - 5th Grade Field Trip to Courthouse 
12/20 - Preschool Hanukkah Shabbat for 18 months, 2s, 3s and JK.